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Thursday, May 17th, 2012


I was zip, zip, zipping through Ocean Beach on my little, black and silver, 150-cc Lance Milan putt-putt motor scooter when I pulled alongside a real biker, dressed in full-blown biker-gang-guy regalia, leaning on his obnoxiously loud Harley waiting for the light to turn green.

Simultaneously, Where to buy PRANDIN, we glanced at each other. I nodded hello, and he—get this—laughed in my face, PRANDIN without prescription. He looked at me, PRANDIN from mexico, looked downward at my bike—made a quick assessment about the level of my manhood (which he identified as a Level-7 Pussy)—looked back at me, and laughed, out loud, PRANDIN results, real nasty-like, Kjøpe PRANDIN på nett, köpa PRANDIN online, right into my innocent face. Then he turned away in disgust, as if a glob of birds shit had landed on my head and was dripping down my cheek, no prescription PRANDIN online.

It wasn’t a big deal, really, BUY PRANDIN NO PRESCRIPTION. I know the score. Discount PRANDIN, Harley riders deplore scooter riders the way stand-up comedians deplore mimes. And pretty much everyone else older than 12 thinks scooters are a joke, too, rx free PRANDIN. Well everyone older than 12 can suck on my skid marks! My ride is a beast. BUY PRANDIN NO PRESCRIPTION, It goes zero to 60 in—well, actually, it doesn’t ever get to 60. PRANDIN dangers, But it can do 35, no problem. Only takes a few minutes to get there, PRANDIN alternatives. Then it’s zip-zip, Taking PRANDIN, putt-putt all over the place.

Seriously, though, order PRANDIN no prescription, for me—a scooter makes crazy-good sense: For one reason, Buy generic PRANDIN, it’s a huge money saver. The gas, insurance, registration—even the cost of the vehicle itself— combined, is only a little more expensive than renting a couple of Pauly Shore impersonators for a party, BUY PRANDIN NO PRESCRIPTION. Second, I work from home, herbal PRANDIN, which means no long freeway commutes. Is PRANDIN addictive, And, lastly, I live at the beach, PRANDIN treatment, where parking is scarce and the traffic is fierce, PRANDIN no rx, making a scooter an ideal vehicle because: a scooter parks anywhere; a scooter effortlessly darts in and out of alleys and backstreets; and a scooter splits the lane to get to the front of the line at traffic lights—which is exactly what I was doing when I came upon the biker.

Now, for the record, buy PRANDIN from canada, I didn’t nod to him as though I thought we were badass biker brethren of the road—as if we had something in common the way, PRANDIN class, say, a Corvette owner would nod at another Vette owner, or the way black men in Alpine nod on the oft chance they cross paths, PRANDIN recreational. No. BUY PRANDIN NO PRESCRIPTION, I nodded to him because we were standing right next to each other, looking at each other. Purchase PRANDIN online no prescription, It was a human-to-human nod for crissake, not biker-to-biker. I would never consider my little 150-cc, my PRANDIN experience, Lance Milan, Is PRANDIN safe, zip-zip, putt-putt motor scooter to be in his hog’s league. However, effects of PRANDIN, I’m also not going to feel inferior because my chosen mode of transportation doesn’t meet the approval of a man who cuts off the arms of a leather jacket with a hacksaw and thinks that’s punk rock. Where can i order PRANDIN without prescription, When the light turned green, he revved up and peeled out, leaving me in a poisonous cloud of noise pollution, PRANDIN use, hate pollution and pollution pollution. And what I thought, as I stared at the back of his motorcycle jacket, with the motorcycle-club iron-on patch was, He thinks I’m the pussy!, BUY PRANDIN NO PRESCRIPTION. PRANDIN from canada, The guy who irons decorative patches onto the back of a sawed-off leather jacket because he thinks that’s punk. The guy who replaced the stock tailpipes on his ride with ones that are twice as loud—for no other reason than to be noticed and/or annoying. The guy and belongs to some juvenile social club with handshakes, buy cheap PRANDIN no rx, passwords, Comprar en línea PRANDIN, comprar PRANDIN baratos, parliamentary-style bylaws and arbitrary officer rankings. Because you know how those first meetings always go: “OK, so I’ll be the President, PRANDIN gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, and Bear will be V.P., PRANDIN coupon, and Vulgor is the Road Captain, and Sammy “the Hammer” will be Sergeant at Arms”—and then you have the “prospects,” who are basically college-fraternity pledges, where can i buy cheapest PRANDIN online, which is really what these biker gangs are, After PRANDIN, rolling fraternities, the only difference being that biker gangs have goofier names. Here are just a few nuggets of comedy I found on

• Organized Kaos BUY PRANDIN NO PRESCRIPTION, (stifling my laughter).

• The Wastelanders (as if they were a gang of rolling marauders, PRANDIN over the counter, scanning a post-apocalyptic hinterland for scantily clad, Where can i buy PRANDIN online, mute chicks and gasoline).

• Gospel Riders (who are, according to their website, where can i find PRANDIN online, “Motorcycling for Jesus”). Buy PRANDIN from mexico, • The Freemasons Motorcycle Club (I wonder if their helmets resemble fezzes).

