December 14th, 2011


BUY DELTASONE NO PRESCRIPTION, Well, 2012 is almost upon us. On Dec. 21 of that year—according to an interpretation of an ancient Maya calendar—the world is supposed to end, no prescription DELTASONE online. To that I respond, DELTASONE mg, “Thank Christ Quetzalcoatl. It’s about frickin time!”

One of my greater pleasures in life is observing the hilarious backpedalings of certain crackpot prophets when the horrifying doomsday scenarios they champion don’t arrive. A recent example is radio minister Harold Camping, whose explanation for his incorrect rapture prediction was to claim that God was still collecting data, BUY DELTASONE NO PRESCRIPTION. Then he predicted a new, buy cheap DELTASONE no rx, modified rapture date, DELTASONE natural, which came and went without so much as a single frog falling from the sky.

This is why I can’t wait for Dec. 22, where to buy DELTASONE, 2012. Order DELTASONE from United States pharmacy, Because there will be not one, but thousands of kooky soothsayers who will have to backpedal like hell once Mayageddon is proven to be horse shit. And I know it’s horse shit for three reasons:

BUY DELTASONE NO PRESCRIPTION, The first is because I’m not an idiot. I realize, australia, uk, us, usa, as a person with a full-functioning brain, DELTASONE pics, that human beings are unable to predict what’s going to happen when they step out the door tomorrow morning, much less what will happen 5,126 years in the future.

The second is because the Mayas made no such prediction, buy no prescription DELTASONE online. This is a common misconception. DELTASONE from canada, There are no ancient hieroglyphs, no tomes, nor scrolls, effects of DELTASONE, nor scriptures that say, About DELTASONE, “Homies-of-the-future, beware. The world ends in 2012, is DELTASONE safe. Sucks for you, yo.”

“There are no Maya prophesies that seem to claim the world is going to end,” said Dr, BUY DELTASONE NO PRESCRIPTION. Mark Van Stone, DELTASONE dose, an expert in Maya hieroglyphs and author of Science & Prophecy of the Ancient Maya, in a KPBS interview. Stone said that 2012 is mentioned only once in any known Maya inscription, DELTASONE reviews, and all it says about what will happen on that date is that a minor god, DELTASONE canada, mexico, india, named Bolon Yokte, will float down to Earth and “dress up.”

Yup, that’s what they believed, DELTASONE forum. He was going to dress up, DELTASONE no rx, probably in some sort of ritualistic beak-and-feather costume, and prance around like a bird in flight.

[caption id="attachment_1966" align="aligncenter" width="210" caption="Bolon Yokte: God of silly costumes"][/caption]

The Mayas never predicted an apocalypse. That was our own idiotic, DELTASONE interactions, superstitious interpretation of the fact that a Maya calendar “ends” in 2012. BUY DELTASONE NO PRESCRIPTION, And I put “ends” in quotation marks because it’s not quite the right word. Cheap DELTASONE no rx, “Reverts” is the better word. There are no endings in the Maya calendar. In fact, DELTASONE brand name, the Maya calendar is not a single calendar at all; rather, DELTASONE coupon, it’s a series of 17 calendars, all of which have different cycles. For instance, DELTASONE price, coupon, the trecena calendar was on a 13-day cycle, DELTASONE online cod, the veintena calendar denoted a 20-day phase, the calendar round (a combination of other calendars) was roughly a 52-year cycle, containing the most common calendar, kjøpe DELTASONE på nett, köpa DELTASONE online, the tzolkin, Purchase DELTASONE for sale, which used 260-day intervals.

It’s all quite confusing and I barely scratch the surface of understanding any of it; however, for the purposes of this discussion, all we need to know is that the calendar that “ends” on Dec, where can i buy cheapest DELTASONE online. 21, 2012 (called the long count calendar), is on a 5,126-year loop, after which a new cycle (or b’ak’tun) begins, BUY DELTASONE NO PRESCRIPTION. So, Buy cheap DELTASONE, saying the world will end in 2012 because that’s when the cycle reverts is like saying it will end on Saturday, because that’s the last day of the week.

The third reason I know that Mayageddon will not happen is because the Mayas were morons. Now, DELTASONE without a prescription, before I get a bunch of angry letters from MAAD (Maya Alliance Against Defamation), Order DELTASONE online c.o.d, let me clarify: What I mean is, they were primitives—maybe not when compared with other civilizations of their time, but compared with more modern cultures of, DELTASONE steet value, say, Buy DELTASONE online no prescription, the last 1,000 years, the Mayas were dumb as thumbtacks.

Of all the civilizations and religions in history that predicted different doomsday scenarios, DELTASONE blogs, we’re supposed to believe it’s these guys who had it right. My DELTASONE experience, The same geniuses who believed people are made of corn. The Einsteins who sliced open their penises with stingray spines to facilitate communication with deceased ancestors. BUY DELTASONE NO PRESCRIPTION, The Darwins who drowned pre-pubescent children in order to satisfy a cranky rain god. The rocket scientists who divined the future by talking to birds, DELTASONE from mexico. We’re talking about the Maya, Buy DELTASONE online cod, who hung beads in front of their babies’ faces in order to cross their eyes permanently—these are your go-to guys for credible predictions. I wouldn’t let a Maya pick my next football parlay, let alone when I can safely start maxing out my Visa for an Armageddon credit blowout.

Still not convinced, DELTASONE trusted pharmacy reviews, crackpot prophets. DELTASONE australia, uk, us, usa, OK, how about a bet. If the Mayapocalypse doesn’t arrive on schedule, DELTASONE photos, you have to dress in a ceremonial beak-and-feather costume and walk around Horton Plaza with a sign that says “Bird brain.” And if the prophecy does come true, Cheap DELTASONE, I have to give you my spot in the bunker I built when Y2K was upon us. Yeah, I know—silly me. But I was afraid I would get hit by one of those planes that were supposed to drop out of the sky.

Ed Decker

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December 3rd, 2011

BUY GLUCOTROL NO PRESCRIPTION, A few months ago, I bought an iPad for my wife. W had been hinting for a while that she wanted one, Order GLUCOTROL from mexican pharmacy, and when I say “hinting,” I mean telling me every day to buy her an iPad or she was going to staple my lips as I slept.

And boy was she happy when I presented it to her. For one short moment in time, GLUCOTROL recreational, I was the guy on the white horse in the Old Spice commercials who could do no wrong. Herbal GLUCOTROL, Immediately after opening the package, she logged on to Facebook and boasted, “My honey just bought me an iPad, generic GLUCOTROL. Isn’t he the most wonderful, Purchase GLUCOTROL online, greatest, bla bla bla and best husband ever?”

Naturally, this did not go over well with any of the men in our inner circle of family and friends— The Brotherhood, rx free GLUCOTROL, as I like to call them. In fact, it was my brother-in-law, Sage, who promptly Faceblasted me for going rogue.

What is going rogue, you ask, BUY GLUCOTROL NO PRESCRIPTION. Doses GLUCOTROL work, Going rogue is buying or doing something so wonderful, thoughtful, bla bla bla for your wife, GLUCOTROL dangers, that it causes all the women of the inner circle to blurt to their husbands, Purchase GLUCOTROL online no prescription, “How come you don’t buy me no iPad!?”

Indeed, in the few short minutes after W’s Faceboast, all the other wives of the inner circle—The Sisterhood—began posting about what lazy, GLUCOTROL street price, rotten, Buy GLUCOTROL from mexico, cheapo bastards their husbands were for not doing the same.

Not that any of the members of our Brotherhood deserved it. They’ve all purchased excellent, spontaneous gifts in the past, GLUCOTROL pharmacy. In fact, Buy generic GLUCOTROL, it was shortly after the iPad debacle that Sage himself went horribly rogue. The little bastard—for no reason other than to express his devotion and bla bla blappreciation—brought his wife, Jessica, where can i cheapest GLUCOTROL online, a bouquet of flowers accompanied by the following note, GLUCOTROL dosage, which she promptly posted on Facebrag:

“Dearest Buttercup, you are my sun, and moon, GLUCOTROL maximum dosage, and gag, Where can i order GLUCOTROL without prescription, vomit, hurl. BUY GLUCOTROL NO PRESCRIPTION, For you, I would climb to the top of the highest retch, sail the roughest bile, because I love you from the bottom of my barf."

Make no mistake. This was a far more serious transgression against The Brotherhood because his gift came from a place of adoration, buy GLUCOTROL without prescription, whereas mine was merely an effort to muzzle my wife so I could play Call of Duty in peace.

What followed was as hilarious as it was tragic. GLUCOTROL overnight, W was in the living room, scrolling through Facegloat on her iPad, when she saw Jessica’s post.

“How come you never do anything nice like that for me, GLUCOTROL treatment,” she snorted, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, holding the still-shimmering iPad in her greedy fingers!

Oh, well, that’s how it is with wives, buying GLUCOTROL online over the counter, I guess. GLUCOTROL images, You and she can be on the terrace of an Italian villa overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and still she’ll figure out a way to say “You never take me anywhere” with a straight face.

It’s just what married men must deal with and, since we can’t change women, the best we can do is stop throwing each other under the bus, where can i buy GLUCOTROL online, because, GLUCOTROL samples, up to now, the concept of going rogue has been unclear and discombobulated. Therefore, GLUCOTROL class, I have taken it upon myself to clarify and, GLUCOTROL duration, um, combobulate, the rules and definitions of rogueism.

There are three basic ways to go rogue, get GLUCOTROL.

The first, and most common, is buying your significant other a spontaneous gift—for no other reason than to express your love and undying bla bla blavotion—and, sure as Herman Cain was dropped on his head as an infant, it’s an abomination unto The Brotherhood.

The second example is buying a non-spontaneous gift, you know, during those gift-expectant holidays (birthday, Christmas, etc.), but spending far more money than anyone else in The Brotherhood is spending, BUY GLUCOTROL NO PRESCRIPTION. For example, GLUCOTROL without prescription, if you buy the missus a two-karat diamond for Valentine’s Day and the rest are doing chocolate and flowers, you have gone senselessly rogue.

Last, any of those creative and priceless-type gifts—like writing love poems, order GLUCOTROL no prescription, or having “Happy anniversary, Is GLUCOTROL addictive, darling,” plastered across the stadium JumboTron, or building a red carpet made of rose petals that lead from the front door to the bedroom, GLUCOTROL description, where you’ll be waiting in silk boxers and grasping a bottle of baby oil—are especially disagreeable to The Brotherhood, Order GLUCOTROL online overnight delivery no prescription, as they require planning, effort and—shoot me now should I ever go the silk-boxers route—passion.

Of course, in a perfect world, taking GLUCOTROL, no man would ever go rogue against his boys. After GLUCOTROL, But we live in the real world, with real women—women with hormones that rage like barbarian marauders across the continent of your marriage—making it sometimes necessary to wander from the herd in order to prevent your lips from being stapled together.

In these instances, just be sure to notify The Brotherhood of your intention to stray, discount GLUCOTROL. This way, Where can i find GLUCOTROL online, it gives them the opportunity to buy something of equal value, or begin the quarantining process— which is done by dropping their wives’ cell phones in the garbage disposal, hacking their social pages and infecting them with some sort of influenza bug that will keep them from leaving the house all week.

So, GLUCOTROL cost, men, Comprar en línea GLUCOTROL, comprar GLUCOTROL baratos, are we all on the same page. Excellent. Now let’s all take the Oath of The Brotherhood, GLUCOTROL over the counter. Please put your hand on our bible—1001 Fart Jokes— and repeat after me: “We, the proud, brave—yet war-weary—married men of The Brotherhood, do solemnly swear to go rogue only when necessary, to alert The Brotherhood when deviation is unavoidable and to reject Satan—The Old Spice Guy—for it is he who will lead us into the shadow of the valley of the doghouse, so help me Hemingway, amen. .



November 17th, 2011

CLARITIN FOR SALE, [caption id="attachment_1949" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Rep. Randy Redundant (R-Va.)"][/caption]

On Nov, real brand CLARITIN online. CLARITIN price, 1, Congress passed a non-binding resolution to reaffirm “In God We Trust” as the national motto.

There are two problems with this, what is CLARITIN. CLARITIN alternatives, The first, and most glaring, online buying CLARITIN, Buy CLARITIN from canada, is that “In God We Trust” is a terrible motto. A proper national motto is something that’s agreeable to all citizens—a unifier—something like the Bahamas’ motto (Forward, online buying CLARITIN hcl, Buy CLARITIN no prescription, Upward, Onward Together), CLARITIN wiki, Online buy CLARITIN without a prescription, or Equatorial Guinea’s (Unity, Peace, canada, mexico, india, Low dose CLARITIN, Justice), or Germany’s (Trying Real Hard Not to be Dicks Anymore).

The second, CLARITIN from canadian pharmacy, CLARITIN used for, more problematic problem has nothing to do with the motto itself; rather, it’s the measure to affirm the motto, fast shipping CLARITIN. The resolution, sponsored by Rep J, CLARITIN FOR SALE. CLARITIN gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Randy Forbes (R.Va), is “non-binding”—which means it can’t be passed into law or enforced in any way, CLARITIN long term. Online CLARITIN without a prescription, It’s a purely symbolic, wildly pointless waste of resources at a time when the country is going to Purgatory on a pogo stick.

When I become king of the United States, CLARITIN pictures, Ordering CLARITIN online, the second thing I will do (right after chaining all the Wall Street canker-suckers to the dungeon floor and sprinkling rat-nip on their genitals) is pass a binding resolution that prohibits Congress from sponsoring non-binding resolutions.

Not only is working on this resolution a ludicrous waste of time on its own merit, but this non-binding resolution has actually been not-bound before—twice, CLARITIN no prescription. Purchase CLARITIN, It’s true. In God We Trust is already the official motto of the U.S. It was affirmed by Congress in 1956, CLARITIN price. Then it was reaffirmed CLARITIN FOR SALE, in 2006 and re-reaffirmed three weeks ago, which raises two questions: How many times must something be affirmed before the affirmation sticks. CLARITIN no prescription, And, why did Congress suddenly decide the motto needed re-reaffirming in the first place?

Explains Forbes on his website, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Where can i cheapest CLARITIN online, “As our nation faces challenging times, it is appropriate for Members of Congress… to firmly declare our trust in God….”

Translation: At a time when the country is going to Stepford in a Studebaker, is CLARITIN safe, Ordering CLARITIN online, it’s appropriate for Congress to ignore impending doom and focus on redundant, token affirmations of our primitive devotion to an invisible man who lives in the sky with the hope that he’ll fix the economy.

Do you see why I can’t stand it when religious fanatics get control of our government—or worse, discount CLARITIN, Buying CLARITIN online over the counter, when government panders to patrio-religious, feelgood symbolism junkies, online buy CLARITIN without a prescription. CLARITIN trusted pharmacy reviews, I mean, why stop at the motto, low dose CLARITIN. CLARITIN dangers, Why not re-reaffirm baseball as the official national pastime, or apple pie as the official pastry, CLARITIN without prescription, CLARITIN results, or Mom as the official parental unit of America?:

As our nation faces challenging times, it is appropriate that Congress firmly declares our trust in Mom—that Mom be re-reaffirmed as the official parent of America—and that Dad can eat a bag of dicks because all he does is guzzle beer and devour Mom’s pie before anyone else can have a slice.

Another reason to re-re-affirm In God We Trust, about CLARITIN, CLARITIN duration, Forbes claims, is because of a misunderstanding of the phrase “separation of church and state.”

“The words ‘separation of church and state’ do not appear in the U.S, comprar en línea CLARITIN, comprar CLARITIN baratos. CLARITIN treatment, Constitution” he writes, suggesting that the founders did not favor the concept. To support this theory, Forbes provides the following quote from a 1952 Supreme Court ruling, delivered by Justice William Orville Douglas: “The First Amendment does not say that in every and all respects there shall be a separation of Church and State.”

Wow. It’s bad enough the congressman had to go all the way back to 1952 to find a quote that supports this non-separation theory; but the quote doesn’t even support it, CLARITIN FOR SALE. Not the whole, real, true quote. Forbes wildly (and probably willfully) misrepresented Justice Douglas’ intent. Yes, it’s true that in his written opinion, Douglas conceded that the words “separation of church and state” do not appear in the Constitution (they don’t), but he also said, “There cannot be the slightest doubt that the First Amendment reflects the philosophy that Church and State should be separated.”

Just breathe that in for a moment. A sitting member of Congress willfully mischaracterized the written opinion of a deceased Supreme Court Justice (I say “willfully” because the quote was excised with surgical precision) to support his unconstitutional theories.

Here’s another Douglas quote to which Forbes pointed as proof of a Supreme Court opposition to the church-state-separation concept.

“We find no constitutional requirement which makes it necessary for government to be hostile to religion.”

Well, no freaking duh, Dough-for-Brains. CLARITIN FOR SALE, Of course there’s no constitutional requirement to be hostile to religion. The exact opposite is true. The U.S. Constitution respects, embraces and is highly protective of religion. That’s the reason it aspires to separate church and state. The Constitution loves religion so much—all religions—that it refuses to favor any.

And, goddamn, doesn’t it get tiring having to keep explaining that most basic constitutional concept to people in high political offices. When I become king, the fourth thing I am going to do (right after dumping the neutered corpses of the Wall Street blister-lickers into my hyena cage) is make a binding resolution that states that if you’re a member of the U.S. freaking Congress, and you don’t know how the First Amendment works, then we get to chain you up in the dungeon and have Keanu Reeves read the Constitution to you, over and over, until you start begging for the rat-nip treatment.
Ed Decker

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November 2nd, 2011

BUY CAMAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION, Gallup recently reported that 50 percent of Americans are in favor of legalizing marijuana, while 46 percent remain opposed.

Well, doesn’t that just bubble my bongwater. For the first time, we can actually say that there are more rational, online buying CAMAZEPAM hcl, logical, CAMAZEPAM steet value, free-thinkers in our society than idiot bovine who mindlessly devour the propaganda of the anti-fun fuddy-duddies who have lorded over our country for way too long.

Naturally, after Gallup released the report, CAMAZEPAM cost, all the anti-fun fuddy-duddies appeared on the cable news shows, CAMAZEPAM from canada, rehashing their tired B.S. that marijuana is not a virtuous blossom grown from the mineral-rich soil of God’s green Earth, but that it’s a heinous pistillate fertilized in the hothouses of Hell with the blood and bone-bits of deflowered Girl Scouts, effects of CAMAZEPAM.

OK, CAMAZEPAM dose, nobody quite put it that way, but there was an awful lot of fear-mongering, such as when David Evans of the Drug Free America Foundation told MSNBC’s Chris Jansing that “Marijuana use is going to double or triple” if made legal, CAMAZEPAM over the counter.

Don’t you hate when people make declarative, predictive statements about things that might happen when everybody knows that nobody knows what the future holds, BUY CAMAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION. Evans said that marijuana use is going to double or triple, CAMAZEPAM from mexico, not “I think it will” or “I believe it will” or “My gut feeling is that it will"-- with "gut feeling" being an appropriate way to say it since double or triple is a statistic he clearly pulled from his anus. Actually, to retrieve such a ludicrous stat, no prescription CAMAZEPAM online, he had to reach his arm beyond his anus—deep into the ravaged hinterland of his rectum, CAMAZEPAM alternatives, past the cold, crusty crevasse of his dying colon, up the snaky ravine of the intestines, canada, mexico, india, where his fist waged an epic battle at the gates of the ileocecal valve (fiercely guarded by the Owls of Ga’Hole) and drilled into the slimy folds of the lumen, My CAMAZEPAM experience, where poop and other poop-like matter (such as bogus statistics) are formed.

Double or triple. Please. There is no way of foretelling such complex matters of human behavior—especially when no one knows if legalization will cause the price of marijuana to rise or drop; or how much it would be taxed; or how much government regulation would be implemented; or how much, kjøpe CAMAZEPAM på nett, köpa CAMAZEPAM online, and what kind of, CAMAZEPAM wiki, marketing will be permitted— which is why not a single, legitimate, scientific study has attempted to predict how much consumption will increase, CAMAZEPAM australia, uk, us, usa, if at all, Buy cheap CAMAZEPAM, and why Evans had no choice to but to retrieve that number from the recesses of his bowels. BUY CAMAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION, Whatever. The job is to frighten the herd into submission. So, purchase CAMAZEPAM for sale, the fuddy-duddy cattle farmers spew their propaganda on cable news shows like CNN (Cattle News Network), Taking CAMAZEPAM, HLN (Heifers Late Night) and, of course, FOX (For Oxen Only) News, buy CAMAZEPAM online no prescription, and all the livestock on Mooing Moron Farms believe it—unquestionably—just as they believe that the slaughterhouse is where well-behaved cows go for a spa and massage. CAMAZEPAM from canadian pharmacy, My gut feeling is there would be a slight increase in usage if pot were made legal (about 10 to 15 percent), which would occur over the course of a dozen-or-so years, and my reasoning is:

1, buy CAMAZEPAM no prescription. Pot is already as easy to acquire as any legal drug and damn near as easy as buying groceries.

2, BUY CAMAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION. CAMAZEPAM pictures, According to a 2009 survey conducted by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, roughly 102 million Americans (41 percent) have admitted to using marijuana during their lifetimes, CAMAZEPAM price, coupon, while 15 million (6 percent) admitting to using regularly. CAMAZEPAM samples, Put another way, of the 102 million Americans who have tried marijuana, 85 percent of them did not become regular smokers, order CAMAZEPAM from mexican pharmacy, which suggests that there is a whole shitload of people out there who tried it and realized, CAMAZEPAM schedule, at some point, it wasn’t for them. This suggests that it wasn’t a law that kept those 87 million people from smoking dope (or they wouldn’t have tried it in the first place); rather, CAMAZEPAM pics, it was their own disinterest. BUY CAMAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION, There is something Evans said that did make sense. CAMAZEPAM coupon, He said that when cannabis consumption doubles or triples, “all the costs to society will double or triple, as well.”

That seems reasonable, generic CAMAZEPAM. Whatever the increase in consumption—10 percent, CAMAZEPAM maximum dosage, 50 percent, double, triple, purchase CAMAZEPAM online, centuple—the cost to society will likely increase, Where can i find CAMAZEPAM online, respectively. Of course, the question then becomes, what is CAMAZEPAM, what are the societal costs of marijuana consumption and legalization. CAMAZEPAM blogs, Is it the cost of manufacturing more cardboard Pringle’s tubes . Is it the cost of pressing all those extra String Cheese Incident concert tickets, BUY CAMAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION. Is it the cost of providing emergency-room health care to uninsured reefer smokers who burn their fingers trying to light the last millimeter of roach. Or, CAMAZEPAM dosage, is it the cost of hiring more IRS agents to collect and oversee the estimated $6 billion in extra tax revenue should pot become legal. CAMAZEPAM gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, Didn’t Decker just attempt to predict the future by saying we will reap $6 billion in taxes, buy CAMAZEPAM without a prescription. BUY CAMAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION, Perhaps. But at least I didn’t pull the number from my ass. CAMAZEPAM canada, mexico, india, I pulled $6 billion from a study conducted by economics professor Jeffrey Miron of Harvard University. Of course, he could be wrong, buy CAMAZEPAM from canada, too. CAMAZEPAM use, It is—study or no study—just an opinion. However, it’s an educated opinion, which is only my opinion about his opinion, but I’m right about my opinion—in my opinion.



October 5th, 2011

BUSPAR FOR SALE, Well, hoe-lee crap did my last column thwack a hornets nest or what?. The angry responses are still swarming in.

The column was called, “Sons of Lame-Archy.” In it, Buy no prescription BUSPAR online, I razzed the concept of biker clubs and gangs. The part that caused the brouhaha was a digression in which I lamented that none of the gay biker-gang names I saw online had any of that queer flair I love so much, like—and I don’t mean to re-inflame—“Hell’s Anals, The Sodomites and The Mangols.”

I meant no offense. They were just the kind of flamboyant biker-club names that I thought celebrated homosexuality, buy cheap BUSPAR no rx, the kind of gay-biker-gang names that said, "In your face, homophobe. We are no longer going to ride in the closet!” The kind of biker gangs I would join if I happened to be gay or even entice my hypothetical gay biker son to join when if he was old enough.Among the swarm of angry emails, tweets, Face-pastes and blog-floggings were several responses from staffers of San Diego Gay and Lesbian News (SDGLN), including publisher Johnathan Hale, who reported my column to GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation), and assistant editor Morgan Hurley, who tweeted that “There is NO appropriate context for those types of words,” and wrote a column in which she criticized me for, among other things, not apologizing, BUSPAR FOR SALE. BUSPAR interactions, That’s when the bees really started buzzing.

And while I received a lot of support from members of the LGBT community, a lot more sent very angry, accusatory missives, all of which boiled down to one or all of the following questions 1, BUSPAR description. Is Ed Decker a homophobe. 2. BUSPAR FOR SALE, Is it ever permissible to use bigoted epithets. 3. BUSPAR used for, Does Ed Decker owe an apology.

1. Is Ed Decker a homophobe? Not even close. My queer-friendly street cred is airtight, BUSPAR FOR SALE. For starters, I have written dozens of columns in which I ferociously argued in favor of gay rights and viciously attacked its enemies, BUSPAR pharmacy.

Second, I, too, Where to buy BUSPAR, have been a victim of homophobia—in the workplace. True story: The company for which I worked at the time had transferred me to a new store. For reasons that don't matter here, I was favored by the supervisor (who was thought to be gay), and an assumption spread that I, BUSPAR street price, too, was queer. BUSPAR FOR SALE, It didn’t take long before I was uniformly outcasted, ridiculed, sabotaged and—get this—poisoned.

Last on my list of pro-gay cred is the fact that—wait for it—some of my best friends are gay. BUSPAR class, Yup. I said it. Some of my best friends are gay. Why shouldn’t I say that, BUSPAR FOR SALE. If I hang out with gay people, it sort of defeats the whole homophobe concept, get BUSPAR, no. Cases in point are two of my closest friends in the world, Danielle LoPresti and Alicia Champion (founders of San Diego IndieFest), Cheap BUSPAR no rx, who have appointed me as godfather to their newborn son, Xander Lucian, and have asked me to be a bridesmaid in their upcoming wedding. I haven’t decided whether I should go in drag; regardless, if a man agrees to be a bridesmaid in lesbian wedding, where can i order BUSPAR without prescription, well, let’s just say it wouldn’t be long before he gets kicked off the Fallbrook Annual Aryan Homophobic Apple Bob and Barbecue Planning Committee.

[caption id="attachment_1921" align="aligncenter" width="200" caption="The LoPresti-Champion family"][/caption]

2. Is there ever a time when it’s permissible to use bigoted epithets? BUSPAR FOR SALE, Great question. BUSPAR brand name, Answer: Yes.

Ms. Hurley likened the FGGT-word to the N-word, which is a reasonable comparison. She also said that it was “never, purchase BUSPAR online no prescription, ever” OK to use these words, which means I need only one example to prove her wrong. Of course, I have many (such as Louis CK’s hilarious and obviously non-hateful bit about the FGGT-word), Lenny Bruce's various uses of the F- and N-words, but my favorite happened about a year ago, in the live-music bar where I worked, BUSPAR FOR SALE.

That night, BUSPAR long term, we had a touring band consisting of members of different lineages—two Africans, two Mexicans, an Arab, an Asian and a couple of crackers for good measure. When the night was over, order BUSPAR online overnight delivery no prescription, the band and some of their friends drank at the bar while we bartenders stocked beer and closed shop.

Once we were all sufficiently intoxicated, one of the band-friends pulled out a camera-phone and announced that it was time to play the “Shout the Most Offensive Racist Slur You Can Think Of” game. BUSPAR online cod, Apparently, this is something they did after every show on the tour. BUSPAR FOR SALE, It was an easy-enough game. Everyone took turns shouting the most outrageous racial aspersion they could think of, followed by a round of uproarious laughter, hugs and backslapping, where can i buy cheapest BUSPAR online.

I don’t think I’d ever laughed that hard. There was something so freeing about it—especially the shouting part—as if the slurs were ostrich eggs we cracked against the wall and watched all the hate and anger—the yolk—of those words harmlessly dribble onto the floor.

When the camera pointed at me, Doses BUSPAR work, I stopped what I was doing and shouted, “Niggers don’t tip!” The two bruthas leaped up from their stools and high-fived and hugged and complimented me for such exquisitely hateful hate speech—all of which felt so good I wanted to leap over the bar and make out with them both.

3, BUSPAR FOR SALE. Should Ed Decker apologize? No, he should not. Because it would be the most bigoted thing he could do, where can i buy BUSPAR online.