• The Centurions (actually, I wanted to name my first rock band The Centurions—when I was 15!)

• The Star of David Bikers (blood enemies of The Gospel Riders), order PRANDIN from mexican pharmacy.

• A Few Good Men (which is not what you think; though, you have to wonder how it was possible not to notice the gayness dripping off that name, BUY PRANDIN NO PRESCRIPTION.

Speaking of homosexual bikers, PRANDIN online cod, I absolutely had to Google “gay motorcycle clubs,” when researching this column. Alas, cheap PRANDIN no rx, all that came up were totally inoffensive, non-hilarious monikers like The LGBT Motorcycle Club, The Golden Gate Guards, and The Spartan Motorcycle Club. What a disappointment. I was hoping for some totally awesome, totally faggy, gay-biker-gang names, like The Sodomites, or The Truck Stop Cruisers, or the queer chapter of the Mongols Motorcycle Club, The Mangols, or how about The Fag Hags, for a motorcycle gang comprised of meth-addled, straight chicks who follow the Mangols, or, my all-time favorite gay-biker-gang name I just made up—Hell’s Anal’s.

I swear to God, I am seriously thinking about going gay just so I can wear that patch on the back of my sawed off leather jacket. At least then, when I encounter one of these holier-than-thou Harley enthusiasts on my little zip-zip, putt-putt motor scooter, he’d have a reason to object to my presence: because my iron-on biker-gang patch isn’t making fun of gay people. It’s making fun of him, and his amusing fraternity, preposterous costume and obnoxiously loud tail pipes which he intentionally modifed for no other reason than to be obnoxious and loud.



Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

BUSPAR FOR SALE, Well, hoe-lee crap did my last column thwack a hornets nest or what?. The angry responses are still swarming in.

The column was called, “Sons of Lame-Archy.” In it, Buy no prescription BUSPAR online, I razzed the concept of biker clubs and gangs. The part that caused the brouhaha was a digression in which I lamented that none of the gay biker-gang names I saw online had any of that queer flair I love so much, like—and I don’t mean to re-inflame—“Hell’s Anals, The Sodomites and The Mangols.”

I meant no offense. They were just the kind of flamboyant biker-club names that I thought celebrated homosexuality, buy cheap BUSPAR no rx, the kind of gay-biker-gang names that said, "In your face, homophobe. We are no longer going to ride in the closet!” The kind of biker gangs I would join if I happened to be gay or even entice my hypothetical gay biker son to join when if he was old enough.Among the swarm of angry emails, tweets, Face-pastes and blog-floggings were several responses from staffers of San Diego Gay and Lesbian News (SDGLN), including publisher Johnathan Hale, who reported my column to GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation), and assistant editor Morgan Hurley, who tweeted that “There is NO appropriate context for those types of words,” and wrote a column in which she criticized me for, among other things, not apologizing, BUSPAR FOR SALE. BUSPAR interactions, That’s when the bees really started buzzing.

And while I received a lot of support from members of the LGBT community, a lot more sent very angry, accusatory missives, all of which boiled down to one or all of the following questions 1, BUSPAR description. Is Ed Decker a homophobe. 2. BUSPAR FOR SALE, Is it ever permissible to use bigoted epithets. 3. BUSPAR used for, Does Ed Decker owe an apology.

1. Is Ed Decker a homophobe? Not even close. My queer-friendly street cred is airtight, BUSPAR FOR SALE. For starters, I have written dozens of columns in which I ferociously argued in favor of gay rights and viciously attacked its enemies, BUSPAR pharmacy.

Second, I, too, Where to buy BUSPAR, have been a victim of homophobia—in the workplace. True story: The company for which I worked at the time had transferred me to a new store. For reasons that don't matter here, I was favored by the supervisor (who was thought to be gay), and an assumption spread that I, BUSPAR street price, too, was queer. BUSPAR FOR SALE, It didn’t take long before I was uniformly outcasted, ridiculed, sabotaged and—get this—poisoned.

Last on my list of pro-gay cred is the fact that—wait for it—some of my best friends are gay. BUSPAR class, Yup. I said it. Some of my best friends are gay. Why shouldn’t I say that, BUSPAR FOR SALE. If I hang out with gay people, it sort of defeats the whole homophobe concept, get BUSPAR, no. Cases in point are two of my closest friends in the world, Danielle LoPresti and Alicia Champion (founders of San Diego IndieFest), Cheap BUSPAR no rx, who have appointed me as godfather to their newborn son, Xander Lucian, and have asked me to be a bridesmaid in their upcoming wedding. I haven’t decided whether I should go in drag; regardless, if a man agrees to be a bridesmaid in lesbian wedding, where can i order BUSPAR without prescription, well, let’s just say it wouldn’t be long before he gets kicked off the Fallbrook Annual Aryan Homophobic Apple Bob and Barbecue Planning Committee.

[caption id="attachment_1921" align="aligncenter" width="200" caption="The LoPresti-Champion family"][/caption]

2. Is there ever a time when it’s permissible to use bigoted epithets? BUSPAR FOR SALE, Great question. BUSPAR brand name, Answer: Yes.