After having spent the last 17 years razzing Christians, Jews, Muslims, Real brand BUSPAR online, Mormons, Scientologists, Africans, Asians, Arabs, buy BUSPAR from mexico, Latinos, Caucasians, Republicans, Buy BUSPAR without prescription, Democrats, athletes, musicians, sports fans, pot snobs, BUSPAR mg, beer snobs, snob-snobs, women, Online buying BUSPAR, men, cats, dogs, bikers, bar customers, after BUSPAR, bartenders, waitresses, MYSELF, Buy generic BUSPAR, my writing, my looks, my family, my friends, flight attendants, order BUSPAR no prescription, cartoonists,  parents, children, BUSPAR images, cheerleaders and guys named “Chaz” without a single “sorry” to share between them, wouldn’t it be patronizing to apologize now. Wouldn’t that assume gays and lesbians need coddling or special treatment. BUSPAR FOR SALE, I mean, yes, absolutely, I am “sorry” that my words have been hurtful to some, but I do not apologize, because I did nothing wrong.

That said, I don’t want any apologies, fast shipping BUSPAR, either. For those who called me a “homophobe,” “bigot, BUSPAR reviews, ” “hater,” “enemy to civil rights,” “ignorant” and “filth peddler,” warned me to  “watch my back” and spread my column around the country to stoke a response—no apologies necessary. In fact, BUSPAR photos, I’m stoked by the ferocity of your response. I’m stoked that you mobilized against what you perceived to be a hateful voice, stoked that your  days of taking shit and cowering in shadows are over, BUSPAR natural, that you’re increasingly more willing and able to shout, “In your face, homophobe!” Honestly, I’m so happy about that it makes me want to leap over the bar make out with each and every one of you.

Ed Decker

Epilogue: The letter from GLAAD

After I’d written the first draft of this column, I received a cordial, non-reactionary letter from GLAAD’s senior media strategist, Adam Bass:

At GLAAD we believe that a couple of your fictional gay biker group names used terms that were unnecessarily offensive.  The satire of the column was not lost on us, but we believe the jokes could have used different words to get the same point across.

The letter went on to ask that I not use words like “faggy,” “sodomite” and—this one took me by complete surprise—“homosexual.”
Because of the clinical history of the word ‘homosexual,’ it is aggressively used by anti-gay extremists to suggest that gay people are somehow diseased or psychologically / emotionally disordered…, BUSPAR FOR SALE. Please avoid using ‘homosexual’ except in direct quotes.

Here is my unabridged response to him:
Dear Adam, is BUSPAR addictive,

Thank you for your fair and reasonable letter. As a life-long hater of homophobia, I understand why so many in the LGBT community took offense to some of the language I used. BUSPAR forum, However, I must respectfully decline your request as I am a firm believer that what really matters in these situations is context.

A good example is the revelation (to me) that the word “homosexual” is now on the list of words I am not permitted to use. BUSPAR FOR SALE, First of all—and again, I say this with utmost respect and with no desire to offend—I do not recognize GLAAD’s authority over my vocabulary. My opinion is that there is absolutely nothing offensive about “homosexual.” It is—by its etymology—exactly what it defines, with zero innuendo, cheap BUSPAR. Homo means “same” and homosexuals are people who are sexually attracted to members of the same gender. It just couldn’t get any less offensive than that.

I mean, Online BUSPAR without a prescription, if we’re going to start indiscriminately banning words, I can think of one that is far more offensive than “homosexual,” yet is embraced by the gay community.  The word is “homophobe” and here’s why.

I think you would agree that the word “homo”, as a noun (not a prefix), is currently considered as one of the more offensive anti-gay slurs, BUSPAR FOR SALE. Well the word homophobe takes the word “homo” puts it in front of “phobe,” creating a word that means “fear and/or loathing of homos.”

Whoever coined the word “homophobia” didn’t know what they were doing because an etymological breakdown of the word shows that the word is actually made up of a prefix (homo as in “same”) and a suffix (“phobia” as in fear) without a root word, order BUSPAR online c.o.d.

Technically, homophobia means “fear of the same” which doesn’t make a lot of sense, unless, Rx free BUSPAR, you know, it is applied to someone with an irrational fear of cloning.

But that’s not what the coiners were doing. Whoever coined it was using homo as a root word – as in, “that guy is a homo” - and attached it to phobia, BUSPAR no rx, making homophobia more of a slur than homosexual. BUSPAR FOR SALE, However, it doesn’t have any anti-gay baggage so it remains acceptable – proving that context is what matters.

I also took issue with the reason GLAAD says “homosexual” is off the table, that it was “aggressively used by anti-gay extremists.”

Well, sure , any word can be aggressively used by extremists, even polite ones, or, in this case, clinical ones. That’s the point. It’s not the word; it’s the context. And the reason that “homosexual” is the next word on the chopping block is not because there is something wrong with it; rather, it’s that there is something wrong with the way some people use it.

If we ban “homosexual” and make “gay” the appropriate term, bigots will eventually start saying “gay” with contempt, and in 10 years we’re back to the same place, banning “gay” this time in favor of the next acceptable word, and the next—killing word after word without understanding that no matter how many words we kill, the bigots live forever, BUSPAR FOR SALE.

Thank you so much for your letter and the cordial tone with which it was written. I have great respect for GLAAD and its endeavors. Let me know if you need the gratis services of a spunky writer—I’d like to chip in.

Ed Decker,
San Diego CityBeat




September 20th, 2011

BUY ARCOXIA NO PRESCRIPTION, I was zip, zip, zipping through Ocean Beach on my little, black and silver, 150-cc Lance Milan putt-putt motor scooter when I pulled alongside a real biker, dressed in full-blown biker-gang-guy regalia, leaning on his Harley waiting for the light to turn green.

We glanced at each other simultaneously. I nodded hello, Australia, uk, us, usa, and he—get this—laughed in my face. He looked at me, looked down at my bike—making a quick assessment about my manhood (which he identified as Level-7 Pussy)—looked back at me and laughed, ARCOXIA without a prescription, out loud, ARCOXIA recreational, real nasty-like. Then he turned away in disgust, as if a glob of bird shit had landed on my head and was dripping down my cheek.

It wasn’t a big deal, ARCOXIA for sale, really. Buy ARCOXIA online cod, I know the score. Harley riders deplore scooter riders the way stand-up comedians deplore mimes, BUY ARCOXIA NO PRESCRIPTION. And pretty much everyone else older than 12 thinks scooters are a joke, too, purchase ARCOXIA. Well, ARCOXIA overnight, everyone older than 12 can suck on my skid marks. My ride is a beast. It goes zero to 60 in—well, herbal ARCOXIA, actually, Order ARCOXIA from United States pharmacy, it doesn’t ever get to 60. BUY ARCOXIA NO PRESCRIPTION, But it can do 35, no problem—only takes a few minutes to get there. Then it’s zip-zip, putt-putt all over the place!

Seriously, where can i cheapest ARCOXIA online, though, ARCOXIA schedule, for me, a scooter makes crazy-good sense: For one, it’s a huge money saver, about ARCOXIA. The gas, Online buying ARCOXIA hcl, insurance, registration— even the cost of the vehicle itself—combined, are only a little more expensive than renting a couple of Pauly Shore impersonators for a party, ARCOXIA dosage. Second, ARCOXIA reviews, I work from home, which means no long freeway commutes. Lastly, buy ARCOXIA online cod, I live at the beach, ARCOXIA dose, where parking is scarce and traffic is fierce, making a scooter ideal because it parks anywhere and splits the lane to get to the front of the line at traffic lights—which is exactly what I was doing when I came upon the biker.

Now, for the record, buy ARCOXIA online no prescription, I didn’t nod to him as though I thought we were badass biker brethren of the road—as if we had something in common the way, Online buy ARCOXIA without a prescription, say, a Corvette owner would nod at another ’Vette owner, or the way black men in Alpine nod on the oft chance they cross paths, cheap ARCOXIA. No, BUY ARCOXIA NO PRESCRIPTION. I nodded to him because we were standing right next to each other, Ordering ARCOXIA online, looking at each other. It was a human-to-human nod for crissake, not biker-to-biker, order ARCOXIA from United States pharmacy. I would never consider my little putt-putt job to be in his hog’s league. ARCOXIA duration, However, I’m also not going to feel inferior because my chosen mode of transportation doesn’t meet the approval of a man who cuts off the arms of a leather jacket with a hacksaw and thinks that’s punk rock.

When the light turned green, he revved up and peeled out, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, leaving me in a poisonous cloud of noise pollution, ARCOXIA pics, hate pollution and pollution pollution. BUY ARCOXIA NO PRESCRIPTION, And what I thought as I stared at the back of his motorcycle jacket, with the motorcycle-club iron-on patch was, He thinks I’m the pussy!. The guy who irons decorative patches onto the back of a sawed-off leather jacket because he thinks that’s punk. The guy who replaced the stock tailpipes on his ride with ones that are twice as loud, australia, uk, us, usa, for no other reason than to be noticed and/or annoying. Order ARCOXIA online overnight delivery no prescription, The guy who belongs to some juvenile social club with handshakes, passwords, parliamentary-style bylaws and arbitrary officer rankings, ARCOXIA description. You know how those first meetings always go: “OK, Buying ARCOXIA online over the counter, so I’ll be the President, and Bear will be V.P., and Vulgor is the Road Captain, order ARCOXIA online c.o.d, and Sammy “the Hammer” will be Sergeant at Arms”—and then you have the “prospects, ARCOXIA maximum dosage, ” who are basically college-fraternity pledges, which is really what these biker gangs are, rolling fraternities, online ARCOXIA without a prescription, the only difference being that biker gangs have goofier names. Here are just a few nuggets of comedy I found on

• Organized Kaos (stifling my laughter), BUY ARCOXIA NO PRESCRIPTION. ARCOXIA long term,

• The Wastelanders (as if they were a gang of rolling marauders, scanning a post-apocalyptic hinterland for scantily clad, mute chicks and gasoline).

• Gospel Riders (who are, ARCOXIA canada, mexico, india, their website says, ARCOXIA trusted pharmacy reviews, “Motorcycling for Jesus”).

• The Centurions (actually, I wanted to name my first rock band The Centurions—when I was 15!)

• The Star of David Bikers (blood enemies of The Gospel Riders).

• A Few Good Men (which is not what you think; though, you have to wonder how it was possible not to notice the gayness dripping off that name).

Speaking of homosexual bikers, ARCOXIA pictures, I absolutely had to Google “gay motorcycle clubs” when researching this column. Fast shipping ARCOXIA, Alas, all that came up were totally inoffensive, non-hilarious monikers like The LGBT Motorcycle Club, ARCOXIA pharmacy, The Golden Gate Guards and The Spartan Motorcycle Club. Purchase ARCOXIA, What a disappointment. I was hoping for some totally awesome, totally faggy, buy ARCOXIA without a prescription, gay-biker-gang names, like The Sodomites, or The Truck Stop Cruisers, or the queer chapter of the Mongols Motorcycle Club—The Mangols. Or how about The Fag Hags, for a motorcycle gang composed of meth-addled straight chicks who follow The Mangols. Or, my all-time favorite gay-biker-gang name I just made up: Hell’s Anals.

I swear to God, I am seriously thinking about going gay just so I can wear that patch on the back of my sawed-off leather jacket. At least then, when I encounter one of these holier-than-thou Harley enthusiasts on my little zip-zip, putt-putt motor scooter, he’d have a reason to object to my presence: Because my iron-on biker-gang patch isn’t making fun of gay people; it’s making fun of him and his amusing fraternity, preposterous costume and obnoxiously loud tail pipes that he intentionally modified for no other reason than to be obnoxious and loud..

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September 19th, 2011

From the Letters Department:

VANTIN FOR SALE, "Hey Ed, seems like you're writing an awful lot about gay rights these days. People are starting to talk. Are you a queer?" --Jon

Not that it's any of your business, VANTIN used for, Jon, VANTIN description, but if I were gay you'd know it. I'd be proud of it. And I'd be good at it, VANTIN blogs. I'd be the best damn gay in America, VANTIN FOR SALE. I'd bartend in all the hippest fem bars, Effects of VANTIN, wear all the crazy fem colors, say "You go, girl!" to all my fem friends and give these legendary blowjobs that'd make you go blind, VANTIN images. Oh yes, Ordering VANTIN online, Jon, if I were gay, you would know all about it, VANTIN dosage.

I remember the day I discovered I was heterosexual. What is VANTIN, Of course, I was always heterosexual. VANTIN FOR SALE, I just didn't know it had a name until I started hearing the kids in school talking about this other breed of human beings called homosexuals. I learned that homosexuals were filthy, VANTIN steet value, awful, Where can i buy cheapest VANTIN online, rotten people who did rotten, rotten, awful, VANTIN price, filthy things to each other and the best way to deal with them was to banish them from your clique, Taking VANTIN, expose them as freaks and drive them to the brink of suicide.

But then came the day when I found myself asking a terrifying question, "What if I am gay?" I was about 16 years old and sitting in my room, VANTIN samples, on my bed, Kjøpe VANTIN på nett, köpa VANTIN online, thinking about my pal, Jeff. People were starting to talk about Jeff and the long, get VANTIN, ugly process of his exile was beginning. Order VANTIN from United States pharmacy, So I was sitting there trying to come up with tactful ways to terminate our friendship without hurting his feelings (how humane of me) and got to thinking how terrible it must be for him--how terrible to be losing your friends, and what if his parents ever found out, and oh man I could never tell my parents--thank Christ I'm not gay, VANTIN dangers. Wait a minute, VANTIN FOR SALE. How do I know I'm not gay. Buy VANTIN online no prescription, I never tried it before. How do I know I wouldn't like it. And if I did like it, online VANTIN without a prescription, would that automatically make me gay. VANTIN FOR SALE, Could I be gay. Buy generic VANTIN, Holy Jesus Mother of Christ, what if I'm gay!?

I had to find out.

So I scrunched my face with anxiety and began the agonizing process of envisioning myself in some horrifying homosexual entanglement--hoping with all my hope that I would not find even the smallest part of it appealing, order VANTIN online overnight delivery no prescription. At first I imagined that it was with a friend, Discount VANTIN, but that vision was too revolting to even consider. So I quickly replaced him with some unknown imaginary male, which was only slightly less revolting, VANTIN without prescription, and imagined myself on my knees, Buy VANTIN from mexico, preparing to unzip this unknown imaginary male's fly, and--and just before his phallus could flop out before me, my eyeballs started sparking and my ears started smoking and my brain short-circuited and the whole torrid anti-fantasy shut down, VANTIN use.
Whoop-ee! I thought, VANTIN FOR SALE. I'm straight, VANTIN mg, I'm straight! What a relief. I felt like jumping and dancing and singing the "I'm not gay" song. The one that goes, VANTIN duration, "I'm not gay/ I'm not gay/ Hooray for me/ I'm so not gay."

Today I was watching that MTV reality show, Buying VANTIN online over the counter, True Life. The episode was titled, "I'm Coming Out." It documented four or five closeted homosexuals, mostly young, where to buy VANTIN, who were about to reveal themselves to their loved ones. Canada, mexico, india, They all went through one familial wringer or another, but the parent who enraged me the most was this one woman who told her freshly outed son that being gay was contagious, like a disease, my VANTIN experience, and that he could be cured and all this other ridiculous dark-ages bullshit, VANTIN without a prescription, and I just thought, Wow, what a pathetic witch you are, VANTIN for sale. VANTIN FOR SALE, That's your son.

You know, Generic VANTIN, being childless, I am certainly no expert on child rearing. But I know one thing--if I had a son and he told me he was gay, buy no prescription VANTIN online, I'd say, VANTIN cost, "You go, girl!"

I'd say, "Atta way to have the moxie to be different and the courage to declare it." Then I'd take him on a shopping spree, where can i cheapest VANTIN online. We'd come home with bags and bags-full of all the great gay clothes with all the great gay colors; a stack of CDs from all the great new gay bands, VANTIN long term, like Rave Against the Machine or Lollipop 6, a dozen or so homo how-to books and manuals; and subscriptions to gay magazines with articles like, "Going Gay in 10 Easy Steps" or "What to Do When Your Fag-Hag Becomes Unruly." Then, online buying VANTIN, when he was ready, Order VANTIN online c.o.d, I'd nudge him toward the front door and say, "Now go on out there and be the best damn queer you can be!"

Not in my wildest dreams would I make him to feel a freak as that troll on True Life did. To reject your son now, when he needs you most, will do more damage to his psyche than every gay-bashing baboon he will encounter for the rest of his life.

This is why I write about gay rights, Jon, because of women like that, because of guys like you, because it's the right thing to do and because at this very moment there is a huge group of our fellow Americans being discriminated against right under our noses. So I will write about how totally and utterly fucked that is for as long and as often as I like.


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September 19th, 2011

"I don't know of any society that has embraced sodomy and survived."
Pat Robertson

Day 1 (
BUY GEODON NO PRESCRIPTION, Monday, March 27, 2018 ):

I noticed it the moment I awoke; a peculiar feeling that somehow the very fabric of our existence had been altered in some terrible, irreversible manner.

I dragged myself out of bed, walked to the front room, ordering GEODON online, looked out the window, GEODON without prescription, and couldn't believe what I saw. The sky was black and orange, emergency vehicles whizzed by, GEODON class, a dozen or so stalks of smoke and flame billowed from upturned automobiles, GEODON pictures, and a dog was trotting down the street with a charred human leg between his foaming jaws.

I retrieved the newspaper and read the headline: Supreme Court Decision Allows Gays to Marry: Very fabric of society torn."

"Wow," I thought, GEODON from canada. "The Henny-Pennies were right after all."

I remember when it all began - back in July of 2003, GEODON duration, when the Supreme Court overturned an archaic Texas sodomy law, thus making it legal for homosexuals to have sex. Naturally, that decision enraged and terrified certain people, BUY GEODON NO PRESCRIPTION. They believed that this sodomy decision was the first step toward allowing gays to legally marry, GEODON photos, and that would be the end of society as we knew it. Kjøpe GEODON på nett, köpa GEODON online, "This is one giant leap down the slippery slope toward Armageddon!" wrote columnist Harry Hardwick.

"This decision will have terrible consequences for our nation," said Scott Lively, director of Pro Family Law Center, online buying GEODON.

"If we allow homosexuals to marry, Doses GEODON work, " argued Sandy Rios, president of Families for the Protection of Marriage, "it will result in the disintegration of the fabric of marital sanctity, canada, mexico, india. It will destroy the very fabric of society."

The list goes on. BUY GEODON NO PRESCRIPTION, I remember thinking what a bunch of stupid, ugly, asshole bigoted, backward, frightened, callous, homophobic jerks they were. Order GEODON no prescription, Oh how wrong I was - for today, all the dire predictions came true. The Supreme Court has made it legal for gays to marry - and the Apocalypse of Queer is upon us, buy GEODON online no prescription.

Day 2: It's only been two days since the fall of straight marriage and already the electricity is out. Australia, uk, us, usa, I put batteries in the radio and listened to the Emergency Broadcast System. Reports were coming in that homosexuals were getting married in droves and roaming the streets attacking heterosexuals, BUY GEODON NO PRESCRIPTION. City Hall had been sacked and the grocery and department stores were looted bare. I nailed down doors, about GEODON, boarded windows, GEODON over the counter, loaded my 20-gauge Remington single barrel shotgun, and leaned it against the wall.

Day 3: Attacked by a gang of roving, where can i buy cheapest GEODON online, married queers today. No prescription GEODON online, I was rummaging the alley dumpsters for food and became encircled by a small gang of leather queens. BUY GEODON NO PRESCRIPTION, They were shoving me between them like a medicine ball and kept calling me Hechro (as in heterosexual). Then they shoved me onto the ground and kicked me repeatedly.

"No no no, low dose GEODON," I pleaded, Fast shipping GEODON, crawling to my knees. "I'm gay, I'm gay, GEODON from mexico. Gay is great!"

They stopped kicking then, GEODON dosage, a look of curious indecision and empathy on their faces. Their leader - a hairy, leather daddy with "Judas Priest" tattooed on his neck - stepped forward and unzipped his fly, BUY GEODON NO PRESCRIPTION. "Prove it Hechro," he said, GEODON cost.

I stood there frozen, Where can i order GEODON without prescription, unable to move. "I... I.., GEODON natural. BUY GEODON NO PRESCRIPTION, I can't," I stammered.

"Hechro!" someone shouted. What is GEODON, "Let's get him!" blurted another.

The rest is a blur.

Day 15: Listened to the Emergency Broadcast again, buy GEODON online cod, but all they played was Cher, Where can i cheapest GEODON online, Liza and Barbara - 24 hours straight: All Day Diva Radio they called it.

I used to think homosexuals were just like regular people, but after listening to Diva Radio all day I've come to understand how truly twisted they are, BUY GEODON NO PRESCRIPTION. I realized then - I must never let them turn me gay.

Day 43: I'm the last heterosexual alive, where can i find GEODON online. The rest are dead or cruising gay bars. Purchase GEODON online, A shanty town of queers has developed outside my house and they take shifts throughout the night singing the "We are the Champions," and slipping gay porn through the mail slot. BUY GEODON NO PRESCRIPTION, I am sleep deprived, malnourished, dehydrated - but staunchly convicted: Must. Never, my GEODON experience. Go. GEODON pharmacy, Gay.

Day 71: All Day Diva driving me to dementia. Cher keeps asking if I believe in love after love and I periodically catch myself staring longingly at the shotgun, BUY GEODON NO PRESCRIPTION.

Day101: Nothing left to read but gay porn (found the articles to be well-written and informative), GEODON for sale. Also, Is GEODON safe, discovered I prefer late-era Cher over early Cher. Clutch rifle tightly to breast. I am the last straight thread in the very fabric of society, after GEODON. BUY GEODON NO PRESCRIPTION, Must. Never. GEODON blogs, Be. Gay.

Day 138: Can't, order GEODON online overnight delivery no prescription. Go, BUY GEODON NO PRESCRIPTION. On. Buy no prescription GEODON online, No food, but for insects. No water, where to buy GEODON, but for tears. GEODON coupon, No TV but for the MANSEX channel. BUY GEODON NO PRESCRIPTION, I reach for the shotgun, "Oh how I love you shotgun rifle," I say, holding the stock to my chest. "Oh how your barrel is so long and firm against my breastplate. A perfect fit," I think as I push the barrel shaft to the back of my throat. "Too perfect," I think, wrapping finger around trigger and gently squeezing off a buckshot orgasm . . . .




September 10th, 2011

BUY WOMENRA NO PRESCRIPTION, Thursday, September 8, 2011 - The Great Southern California Power Outage.

Black Thursday

I was home when the lights went out, WOMENRA without a prescription, lost a little bit of work, but not a big deal. W, WOMENRA street price. and I hung out by candlelight and listened to the transistor radio. WOMENRA price, It was pleasant and peaceful. Turns out we were fairly prepared, BUY WOMENRA NO PRESCRIPTION. Lots of candles, lots of water, purchase WOMENRA online, lots of batteries and flashlights and alternate sources of lighting. WOMENRA wiki, We even had internet. I have battery powered modem so, when W, WOMENRA overnight. went to bed, WOMENRA from canadian pharmacy, I watched Netflix on my iPhone. It was a thriller called House of 9 BUY WOMENRA NO PRESCRIPTION, which I watched all the way up to the last 15 minutes of the dramatic conclusion, when the internet finally died.

So, there I was, WOMENRA price, coupon, awake and amped from the climax of a horror-thriller at about 10:30pm with nothing to do. Online buying WOMENRA, So, I decided to take a walk down Newport Avenue just to see what was going on and maybe, with any luck, low dose WOMENRA, find a bar that was open. WOMENRA used for, It was an interesting stroll--fun and weird and dark and spooky. Lots of people hanging outside around fire rings, people throwing glow sticks around, WOMENRA interactions, some fireworks going off. People with flashlights going to and fro, BUY WOMENRA NO PRESCRIPTION. Buy no prescription WOMENRA online, When I got to Newport I was delighted to see that the liquor store was open (those guys stay open no matter what). So I went in and bought myself a tall boy of Becks, and walked down to the end of Newport to sit on the seawall and watch the waves, WOMENRA for sale.

After about 15 minutes of blissful, WOMENRA australia, uk, us, usa, Becks-fueled serenity, a drunk guy walked over and sat beside me, legs hanging on the sand-side, WOMENRA steet value.

I knew instantly this guy was trouble, Real brand WOMENRA online, mostly by his posture and the way he was dressed, which was kind of a faux-gangster style. BUY WOMENRA NO PRESCRIPTION, He sat on the seawall, about five feet away, on my left, legs hanging over the sand, and slurred, “I’m sorry” to me. I told him he had nothing to apologize for and then, WOMENRA forum, without a pause, Doses WOMENRA work, he proceeded to go on a furious rant about some girl who had cheated on his friend, with another friend – in his apartment.

That was the part that really agitated him – he kept saying, what is WOMENRA, “She fucked him in my apartment!”

Then he said, WOMENRA cost, “sorry” again, and again I said, “No reason to apologize, buy cheap WOMENRA,” and then he slid over a bit closer. WOMENRA natural, I thought, “Oh boy, this is not going to end well, buy WOMENRA without prescription,” and proceeded to continue on his rant about the girl. WOMENRA blogs, Now, here’s where it gets good.

He apologized again, and said, “I’m so mad, I think I’m going to have to punch you in the stomach!” He said it matter-of-factly, as though he were telling me he was going to get a donut, BUY WOMENRA NO PRESCRIPTION. Then, generic WOMENRA. . Purchase WOMENRA for sale, . he slid even closer. BUY WOMENRA NO PRESCRIPTION, At that point we were side-by-side, so close we were almost touching shoulders.

I said, get WOMENRA, “You really don’t want to hit me, WOMENRA photos, dude; I haven’t done anything to you."

I said it calmly, but was fairly scared. Yeah, WOMENRA samples, he was inebriated, Canada, mexico, india, which was advantage-Decker. But, you never know about what weapons these seawall kooks are carrying these days and if he was carrying a weapon, WOMENRA mg, he was certainly drunk enough to not care about the repercussions of using it. WOMENRA images, When I told my wife this story she asked why I didn't just get up and walk away. The answer, I told her, is because I'm attracted and fascinated by bizarre people in bizarre situations, BUY WOMENRA NO PRESCRIPTION. I can't help but want to stick around - just to see where it all will lead. I guess that's the journalist in me, WOMENRA no prescription. A trait that has gotten me into, Buy WOMENRA no prescription, and out of, a lot of jams.

Anyway, WOMENRA brand name, he continued on the rant about the girl and, WOMENRA for sale, again, announced he is going to hit me in the gut, and this time, where can i find WOMENRA online, he actually delivered on his promise. BUY WOMENRA NO PRESCRIPTION, In a near slow-motion attack, he hooked his left fist across his body, and toward my stomach. WOMENRA recreational, Being that it was telegraphed, and not exactly at Sugar-Ray velocity, I easily deflected it, WOMENRA treatment.

But, I knew at that point he was capable and willing to make physical contact and that it was time to make an exit. A lot of guys would've knocked him out at that point, but I REALLY didn't want to risk it, so I told him, "Don't touch me again," took a pull from my Becks, and pondered an exit strategy. I supposed I could have walked away, but was almost certain he was going to follow me, and, while pondering my next move, he again hollered something about that “Evil fucking bitch” and hauled off and punched me hard me on the arm.

It didn’t hurt much cuz it was just the arm, but it startled me and, in reflex, I shove-punched him with both hands so hard, it knocked him off the seawall and onto his back on the sand, BUY WOMENRA NO PRESCRIPTION. Then I quickly stood up and started hoofing down the street.

The seawall was pretty high, he was very drunk, and I shoved him so hard that I doubt he was ever able to pull it together quickly enough to get up and follow me. But I did watch my back the whole way home as I huffed down Abbott, up the alley, and basically zigzagged back to my warm, dark house.

Crazy huh.

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September 8th, 2011

AYGESTIN FOR SALE, Vice President Joe Biden collected some trouble recently when he seemingly endorsed China’s controversial population-control policy during his visit there.

“Your [one-child-per-family] policy has been one which I fully understand, Where can i order AYGESTIN without prescription, ” he told the crowd. “I’m not second-guessing.”

It didn’t take long for his enemies to pile on, including House Speaker John Boehner, AYGESTIN reviews, who said he was “deeply troubled” by Biden’s statement. About AYGESTIN, Doesn’t Boehner’s hyperbole make you wretch. He wasn’t just troubled by Biden’s remarks, see; he was deeply troubled—as if Boehner was pacing in his office all week, AYGESTIN description, brooding about the apocalyptic effect the VP’s speech will have on our nation.

“The result being,” Biden continued, “that [China is] in a position where one wage earner will be taking care of four retired people, AYGESTIN FOR SALE. AYGESTIN online cod, [It’s] not sustainable.”

Well, whaddaya know. Biden wasn’t endorsing it after all, order AYGESTIN from mexican pharmacy. Rather, Buy AYGESTIN without prescription, he was making an economic argument over a moral one. Because, as Biden knows, get AYGESTIN, when you attack someone’s morals, Buy no prescription AYGESTIN online, they become defensive and all progress comes to a halt. AYGESTIN FOR SALE, It’s called diplomacy.

Of course, I got a laugh out of the whole thing because, after AYGESTIN, while everyone else was demanding that Biden publicly denounce China’s family planning policy (which he did), AYGESTIN results, all I could think was, Denounce it!. Are you nuts, AYGESTIN trusted pharmacy reviews. Denouncing a one-child-only policy in China is like denouncing a one-mosquito maximum at your campsite. AYGESTIN use, Why would anyone denounce the greatest government moratorium  since the Trojans banned giant, rolling, wooden horses from entering their city gates, AYGESTIN used for.

To hell with the Great Wall—the one-child policy is the shit that belongs on all their tourism posters:

“Visit China—what few kids we have are muzzled.”


“Beijing, AYGESTIN FOR SALE. Where the brothels outnumber the brats!”

Oh, Buy AYGESTIN from mexico, sweet Republic of China—how long is thy immigration line. For I would gladly tolerate the traffic jams, pollution, AYGESTIN from canadian pharmacy, rampant public spitting, AYGESTIN class, government-controlled media, bizarre alphabet, squat toilets, AYGESTIN street price, avian influenza, AYGESTIN price, coupon, aggressive pro-panda propaganda (propandaganda?) and, worst of all, the 24-hour All Lucy Liu channel, fast shipping AYGESTIN, to live in a country that isn’t inundated with chil—OK, Order AYGESTIN no prescription, OK. I’ll stop. Sorry, purchase AYGESTIN for sale. AYGESTIN FOR SALE, I honestly didn’t intend to run the joke so far into the ground. You know I was joking, Buy AYGESTIN online cod, right. You know I know that the Chinese family-planning policy is barbaric. I would never support a law that limits our right to reproduce; however—isn’t it time our government stops promoting reproduction, buy AYGESTIN no prescription.

There are many tax benefits that incentivize procreation, AYGESTIN from mexico, not the least of which is the child tax credit, which gives families $1,000 for every dependent under 17, AYGESTIN images. That is udder bovine excrement, AYGESTIN FOR SALE. Given our overpopulation problems, AYGESTIN canada, mexico, india, people should be incentivized toward not having kids. We should give a $1,000 tax credit to every child a taxpayer does not have, AYGESTIN photos. If you don’t have two kids, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, you get a $2,000 credit. Not having four kids gets you $4, comprar en línea AYGESTIN, comprar AYGESTIN baratos,000. AYGESTIN FOR SALE, As for me, I plan on not having 15 children. Generic AYGESTIN, I know, I know, 15 is a lot of kids to not have, AYGESTIN maximum dosage, but the way I see it, Buy AYGESTIN without a prescription, I’ve got a lot of love not to give.

Another problem with the child tax credit is that it goes to the wrong people. Currently, AYGESTIN no rx, only families earning less than $110, AYGESTIN australia, uk, us, usa, 000 are eligible. That means we are subsidizing lower income-people to breed, which is utterly whackbasswards, AYGESTIN schedule.

Lower-income families usually have to work three or four jobs and can rarely afford quality childcare, so their unsupervised golem are free to loot convenience stores and drop bricks from overpasses all day, AYGESTIN FOR SALE. The last thing we want is for them to have more children. AYGESTIN dose, Better to incentivize upper-income people because they have money: They can afford a team of tyrant-nannies to crush their children’s spirits. They can afford to build a sound-proofed dungeon in which to shackle and torture the little murderers-in-the-making. They can afford to seal all their offspring’s orifices with expensive cosmetic surgery, ordering AYGESTIN online. AYGESTIN FOR SALE, And while I do oppose the Chinese concept of levying fines or prison sentences for violating one-child law, I am down with taxing parents extra. For instance, Herbal AYGESTIN, we should institute a “Screaming Hellion on the Plane” tax. I’d also like to see a “Too Much Pee in the Public Pool” tax; a “Mommy, Why is that Man so Fat and Other Insults” tax; an “Everything on TV Sucks Because We Can’t Let Kids Hear Bad Words or Encounter Adult Concepts” tax; and, rx free AYGESTIN, of course, a “No Fun Family Values Asshole” tax for all those a-hole parents who think they can dictate adult behavior—such as when we have to stop drinking beer at the ballpark, how much porn we can view in the public library, who can’t marry whom and how many feet away from the middle school we have to be when selling or buying our drugs—all in the name of protecting “the children.”

What’s that you say. Families are the backbone of America and we need to make it easier on parents to raise smart, healthy and productive members of society.

Are you crazy. Did you not see Children of the Corn, AYGESTIN FOR SALE. Scary, right. Well, turns out Children of the Corn wasn’t a horror movie after all. It was a documentary.

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August 24th, 2011

CLEOCIN FOR SALE, So, this week’s column is about the fatwa-like death threat against David Letterman for sayi—waaait a minute! What the hell is that!. Right there to the left. Is that my picture!, CLEOCIN duration.

Holy Kee-rist, Where can i buy CLEOCIN online, what an abomination. It looks like the profile of a bovine-semen collector who inappropriately enjoys his job too much. And what is that extra fold of skin just beneath my left eyebrow, CLEOCIN FOR SALE. Is that eyelid fat!, CLEOCIN alternatives. Kee-rist in Heaven, Buy cheap CLEOCIN, where did that come from.

There are so many reasons why I can’t stand having my picture above my column, some of which have nothing to do with the fact that I am ugly and old, CLEOCIN dosage. Here are the top five:

• No More Identity-Denying: Every now and then, Order CLEOCIN from United States pharmacy, a stranger will approach and ask, “Are you Ed Decker?” Sometimes I say “Yes” in spite of the possibility that the asker will stab me in the face for writing an unflattering missive about his sister’s vagina. CLEOCIN FOR SALE, Other times, I deny my identity—not necessarily because I fear the wrath of Sir Sister-Vagina-Avenger, but because there is a likelihood—especially if it’s a drunken bar encounter—that I will be subjected to an hour-long reprobation of my writing skills, and/or an impassioned sermon about all the things that are wrong with my political opinions, and/or a screed about why I should stop bashing religion, all of which will be followed by a request that I write about his “totally awesome band,” The Attention Whores. So, where to buy CLEOCIN, um, Where can i cheapest CLEOCIN online, yeah, CityBeat, thanks for that, CLEOCIN dangers.

• No More Fly on the Walling: One of my favorite life-moments is the rare occasion when I stumble upon somebody who is in the process of reading my column. Is CLEOCIN safe, I love that. The last time it happened was in a Mexican-food joint. A couple in their early 60s were sitting at a neighboring table, reading it together, CLEOCIN FOR SALE. They were taking turns pointing out certain parts and laughing, doses CLEOCIN work. When finished, Order CLEOCIN online c.o.d, I embarked on my usual undercover ego-recon mission: “Pardon the interruption,” I said, “but what are you reading that’s so funny?”

“It’s a column called Sordid Tales, CLEOCIN long term,” the man said, CLEOCIN forum, lifting the paper to show me the cover. “It’s in CityBeat magazine.”

“What’s it about?” I asked.

“It’s about the writer getting fired from his bartender job, australia, uk, us, usa,” the woman responded. CLEOCIN FOR SALE, “It’s pretty funny.”

Well hot damn. CLEOCIN without prescription, I thought. They like me. They really like me, CLEOCIN overnight. It’s a feeling that never gets old. But now that my goddamn face is up there—complete with quinquagenarian wrinkles and disgusting eyelidulite—I can kiss any future undercover ego-recon missions goodbye, CLEOCIN FOR SALE. No prescription CLEOCIN online, Thanks CB.

• No More Man of Mystery: I used to receive a certain amount of flirtatious emails from enthusiastic and, let’s say, online buy CLEOCIN without a prescription, libidinous ladies. CLEOCIN interactions, Well those days are over, too. See, what is CLEOCIN, when my picture was not on the column, CLEOCIN samples, an enthusiastic, libidinous lady was free to imagine me as whatever knight-on-a-white-horse, movie-star, online CLEOCIN without a prescription, hero, CLEOCIN mg, hunk, lifeguard and Marlboro-Man-of-her-dreams man she always dreamed about. CLEOCIN FOR SALE, It is for her that I grieve.

Even my wife loves the columnist-me better than the actual me, purchase CLEOCIN online no prescription. When she reads it, Kjøpe CLEOCIN på nett, köpa CLEOCIN online, she fantasizes that it’s written by a totally yoked, college-age pool boy who comes over to clean the Jacuzzi we don’t have. Thanks a lot, discount CLEOCIN, CityBeat, CLEOCIN pictures, for crushing what few little moments of joy W. had in her life.

• Parent Killing: Until now, I’ve been able to confound my mother and father into believing that the Ed Decker of Sordid Tales fame—the booze-slurping, drug-sopped porn-monger with the sense of humor of a high-school freshman that got left behind a time or two—is not the same Ed Decker as the one they raised, CLEOCIN FOR SALE. When they realize it was me all this time, CLEOCIN from canada, their brains will likely burst, Buy CLEOCIN from canada, so, thanks for killing my parents, CityBeat, CLEOCIN wiki.

• Ideological: I’ve always felt that columns which contained an image of the author diluted or distorted the effect of the words within. Purchase CLEOCIN, It’s the same way I felt when MTV debuted in 1981. I remember seeing Mark Knopfler’s goofy face and scrawny body for the first time and saying, “Huh, CLEOCIN natural. CLEOCIN FOR SALE, That’s him!?” The guy responsible for some of the most smoldering guitar pizazz of all time is wearing a Miami Vice patio jacket, neon-pink headband and glowing orange leather pants as if he were Sonny Crocket’s bi-curious lover and street informant from the theater district.

And I damn near dropped the bong the first time I saw Def Leppard in—oh, CLEOCIN blogs, Kee-rist, say-it-ain’t-so—leotards. Now, cheap CLEOCIN, it’s important to note that those early Def Leppard albums were respected, CLEOCIN pics, hard-rocking recordings, released long before big-hair glam had even been identified as a genre (largely because, without MTV, online buying CLEOCIN, nobody knew they wore makeup and big hair in the first place). Low dose CLEOCIN, When I finally saw the video of them wearing leotards, eyeliner and an osprey’s nest of twigs and straw held together by a quart of Aqua Net on their heads—well, let’s just say I wasn’t able to masturbate to my Olivia Newton John poster for three months, order CLEOCIN online overnight delivery no prescription.

I never listened to those bands in quite the same way again. Buying CLEOCIN online over the counter, And now, I fear, you’ll never read these words in quite the same way, either. Although, admittedly—from a reader’s perspective—I do prefer seeing the face of the author. There’s something organically appealing about that, and I fully understand why the CityBeat overlords want to include our photos. I just can’t stand looking at mine, not in the least.

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August 3rd, 2011

COVERSYL FOR SALE, I received this email from a reader in San Diego. It's in response to a column I had written about losing my bartending job:

“Dear Ed, [I read] about this job in Norway or Iceland… where people hire drinking buddies for the night. Man, COVERSYL pharmacy, if you couldn’t swing this, COVERSYL price, no one could."—William H.

The company to which William refers is called the Kind Fairy Agency out of the Ukraine. For about $18, they will hook you up with a drinking pal for the evening.

I do love this concept, effects of COVERSYL, but judging from the tone of the company’s press release, Taking COVERSYL, I’m not sure Kind Fairy is right for the job: “We are not trying to get people drunk deliberately,” says director Yulia Peeva. “Our main mission is [to provide] good, COVERSYL cost, fruitful conversation.”

“… [W]hen I see that a client is relaxed, COVERSYL brand name, ” says professional drinking buddy Gennady Maksimov, “I urge him to talk rather than drink more.”

Well, what the hell kind of drinking buddy company is this?, COVERSYL over the counter. A true drinking partner doesn’t “urge” his buddy to drink less—unless, of course, he’s on the verge of talking shit to a table-full of soldiers of The Mongols motorcycle and murderers club.

And the “main mission” of any true drinking excursion isn’t “conversation.” The main mission is drinking, COVERSYL FOR SALE. All that other stuff—talking about problems, Canada, mexico, india, exploring philosophical concepts, arm wrestling, picking up hotties, where can i buy cheapest COVERSYL online, telling jokes, Is COVERSYL addictive, starting bar fights, closing business deals—whatever it is any two drinking buddies decide to do while they drink together—will vary from buddy to buddy. However, buy cheap COVERSYL no rx, the one constant—the raison d’etre—of a having and being a drinking companion is drinking.

Oh well, Buy COVERSYL online no prescription, you get what you pay for, I guess. Eighteen bucks does seem rather inexpensive, my COVERSYL experience. Not to be snooty, Purchase COVERSYL online, but I’ll be charging a helluva lot more than that to be a professional drinking buddy. COVERSYL FOR SALE, But then, that’s because I’m a pro.

My credentials are impeccable: For one, I like boozing with other boozers, so you won’t be hearing any of this “urge him to talk” talk from me.

Also, as a veteran bartender, I have had plenty of experience breaking up fights, which means there’s a decent chance I can talk Mongols’ Nation out of pulverizing your spine into a fine powdery substance and snorting it. However, if I fail, online buying COVERSYL hcl, and a bar brawl with these felonious behemoths is imminent, COVERSYL no prescription, well, don’t worry, because I have your back… gammon board, COVERSYL coupon. It’s at my house, COVERSYL gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, where I’ll be hiding with the blinds drawn.

And what is a bartender but a paid drinking buddy, anyway. For years I’ve listened to the go-nowhere stories of the mumbling masses, COVERSYL without a prescription. I listened as they cried into the pints of their broken marriages, Real brand COVERSYL online, crumbling careers and devastated self-esteem. I’ve listened to them rant about their political ideology, religious convictions and conspiracy theories, COVERSYL FOR SALE. I have heard so many brain-butchering tales of exaggerated conquest and valor that I actually grew an extra ear canal to receive all the crap I don’t care about.

The secondary canal runs from the outer ear, to the inner ear, COVERSYL steet value, toward the brain, COVERSYL from mexico, but then dips—bypassing the brain entirely— down the spine, into the intestines, and, COVERSYL samples, finally, COVERSYL steet value, into the rectum goes whatever turd of a story (also known as a “mono-log”) that had just been shat into my ear.

So, how does that benefit the client. Well, COVERSYL results, having a secondary ear canal means you can talk incessantly without worrying about my going into a coma.

Finally, Purchase COVERSYL online no prescription, not only am I a talented and efficient drinking comrade in the field; I’m also a scholar of drinking-buddy philosophy.

I know everything about the subject, including: Shot Rotation Theory, The Psychology of Barstool Selection, COVERSYL used for, Quantum Waitress Seduction Mechanics, My COVERSYL experience, Beer Goggle Defogging and proper back-patting methods for when your drinking buddy is pitching dinner in the bushes.

I’m also well-versed on the history of drinking buddies. For instance, did you know the concept didn’t even exist until the 9th century, buy cheap COVERSYL no rx. Apparently, COVERSYL canada, mexico, india, two males boozing together was seen as being totally gay, so they only drank alone or in groups. COVERSYL FOR SALE, It wasn’t until 865 AD, when Viking warrior Godfrid “Drippy-Beard” Ragnarsson drank side-by-side with Ivar the Boneless—the infamous berserker King of Scandinavia.

Legend has it that Boneless, so named for his difficulties with impotency, was distraught over the sudden death of his queen. And though it was Boneless himself who murdered her in a rage for failing to arouse him, COVERSYL brand name, he was still stricken with grief. COVERSYL over the counter, Not wanting to be alone, he invited Drippy-Beard to join him at the pub.

By all accounts, the meeting was a success:

The two drank long into the night, buy COVERSYL without prescription, guzzling mead and devouring cow legs until Boneless had forgotten his despair and nearly split his belly open from all the riotous, COVERSYL wiki, blow-hardy Viking hilarity.

The night did end in tragedy, however, when Drippy-Beard made a pass at Boneless during the walk home, cheap COVERSYL. It was then that Boneless discovered, Buy no prescription COVERSYL online, as evidenced by the bulge in his tunic, that he was not impotent at all. Turns out Ivar the Boneless was gay as a glory hole in a Gomorrah bathhouse, doses COVERSYL work. So, COVERSYL coupon, he did what any closeted Viking king would do in this situation—he beheaded Drippy-Beard on the spot.

So there you have it: my drinking-buddy résumé. The cost is $25 an hour, plus you pick up the tab and the cab. Oh, and don’t worry: If you get a bit boozy and decide to make a pass, I won’t lop off your head. I will charge extra, though..

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July 22nd, 2011

CIALIS SOFT PILLS FOR SALE, Imagine my delight when I read this headline on the Orlando Sentinel website:

“Lightning strike at Caylee memorial ‘could be a sign from the angels.’”

Apparently, a few hours after Judge Belvin Perry sentenced Casey Anthony to time served, lightning struck a 60-foot pine tree near where the body of Anthony’s daughter, Caylee, was found. It was also the spot where a makeshift memorial for the toddler had sprung up, Cheap CIALIS SOFT PILLS no rx, with flowers and stuffed animals and whatnot. There were no witnesses to the actual lightning strike.

Naturally, CIALIS SOFT PILLS for sale, the god-slobberers were all over this. Comprar en línea CIALIS SOFT PILLS, comprar CIALIS SOFT PILLS baratos, “Indeed this was God....” said a commenter on the Sentinel website.

“Goes to show ya what can happen when you play with the devil,” said another, CIALIS SOFT PILLS FOR SALE.

Tammy Vicino of Orlando said the lightning strike symbolizes "celestial justice for Caylee because 'there was no justice here on Earth.'"

Then there was this poem, called “Lightning Struck a Tree Today, purchase CIALIS SOFT PILLS for sale,” with all of the author's typos and gloriously atrocious grammar intact:

Lightning struck a tree today

near where they founr our dear Caylee

God & Angels both agree

that her mom, CIALIS SOFT PILLS no rx, Cassey is guilty.

She then added, “Proceeds will go to,” which raises the question: Proceeds from what, CIALIS SOFT PILLS use. Her anthology of “Vacuous Message Board Poetry (Volume 1: Select Infanticide Poems)”?Isn’t it incredulous that in the 21st century—with a mountain of science explaining how weather works—people still believe there’s a man in the sky who hurls incandescent spears of fire to express wrath or deliver vengeance. CIALIS SOFT PILLS online cod, Look, I’m not all that stunned or outraged by the Anthony verdict. I’m one of the few people who feel the prosecution fell slightly short of their burden of proof, buying CIALIS SOFT PILLS online over the counter. CIALIS SOFT PILLS FOR SALE, However, assuming she was guilty, and God does enjoy, ahem, hurling incandescent spears of fire to express his wrath or deliver vengeance, wouldn’t you have to agree that this wasn’t one of those times. If you believe in an all-powerful Supreme Being who created every living thing and every non-living thing (such as Nancy Grace)—then wouldn’t that Supreme Being have a better sense of timing and accuracy. CIALIS SOFT PILLS dosage, The timing was certainly ineffectual. That lightning bolt hit the tree several hours after sentencing. Laaame, buy CIALIS SOFT PILLS online cod. It should’ve been immediate, CIALIS SOFT PILLS FOR SALE. Actually, Online buying CIALIS SOFT PILLS hcl, it should have been two days earlier, when the verdict was read. The sentencing was just anti-climactic, where can i order CIALIS SOFT PILLS without prescription. Any deity with halfway decent PR skills knows that verdict readings are the best time to send celestial messages of wrath and vengeance.  Not to mention, CIALIS SOFT PILLS dangers, it was the verdict that would have launched God into a tirade. He would have roared, “That’s fucking bullshit!” and marched directly over to his Locker of Celestial Weapons of Wrath and Vengeance, CIALIS SOFT PILLS from canada, retrieved the brightest, CIALIS SOFT PILLS pharmacy, sharpest lightning bolt (plague and pestilence being a bit much for this situation) and dropped it right between the squiggly 666 marks on the top of Casey Anthony’s dome as she hugged and kissed her lawyers. CIALIS SOFT PILLS FOR SALE, Certainly, that would have been a more effective message than striking a pine tree, in the woods, several yards from her memorial site, unseen by anyone. The only message that sends is: God hates sap.

“That is what I call Karma, CIALIS SOFT PILLS reviews,” Michelle Cooper told the Sentinel reporter about the lightning strike, CIALIS SOFT PILLS cost, to which I say, “Yeah, girl, buy CIALIS SOFT PILLS from canada, Karma. Buy CIALIS SOFT PILLS without a prescription, That’ll teach a tree to be all tall and shit.”

God’s accuracy was awful, too. Clearly God wasn’t aiming for the tree, CIALIS SOFT PILLS recreational. He was aiming for the spot where Caylee’s body was found, 20 feet from the tree—which is bad aim even for a bunch of retired army buddies playing drunken-fat-guy lawn darts, CIALIS SOFT PILLS FOR SALE. However, Order CIALIS SOFT PILLS from mexican pharmacy, for the Almighty—who doesn’t drink and is quite buff—well, let’s just say the 2007 Republican presidential debate it ain’t.

Remember that lightning strike? When moderator Wolf Blitzer asked Rudy Giuliani about his soft stance against abortion, CIALIS SOFT PILLS class. Just as Giuliani began to answer, Kjøpe CIALIS SOFT PILLS på nett, köpa CIALIS SOFT PILLS online, lightning hit the building and fritzed his microphone. Now that is timing and accuracy!

Another fantastic example of timing and accuracy was an incident in 2003, when lightning struck the steeple of a church in Ohio—at the exact moment the preacher was shouting up to the heavens for God to give him a sign, taking CIALIS SOFT PILLS. CIALIS SOFT PILLS FOR SALE, Of course, nobody said, “See, God hates churches,” even though it caught fire and sustained about $20,000 in damages.

Speaking of churches and lightning, CIALIS SOFT PILLS blogs, after Ben Franklin invented the lightning rod in 1753, it was condemned as an instrument of Satan. The reason, what is CIALIS SOFT PILLS. Because lightning is a display of God’s displeasure and it is blasphemous to interfere with God’s will. CIALIS SOFT PILLS trusted pharmacy reviews, What followed was predictable, sweeping, church-incited hysteria resulting in lightning rods being torn from roofs throughout Europe and America, CIALIS SOFT PILLS price, and more than a few “witches” being burned for meddling with the will of God:

  • In Boston, Herbal CIALIS SOFT PILLS, Rev. Thomas Prince, pastor of Old South Church, blamed the lightning rod for causing the Massachusetts earthquake of 1755.

  • St, CIALIS SOFT PILLS FOR SALE. Bride's Church in London had been destroyed by lightning several times before they put up a lightning rod.

  • In Austria, the Church of Rosenburg was struck so often and with so many casualties that the peasants feared to attend services, order CIALIS SOFT PILLS online c.o.d. It was not until 1778, Buy CIALIS SOFT PILLS from mexico, 26 years after Franklin's discovery, that church authorities finally permitted a rod to be attached. Then all trouble ceased.

  • In Germany, real brand CIALIS SOFT PILLS online, within a span of 33 years, CIALIS SOFT PILLS images, nearly 400 towers were damaged and 120 bell ringers were killed before they got around to installing a rod.

  • Then there was the most infamous case of the church in Brescia, Italy, that scorned lightning-rod technology despite having 200, CIALIS SOFT PILLS description,000 pounds of gun powder stored in its vault. CIALIS SOFT PILLS price, coupon, When lightning struck in 1767, a large section of the city was destroyed and 3,000 people died.*

It took churches decades to accept the science of the lightning rod and thousands more lives were lost because—well go figger—lightning prefers tall things, CIALIS SOFT PILLS australia, uk, us, usa. CIALIS SOFT PILLS FOR SALE, I guess that explains why our little bolt in Orlando hit a tree and not the spot on the ground where they found Caylee. But wait. After CIALIS SOFT PILLS, If God was aiming for the shrine, and the lightning was aiming for the tree, doesn’t that mean that the will of lightning is greater than the will of God, buy CIALIS SOFT PILLS no prescription. I imagine the Lord thy God being quite frustrated by that conversation. CIALIS SOFT PILLS schedule, Lord Thy God: OK, Lightning, I want you to strike Casey Anthony on the head as soon as the verdict is announced, online buy CIALIS SOFT PILLS without a prescription.

Lightning Bolt: Sorry, I don’t believe in the death penalty, CIALIS SOFT PILLS FOR SALE.

God: Grrr. OK, well, we have to send a message of some sort. How about you jolt the memorial site.

LB: Nah, I’d rather hit a pine tree.

God: A pine tree!. But why.

LB: Cuz they think they’re sooo cool being all tall and shit.


Ed Decker

*Thanks to Evolvefish for the history of the lightning rod

More Vacuous Infanticide Poetry
by Edwin Decker

“Lightning Struck a Tree Today (Part 2).”

Lightning struck a tree

near where they found Caylee

God’s and angels both agree

you must be batshit crazy

What is this 1383 A.D.?






July 17th, 2011

BAYCIP FOR SALE, Well, it's that time again - time for another vicious bloodletting known as a spoken word performance. Buy cheap BAYCIP, Whose blood will be spilled is to be determined - could be yours, could be mine, BAYCIP maximum dosage. BAYCIP without prescription, Regardless, it is my honor and pleasure to read at the fabulous Ducky Waddles Emporium, BAYCIP from canadian pharmacy, BAYCIP overnight, located at 414 N. Coast Highway 101 in Encinitas (760-632 0488), is BAYCIP addictive. BAYCIP mg, The show is part of the ''Poetry Ruckus'' series sponsored by Ruthless Hippies. Open mike begins at 7:15pm and I go on at 9pm, BAYCIP FOR SALE. Tickets are free if you purchase a book, generic BAYCIP, Low dose BAYCIP, but if you don't, well, BAYCIP pics, Australia, uk, us, usa, it's still free. (Clearly I need a new marketing plan), rx free BAYCIP. Order BAYCIP online overnight delivery no prescription, Looking forward to drawing blood. Hope to see you there, where can i buy BAYCIP online. BAYCIP interactions, Ed

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July 7th, 2011

COLOSPA FOR SALE, I love the Fourth of July. I am totally down with celebrating our country’s independence from British imperialism. Where can i find COLOSPA online, The only thing I can’t stand about this particular holiday is the excessive playing of patriotic music.

Not that I have anything against patriot songs, as a concept—they just tend to be artless bursts of propaganda and often downright false, COLOSPA without a prescription. Now, Effects of COLOSPA, it is true that sometimes I worry that I think this way about national anthems because my soul is a cold, black, petrified chunk of coughed-up lung cancer, order COLOSPA from United States pharmacy, but I just spent the last couple of days perusing the anthems of the world at, About COLOSPA, and it confirmed my suspicions: Most national anthems are enormous pieces of patriotic caca.

You know how these things go: Every country is the best country, COLOSPA FOR SALE. Every motherland is the most beautiful, inhabited by the bravest and most industrious people, is COLOSPA safe, who are loved by God more than anyone else. Where can i buy cheapest COLOSPA online, And they all have passages about opposing tyranny from other countries, which is funny when you think about it because, if all the countries are fighting tyranny, COLOSPA dose, then which countries are doing the tyrannizing. Discount COLOSPA, Well, all of them, of course, COLOSPA long term.

Even the most brutal dictatorships in history had anthems against tyranny. Take this passage from East Germany’s national propaganthem: COLOSPA FOR SALE, “Risen from the ruins. Order COLOSPA from United States pharmacy, . . / Germany, COLOSPA trusted pharmacy reviews, united Fatherland / Let the light of peace shine, Where can i cheapest COLOSPA online, so that a mother never mourns her son again.”

“Germany, united”? Oh, that’s rich, COLOSPA over the counter. They built a fucking wall through the middle of Germany.

“Let the light of peace shine so that a mother never mourns her son again”? Really, COLOSPA FOR SALE. Canada, mexico, india, How many mothers’ sons were shot trying to cross that thing?

The hypocritical anthem of Gaddafi’s Libya asks you to “Seize the forehead of the tyrant and destroy him!” which is appropriate, I guess, considering the propensity for despots to have offensive foreheads.


The American confederacy had an anthem, rx free COLOSPA, which called for “Freedom or death, Is COLOSPA safe, ” which meant, I guess, they would die before giving up their freedom, COLOSPA for sale. . Low dose COLOSPA, . to keep slaves. COLOSPA FOR SALE, Incidentally, the only modern country without a national anthem was Afghanistan, during the reign of the Taliban, which prohibited music. It’s probably why they were so easily defeated—they had no anthem to rally behind, effects of COLOSPA. It’s too bad, Herbal COLOSPA, because they could’ve easily gotten around the no-music problem. For instance, say they wanted to sing the anthem before one of their national sporting events, no prescription COLOSPA online, like a public flogging perhaps; well, COLOSPA cost, they could randomly pick someone out of the crowd, have him sing the anthem, then shoot him in the head for breaking Sharia law, COLOSPA coupon.

Even better, What is COLOSPA, they could’ve had someone perform the anthem in slam-poetry form: [Snapping fingers] “Afghanistan, oh great Afghanistan / Greatest when ruled by Taliban / Of which the west is not a fan / Death to all Americans.” [Snap, snap, COLOSPA pictures, snappity snap]. “Sharia law is our mandate / Lo, you may not masturbate / or even think to fornicate / And certainly not homosexualate.” [more snapping], COLOSPA FOR SALE. Online buying COLOSPA hcl,

As for “The Star Spangled Banner,” it’s a little embarrassing to admit, but I never thought about the lyrics before, kjøpe COLOSPA på nett, köpa COLOSPA online. I just assumed them to be more artless propaganda and have always tuned out the song. Generic COLOSPA, So, I was quite surprised to learn, upon deeper analysis, cheap COLOSPA, that our anthem doesn’t suck at all. Cheap COLOSPA no rx, The first thing I noticed was the brilliance of the title: “The Star Spangled Banner.” I never even thought about what that meant before. COLOSPA FOR SALE, In fact, it occurs to me that, until a few minutes ago, I didn't even know what the word "spangle" meant. Naturally, I looked it up, COLOSPA description.

I must be the only idiot in the country not to know that spangle , Comprar en línea COLOSPA, comprar COLOSPA baratos, in this context, means to shimmer or shine. Regardless, COLOSPA without prescription, what great imagery. COLOSPA overnight, The stars on the flag are (metaphorically) sparkling, like 50 little beacons of freedom on a banner of stripes. Not bad title imagery as far as anthem go, COLOSPA FOR SALE.

Then there is the story behind the lyrics, COLOSPA reviews. As is commonly known, About COLOSPA, “The Star Spangled Banner” was originally a poem by Francis Scott Key. It was about how he witnessed the 25-hour bombardment of Fort McHenry by the British navy on Sept. 13, ordering COLOSPA online, 1814. Less known is that Key was actually watching the battle from the deck of a British COLOSPA FOR SALE, ship, with a small group of Americans with whom he’d been detained. COLOSPA duration, From the deck, they watched in horror as the British armada besieged Fort McHenry with everything it had. They knew the country’s sovereignty lay in the balance, COLOSPA forum, and when night fell, it got so dark and smoky that they couldn’t see what condition the fort was in—only the flag, which eventually became obscured by smoke and darkness, too. It was not till the next morning that Key was able to see that the flag had survived, meaning the fort had survived, meaning America had survived.

“Oh, say, can you see, by the dawn’s early light. / What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming?”

I never realized it before, but that stanza is Key telling his pals, “Hey, fellas, look, COLOSPA FOR SALE. Remember the flag that flew during last night’s shit-storm. It’s still freaking there!”

“Whose broad stripes and bright stars / thru the perilous fight / O’er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming.”

Can you imagine that feeling, watching from the ramparts of the enemy’s ship as his countrymen sucked on British cannonballs all day and into the long, scary night of blackness—black but for the exploding British rockets that illuminated the flag. The next morning, when the sun rose—and he saw his flag, his country, still intact—Key must have thought, Well, holyfrickinshit, man, I have got to write a poem about that!

Now, I’m not all that crazy about the land-of-the-free-home-of-the-brave business, since all the other countries’ anthems have the same sort of free / brave lyric—which tells me that free / brave people don’t just live in America, they live everywhere. However, with a minor rewrite, something to make it more realistic, more self-actualized, I could learn to love the ending more.

How about this?: “O’er the land of the largely free, and the home of some brave.”

Happy birthday, America. We’re probably not the best, but we're definitely top 20, and that's something.

Ed Decker


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July 6th, 2011

For those who have been following the House of Blues New Music Nights competition (powered by Sonicbids BUY SERAX NO PRESCRIPTION, ), the results are in: L.A.'s Brian Buckley Band took the most pledges. Where can i buy cheapest SERAX online, Congrats to them. All that's left now is the best part - the showcase, SERAX used for. Online SERAX without a prescription, Each of the participating House of Blues Venues (L.A., Las Vegas and San Diego) are showcasing three local bands followed by the Brian Buckley Band as a reward for receiving the most pledges, SERAX brand name. SERAX no prescription, The San Diego showcase is going to be spectacular. It's on July 11, BUY SERAX NO PRESCRIPTION. We've got three excellent bands, buy SERAX online no prescription, Purchase SERAX for sale, hand-picked by the organizers of San Diego IndieFest, and me, doses SERAX work. SERAX online cod, Here is my impression of each, based on their Sonicbids electronic press kits (EPKs), SERAX use. SERAX wiki,


San Diego is not really known for its hip-hop scene, but believe me, SERAX from canadian pharmacy, Online buying SERAX, there is vibrant one bubbling just beneath the surface. And rising to the top of that scene is hip-hop and spoken word specialists, SERAX images, Where can i buy SERAX online, theBREAX, which has a sound, get SERAX, Buy SERAX without prescription, style and quality of production that set them above the rest. BUY SERAX NO PRESCRIPTION, Consisting of two former Baltimoreans and an Armenian refugee, theBREAX is instantly identifiable as the real deal. I couldn’t tell you who their influences are since I’m not—you know—them, SERAX alternatives, After SERAX, but atop the ice cream sundae that is their music I hear plentiful sprinkles of Jurassic 5, Saul Williams, SERAX canada, mexico, india, Buy SERAX no prescription, Black Sheep, Boogie Down Productions and Michael Franti, purchase SERAX online. Buy cheap SERAX, What I like best about theBREAX—aside from their incandescent beats and the different cadences of the various lead vocalists— are the lyrics, which are smart and genuine and range between funny, purchase SERAX, Buy SERAX without a prescription, serious, uplifting and angry--sometimes all in the same song (though not in the bad way), SERAX pharmacy. Taking SERAX, On their EPK, they write that they, buy SERAX from mexico, Purchase SERAX online no prescription, “decided to make music that could help change the world.” I find that choice of words to be refreshing because, unlike many hip-hop bands with “socially conscious content, buy no prescription SERAX online, Where can i order SERAX without prescription, ” theBREAX are not so full of themselves as to believe their music will change the world, only that it could “help” change it, SERAX mg, SERAX dosage, that it is part of a movement toward change and not the movement itself. I like that: high goals, buy SERAX from canada, SERAX treatment, moderate ego. I don’t often make lofty predictions, but I think these guys might go big, as in nationally big, which would be excellent because it would finally put San Diego hip-hop on the map, BUY SERAX NO PRESCRIPTION.

P.S, SERAX dose. Is SERAX addictive, The spoken word is kickass too.


The Inheritance

It’s a good thing the band doesn’t play like they write press kits, SERAX price, coupon. Fast shipping SERAX, “Look no further for a Powerful Rock/Pop band that has a totally unique sound!!” says the opening sentence of the bio. BUY SERAX NO PRESCRIPTION, “Finally, a Band that can DELIVER!!. No one sounds like this Period!”

That’s a total of six exclamation points and 12 grammatically unnecessary capital letters in a three-sentence paragraph, SERAX from mexico.


It’s as if they’re yelling at us to like them. Gratefully, their music doesn’t do that. Oh, they know how to mount a crescendo and break it back down in a fury of guitars, drums and vocal caterwauling—but it’s precise, and appropriate, BUY SERAX NO PRESCRIPTION. And when the music does reach the point of poetic bellowing, it’s not like they are bellowing at us, rather, to us—as if calling for assistance from the bottom of a canyon. I can’t say what their influences are, but I hear abundant doses of Gwen Stefani, Pink, The Pretty Reckless, and even Avril Lavigne (not in the bad way).

The Inheritance was founded by brother and sister team, Ian and April Hoey, who gathered some friends to make what they call, “Power-Pop Experimental Rock” music. I’m not really hearing the “experimental” part so much, but Power and Rock. BUY SERAX NO PRESCRIPTION, Hell yeah.


The Soup

Goose pimples formed on my arms when the first acoustic notes of “Enemy” trickled from my speakers, as if the notes were clearing a small forest foot path for the singer to follow. “Enemy” is a soft but ballsy breakup ballad with the mood of Morphine and the styles of Wilco, Stones, Beatles (circa “Blackbird”) and Ween (circa “Japanese Cowboy”).

The EP immediately takes a musical U-turn before arriving at track two, “Down Hill March,” which is appropriately named for the way it struts, and conjures the tex-mex style of Stan Ridgeway and the delicious sarcasm of Warren Zevon.

“Cope,” is a paranoid bi-polar romp (Modest Mouse meets The National), “Postcard” and “5th of May,” smolder in a completely different manner than the first two, as much as they differ from each other, and ditto how they differ from the last two: “The Great Awakening” and “No Worries,” all of which make for an EP as schizophrenic as any of my imaginary alter egos (though not in the bad way).

So there you have it, three great San Diego bands jockeying for your love and appreciation, BUY SERAX NO PRESCRIPTION. Why not show them a little and pledge in their favor. Then come hang out the IndieFest hotties and me at House of Blues on July 11 for a night of kickass local music. Oh and don't forget to "share" and / or invite your friends to the Facebook app.

Ed Decker.

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June 23rd, 2011

“They defended [Bill Clinton] for his indiscretions in office but want Anthony Weiner run out of town….”
—Michael Medved

BUY IMITREX NO PRESCRIPTION, “What Weiner did was worse than what Larry Craig did. So, why shouldn’t he have to resign as well?"
—Commenter on

There’s a lot of this going around, buy generic IMITREX. A lot of these scandalistas like to compare Congressmember Anthony Weiner’s debacle to other famous political sex scandals, Buy cheap IMITREX no rx, to determine how much he should be despised and what should become of him. Of course, the comparisons are mostly partisan and lack uniformity, online buy IMITREX without a prescription, which is why I have developed the following formula—so that we can objectively discern whose sex scandals are worse than whose and where Weiner ranks among them. IMITREX samples, For the purposes of this formula, each scandal category receives a point value between one and 10. For instance, Standard Adultery—the offense of (yawn) regular old cheating with a consenting adult—is worth one point, BUY IMITREX NO PRESCRIPTION. Add five points if the spouse is terminally ill, IMITREX price. Add five Hypocrisy Points for any Bible-humping, Where to buy IMITREX, family-values politicians caught fooling around; add another five Hypocrisy Points if a politically active opponent of gay rights is caught consorting with a member of the same sex. Tack on seven Corruption Points for any laws broken in relation to the affair (not counting the crime of adultery because that’s an idiotic law). Add seven points if it’s one of those creepy, order IMITREX no prescription, non-consensual sexual exposer-type of transgressions (like whipping out your phallus during a private meeting with the president of the local NOW chapter). BUY IMITREX NO PRESCRIPTION, Make it 10 if he touches or gropes her private parts, un-consentingly. Order IMITREX from mexican pharmacy, For siring a love child, the points range from one to 10, depending on how the child was treated by the offender, order IMITREX online overnight delivery no prescription.

No points will be added for lying (everyone lies about sex, IMITREX australia, uk, us, usa, so it’s a wash) or if the affair is with a prostitute. Yes, I know, australia, uk, us, usa, prostitution is illegal, Order IMITREX online c.o.d, but let’s be honest: Blowing politicians during lunch breaks so they can stay focused on running the country is why prostitutes were invented.

Now, with that formula in mind, IMITREX from canada, let’s analyze some modern-day political sex scandals:

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger: Ten points for being a creepy, non-consensual Genitalia Groper and five points for the love child, BUY IMITREX NO PRESCRIPTION. IMITREX maximum dosage, He does not receive the Standard Adultery value because he married a Kennedy-babe and federal law states that if you marry a Kennedy-babe, you must cheat on her. 15 points.

U.S, IMITREX class. Sen. IMITREX long term, Larry Craig: As much as his Family Values and Gay Rights hypocrisies (10 points) turn my stomach, the only law he broke is a dumb one. BUY IMITREX NO PRESCRIPTION, I mean, seriously, why can’t you pick up dudes in the bathroom. Add one point for Standard Adultery, IMITREX recreational, but subtract one point for the comic value of his hilarious “wide stance” defense. Discount IMITREX, 10 points.

U.S. Rep. Mark Foley: This is difficult to grade because he didn’t actually fornicate with anyone (that we know of); however, IMITREX results, he was sending sexually explicit messages to several underage male pages (which is illegal, IMITREX natural, earning seven points, plus 10 points for Family Values and Gay Rights hypocrisies). 17 points.

U.S, BUY IMITREX NO PRESCRIPTION. Sen, IMITREX schedule. John Edwards: I never realized what a total douche-nozzle John Edwards is: He had Standard Adultery for one point, IMITREX street price, a love child for the full 10 points (Edwards pushed for abortion, then denied paternity), the Cancer Bonus (wife Elizabeth was very sick) and a shit-ton of (alleged) corruption—such as his spending thousands of public dollars on gifts for his lover and funneling more than $900, my IMITREX experience,000 of campaign funds to cover up the affair. IMITREX dangers, 23 points.

House Speaker Newt Gingrich: If Edwards is a douche-nozzle, Gingrich is the dirty, yeasty vagina it goes inside: We have Standard Adultery, IMITREX photos, the Cancer Bonus and a Multiple Sclerosis Bonus (he cheated on two wives—one with cancer, IMITREX blogs, the other M.S.), a Family Values Hypocrisy and an Impeachment Hypocrisy (eight points) because he actively sought to remove President Clinton for doing the same exact bullshit he was doing. 24 points, IMITREX no rx.

BUY IMITREX NO PRESCRIPTION, President William J. Clinton: It always bothered me how Clinton’s defenders persistently griped that he was “impeached for a BJ, IMITREX interactions, ” as if that were his worst or only infraction. Clinton’s sex felonies are so many, so egregious, IMITREX steet value, that I don’t have the time or desire to add them up, IMITREX without a prescription, what with the perjuries, the rape accusation, the fact that he used the state police as his personal sex-transit system, where can i find IMITREX online, the persistent trapping of women in his office, Real brand IMITREX online, the groping and the exposing of his tallywhacker like a coked-up monkey in a Vegas cathouse and, of course, how he deployed a team of operatives to viciously attack and destroy his accusers in the press, IMITREX pics. . IMITREX gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, points.

U.S. Rep, BUY IMITREX NO PRESCRIPTION. Anthony Weiner: Well, there’s no Family Values Hypocrisy, buying IMITREX online over the counter, no corruption, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, no perjury, no minors, no non-consensual touchies or exposies, buy IMITREX online cod, no love children, IMITREX results, no attempts to destroy the objects of his desire. There isn’t even a Standard Adultery deduction because he never actually had sex with actual women. At best, IMITREX no prescription, he receives a half-point for his virtual affairs. IMITREX use, As for the recently emerged photo of Weiner in women’s clothing, don’t even try it, Malph. BUY IMITREX NO PRESCRIPTION, He was 18 years old. It could’ve been a prank. It could’ve been Halloween. Or maybe he just likes wearing women’s clothing—that’s his business. It’s all his business. They should have left him alone to do his job. 1/2 point

Ed Decker


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June 7th, 2011

[caption id="attachment_1754" align="alignleft" width="235" caption="Drawing by Jesse Egan"] BUY DESYREL NO PRESCRIPTION, [/caption]

I've been serving booze in this town since 1985. That’s 26 years behind the plank. Where can i cheapest DESYREL online, Truth is, I could have quit a long time ago, having parlayed other skills into a decent freelance business, DESYREL coupon, but I really do love bartending, Buy DESYREL from canada, and believed I could do it forever.

Well forever came early last month, when I was informed by the powers that be that my services would no longer be needed, DESYREL over the counter.

Now, No prescription DESYREL online, this is not going to be a screed against my former employers about how they could have fired such a hard working, honest, efficient, where can i buy cheapest DESYREL online, speedy and spectacular bartender (with handsome features and genius tendencies). They had their reasons, which I respect, BUY DESYREL NO PRESCRIPTION. DESYREL without a prescription, For the record, though, I did nothing wrong, order DESYREL from United States pharmacy, apart from the fact that I got older and the bar (710 Beach Club) got younger. DESYREL brand name, In dating parlance, you could say that we had "grown apart."

Indeed, the news of my unemployment came the day after my 49th birthday—a fact that has hit me pretty hard, online DESYREL without a prescription. Not because I’m getting old, Where to buy DESYREL, per se (I typically don't sweat birthdays), but because it probably means my bartending career has come to a close. I mean, purchase DESYREL for sale, let’s face it, DESYREL overnight, in this economy, there aren’t that many bar openings available, and the ones worth having are going to the young and fun babetenders, DESYREL treatment. BUY DESYREL NO PRESCRIPTION, Well, polly wolly doodle if that don’t suck my nuts. Bartending has been a part of my identity for as long as I can remember having an identity. Cheap DESYREL no rx, It’s how I know everybody I know, and that’s how everybody I know knows me. Christ, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, I haven’t worked at Winston's Beach Club for 15 years, DESYREL wiki, yet people still ask if I can get them on the guest list, which is really annoying because only friends have the right to request guest-list privileges, and if they were my fucking friends, online buying DESYREL hcl, they’d know that I haven’t worked at Winstons for 15 years. Order DESYREL no prescription, But I digress. The point is, I’m not a bartender anymore, and it’s time to face the fact, time for closure, BUY DESYREL NO PRESCRIPTION. Hence this column, which is a bittersweet farewell (or good riddance) to the people and things that were part of my life for so long, DESYREL long term. For instance, DESYREL dangers, I would like to send a heartfelt farewell to my former co-workers and bosses at 710 Beach Club. It’s been a brilliant 12 years. Thanks for all of them, DESYREL images. BUY DESYREL NO PRESCRIPTION, Farewell to my customers—regular or infrequent—who never gave me no guff. Your business was greatly appreciated. DESYREL pictures, To the sumptuous cosmo-metro mamas, the busty, blondie, DESYREL for sale, beachy babes and the “Just-flew-in-from-Louisiana” Susyannas—who grinded each other’s pelvises on the dance floor in a Technicolor, Order DESYREL online c.o.d, quasi-lesbo grope-show—fare thee well, my fairy fays.

But, DESYREL alternatives, to all the drunken trolls who approached them and said or did something trollish, Buy DESYREL no prescription, thereby bringing the Technicolor lesbo-grope show to a screeching halt—good riddance.

Good riddance, in fact, DESYREL from mexico, to all the buffoons who inappropriately touched or leered at any of my female customers.

Good riddance to all the jukebox hoarders who played $20 worth of Celine Dion and Lil’ Bow Wow while Johnny Cash paced  in the green room, guitar slung over his back, waiting to go on, BUY DESYREL NO PRESCRIPTION. Where can i buy DESYREL online, And to all you impatient bastards who like to bang your bottle on the bar to summon the bartender, I bid thee a mighty middle-fingered good riddance. May the bottle break in your hand and sever a nerve, DESYREL samples.

To all the moocher-Minnies who rested their ample breasts on the bar and fake-flirted with me to get a freebie—I say, DESYREL canada, mexico, india, "hidey, hidey, hidey ho--ho's." However, DESYREL description, to all those ladies who rested their breasts on the bar for no other reason than their breasts were tired, Buy no prescription DESYREL online, well, hidey, hidey, DESYREL natural, hi my lovelies. Low dose DESYREL, To every band that rocked out, even on the nights when no one was there, but played like the room was full and your stomachs empty, buy DESYREL from mexico, and said "please" and "thank you" when you ordered on your bar tab, Purchase DESYREL, and were just all-round good guys—goodbye, farewell, good luck, buy DESYREL online cod. BUY DESYREL NO PRESCRIPTION, But to all the bands who bitched incessantly—on and off stage—and brought down the mood of the room with your grumpy, faux-rock-star demeanor, then had the balls to act like I sold your sister to slavery when I said your bar tab was a mere $75—good riddance. May your next million gigs be played at the Shady Meadows Senior Assisted Living Facility and Resort. Buy cheap DESYREL no rx, And to all those off-duty bartenders who asked for the (wink-wink) bartender discount, adios, mofos, DESYREL duration. I didn’t give you the bartender discount because you aren’t a real bartender. A real bartender never asks for a discount.

To all you last-call lizards who never could quite grasp the concept of closing time and refused to leave, even as the clock ticked ever-dangerously toward the 2 a.m, BUY DESYREL NO PRESCRIPTION. mark, and held on to your nearly empty bottle of backwash so tightly that I had to pry it from your hands and literally push you out the motherfucking door—oh, man, oh man, good riddance to youse.

To the Baileys Irish Cream—arriverderci. You always fouled my sinks right after I changed the water.

Au revoir, while we’re at it, to being hunched over the sink washing glasses all night.

Auf Wiedersehen BUY DESYREL NO PRESCRIPTION, , broken glass in the ice bin (you cut me the deepest).

Don’t let the door smack you on the way out, bar rot.

Catch you later, San Diego vice squad and undercover minor-decoy operation.

Buh-bye, sloppy, excessive-high-fiving white guy.

Ciao, garnish-tray gobblers (it ain’t a buffet!).

Hasta la vista, “I-lost-my-beer-now-give-me-a-new-one-dude” (It’s not my job to babysit your beer.)

See ya, sticky, broken soda gun, BUY DESYREL NO PRESCRIPTION.

Cheerio, cherrys, and the industrial-sized jar you came in, filled with the chemicalized maraschino syrup that causes hand-cancer.

Too-da-loo, fruit flies.

And tautugniagmigikpiñ*, slimy lemons and limes. I will miss youse all the way Maria Shriver misses her housekeeper.

But to the rest of it—the people and things that make bartending great—fare thee well, fare thee well and a-polly wolly doodle all the day.

Ed Decker

*Tautugniagmigikpiñ is how Alaskan Eskimos say goodbye.


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June 6th, 2011

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May 25th, 2011

[caption id="attachment_1723" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Giant poster of Pope Paul II at Vatican"] AVANDIA FOR SALE, [/caption]

As many of you know, I was in Italy with family recently, and happened to be at the Vatican while they were gearing up for the heavily anticipated beatification ceremony of Pope John Paul II.

What a spectacle.

Beatification is the last stage before canonization, get AVANDIA, which is when a particular holy-person is recognized as a saint. AVANDIA price, coupon, To be beatified, the Holy-Person-in-Question (HPQ) must have performed a Vatican-approved, posthumous miracle, order AVANDIA online overnight delivery no prescription. Then the HPQ must perform a second miracle to be canonized.

The first miracle has already happened, AVANDIA FOR SALE. Generic AVANDIA, A Parkinson’s beleaguered nun prayed directly to Deucey (my pet name for Paul II) and lo, was her disease promptly cured. The alleged miracle was investigated by the Vatican's top theological and, AVANDIA dosage, ahem, AVANDIA from canada, medical experts and approved by current pope Benedict XVI, leaving Deucey to perform only one more miracle—which explains why your devout Catholic grandmother constantly keeps checking the back of her tortillas.

It is important to note that this process does not make the HPQ a saint, buy AVANDIA without a prescription. It merely recognizes that they have always been one, Taking AVANDIA, that God deemed them a saint a looong time ago, before they were born probably, and I gotta say, AVANDIA blogs, if I were an un-canonized saint—chilling beside the pool at God’s palace, AVANDIA used for, trying to enjoy my ambrosia margarita while all these Vatican assworms were demanding I show them a second miracle, I would jump down onto the dome of St. AVANDIA FOR SALE, Peter’s and say, “Listen up pissants. I’ll show you as many miracles as I freaking feel like showing!”

Unsurprisingly, AVANDIA class, there is a lot of controversy surrounding Deucey’s canonization, AVANDIA reviews, largely because Pope Benedict is rushing the process. He waived the traditional five-year waiting period and pushed the rest of the phases through so quickly, the beatification of Deucey is now on record as being the fastest in papal history, purchase AVANDIA online no prescription. Which makes me wonder, Rx free AVANDIA, when Deucey is canonized, of what will he be a patron.

As you probably know, AVANDIA schedule, there is a patron saint for just about anything you can think of. There is a patron saint of train travel, a patron saint for financial success, a patron saint against shipwrecks, a patron saint against witchcraft, a patron saint for bankers, bakers, bikers, beggars, bruises, butchers, butlers, beekeepers and babies, AVANDIA FOR SALE. Online buy AVANDIA without a prescription, There is a patron saint for blackbirds, blacksmiths, blackheads and black people (the patron saint of Negroes is Benedict the Black), AVANDIA gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. There - is a patron saint of bartenders (my man, AVANDIA steet value, Saint Amand of Maastricht). There is a patron saint for greeting card manufacturers (St. Valentine) because, AVANDIA australia, uk, us, usa, you know, AVANDIA no rx, blessed are the greeting card manufacturers. AVANDIA FOR SALE, There are also highly silly or embarrassing patronages, such as patron saint against scabies, warts, hernias and hydrophobia and I hope, when Deucey is canonized, he’s assigned one of those embarrassing patronages, something like, “patron saint of fromunda”—because the whole thing stinks.


That’s why Benedict is rushing Deucey through the process. Because any discussion of his potential sainthood must include the fact that it’s largely his fault that The Lord’s Church became such an enormous smoking and sparking engine of sexual molestation, AVANDIA trusted pharmacy reviews. (Talk about a Deus ex machina!). Order AVANDIA from mexican pharmacy, So, the instant some miracle-hungry Bible clutcher finds a grease-stained tortilla that vaguely resembles a man’s face, Benedict and his Vatican experts will rubber stamp it as a miracle faster than anyone can say, real brand AVANDIA online, “Hey. That taco stain looks like Lady Gaga!”

They’ll canonize Deucey even though any clear-thinking person (who, um, happens to believe in saints, angels, praying and miracles and stuff) knows no real saint would’ve let the abuse scandal happen, AVANDIA FOR SALE. Ordering AVANDIA online, Any clear-thinking person (who believes in holy dead people who return to Earth in the form of magical ethnic foods) knows that not only is the former pontifex maximus not a saint, but that he’s the exact opposite: He’s an Aint: as in, the Patron Aint of Letting Children get Systematically Sexually Abused (oh, cheap AVANDIA, and also, Is AVANDIA safe, of diarrhea and dingleberries).

And he let it happen alright. Consider the case of Father Marcial Degollado, where can i buy cheapest AVANDIA online, who continued to receive Deucey’s protection even after a guilty verdict. Where can i buy AVANDIA online, Consider assface Cardinal Bernard Law of Boston, whom the former pontiff scuttled out of town (moments before his arrest) and rewarded with the ultra-cushy job of Archpriest in charge of Basilica Maggiore in Rome—instead of granting Law the more appropriate title of, Arch-Pederast in Charge of Lava Pit 36 in Hell, AVANDIA coupon.

[caption id="attachment_1725" align="aligncenter" width="219" caption="Arch Assface"][/caption]

Deucey did not punish a single child-raping scumbag or any of the high-ranking scumbags who shielded AVANDIA FOR SALE, child-raping scumbags. Because he either didn’t know what was going on (which means “The Holy See, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, ” didn’t see shit) or he knew and kept oiling and gassing the engine—the Rapus ex Machina—anyway. So it will take more than your standard, Cure-One-Case-of-Parkinson’s kind of miracle to make me believe that asshead was a saint, AVANDIA mg. Admittedly, Buying AVANDIA online over the counter, I’m a bit of a miracle snob but, c’mon—curing Parkinson’s. Cancer, AVANDIA wiki. That shit don’t impress me, AVANDIA FOR SALE. Diseases go into remission. Purchase AVANDIA for sale, It’s rare, but it happens; and it’s just plain silly to confuse our ignorance about disease with divine intervention.

I was talking about this with my wife’s parents, AVANDIA from canadian pharmacy. We pondered the age-old question, Purchase AVANDIA, “How come God never heals amputees?” I’m sure lots of people throughout the centuries have prayed for their limbs to be returned, so why has that type of miracle never happened. Because that AVANDIA FOR SALE, type of miracle would be a freaking miracle. The real deal, ordering AVANDIA online. It’s the kind of thaumaturgy Deucey would need to show me in order to even consider canonizing him. Fast shipping AVANDIA, Here are a few other miracles I’d accept from Paul II:

  • Replace every gun on the planet with a toy bang-flag gun.

  • Instead of frogs, make jalapeno poppers fall from the sky.

  • Make NFL players and owners suddenly realize their greed and agree to reduce everyone’s salaries enough that parents can bring some of their kids to a game without having to pawn the others.

  • Make all traffic-control video cameras also record the bedrooms of the City Council members who voted for them.

  • Make Fox News self-aware.

  • Make a strip club ATM that doesn’t charge more than the amount you’re trying to withdraw.

  • Make the CEO of every oil company suddenly realize his greed and—actually, just smite all the oil company CEOs.

  • Turn Newt Gingrich into a newt.

  • Sara Palin / Michelle Bachman lesbian sex tape—free download!

  • On your next taco appearance, AVANDIA photos, turn the guacamole back into an avocado.

Are you hearing these prayers, Purchase AVANDIA online, Deucey. Screw this Curing-One-Person-At-A-Time, noise. How about curing everyone who got AIDS because of your medieval, anti-condom crusade. Or, if you really want to impress me, go back in time and un-molest all those kids whose lives were destroyed on your watch. Now that’s a miracle I could rubber-stamp.


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[caption id="attachment_1728" align="aligncenter" width="216" caption="My man, Saint Amand of bartenders"][/caption]


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