Ms. Hurley likened the FGGT-word to the N-word, which is a reasonable comparison. She also said that it was “never, purchase BUSPAR online no prescription, ever” OK to use these words, which means I need only one example to prove her wrong. Of course, I have many (such as Louis CK’s hilarious and obviously non-hateful bit about the FGGT-word), Lenny Bruce's various uses of the F- and N-words, but my favorite happened about a year ago, in the live-music bar where I worked, BUSPAR FOR SALE.

That night, BUSPAR long term, we had a touring band consisting of members of different lineages—two Africans, two Mexicans, an Arab, an Asian and a couple of crackers for good measure. When the night was over, order BUSPAR online overnight delivery no prescription, the band and some of their friends drank at the bar while we bartenders stocked beer and closed shop.

Once we were all sufficiently intoxicated, one of the band-friends pulled out a camera-phone and announced that it was time to play the “Shout the Most Offensive Racist Slur You Can Think Of” game. BUSPAR online cod, Apparently, this is something they did after every show on the tour. BUSPAR FOR SALE, It was an easy-enough game. Everyone took turns shouting the most outrageous racial aspersion they could think of, followed by a round of uproarious laughter, hugs and backslapping, where can i buy cheapest BUSPAR online.

I don’t think I’d ever laughed that hard. There was something so freeing about it—especially the shouting part—as if the slurs were ostrich eggs we cracked against the wall and watched all the hate and anger—the yolk—of those words harmlessly dribble onto the floor.

When the camera pointed at me, Doses BUSPAR work, I stopped what I was doing and shouted, “Niggers don’t tip!” The two bruthas leaped up from their stools and high-fived and hugged and complimented me for such exquisitely hateful hate speech—all of which felt so good I wanted to leap over the bar and make out with them both.

3, BUSPAR FOR SALE. Should Ed Decker apologize? No, he should not. Because it would be the most bigoted thing he could do, where can i buy BUSPAR online.

After having spent the last 17 years razzing Christians, Jews, Muslims, Real brand BUSPAR online, Mormons, Scientologists, Africans, Asians, Arabs, buy BUSPAR from mexico, Latinos, Caucasians, Republicans, Buy BUSPAR without prescription, Democrats, athletes, musicians, sports fans, pot snobs, BUSPAR mg, beer snobs, snob-snobs, women, Online buying BUSPAR, men, cats, dogs, bikers, bar customers, after BUSPAR, bartenders, waitresses, MYSELF, Buy generic BUSPAR, my writing, my looks, my family, my friends, flight attendants, order BUSPAR no prescription, cartoonists,  parents, children, BUSPAR images, cheerleaders and guys named “Chaz” without a single “sorry” to share between them, wouldn’t it be patronizing to apologize now. Wouldn’t that assume gays and lesbians need coddling or special treatment. BUSPAR FOR SALE, I mean, yes, absolutely, I am “sorry” that my words have been hurtful to some, but I do not apologize, because I did nothing wrong.

That said, I don’t want any apologies, fast shipping BUSPAR, either. For those who called me a “homophobe,” “bigot, BUSPAR reviews, ” “hater,” “enemy to civil rights,” “ignorant” and “filth peddler,” warned me to  “watch my back” and spread my column around the country to stoke a response—no apologies necessary. In fact, BUSPAR photos, I’m stoked by the ferocity of your response. I’m stoked that you mobilized against what you perceived to be a hateful voice, stoked that your  days of taking shit and cowering in shadows are over, BUSPAR natural, that you’re increasingly more willing and able to shout, “In your face, homophobe!” Honestly, I’m so happy about that it makes me want to leap over the bar make out with each and every one of you.

Ed Decker

Epilogue: The letter from GLAAD

After I’d written the first draft of this column, I received a cordial, non-reactionary letter from GLAAD’s senior media strategist, Adam Bass:

At GLAAD we believe that a couple of your fictional gay biker group names used terms that were unnecessarily offensive.  The satire of the column was not lost on us, but we believe the jokes could have used different words to get the same point across.

The letter went on to ask that I not use words like “faggy,” “sodomite” and—this one took me by complete surprise—“homosexual.”
Because of the clinical history of the word ‘homosexual,’ it is aggressively used by anti-gay extremists to suggest that gay people are somehow diseased or psychologically / emotionally disordered…, BUSPAR FOR SALE. Please avoid using ‘homosexual’ except in direct quotes.

Here is my unabridged response to him:
Dear Adam, is BUSPAR addictive,

Thank you for your fair and reasonable letter. As a life-long hater of homophobia, I understand why so many in the LGBT community took offense to some of the language I used. BUSPAR forum, However, I must respectfully decline your request as I am a firm believer that what really matters in these situations is context.

A good example is the revelation (to me) that the word “homosexual” is now on the list of words I am not permitted to use. BUSPAR FOR SALE, First of all—and again, I say this with utmost respect and with no desire to offend—I do not recognize GLAAD’s authority over my vocabulary. My opinion is that there is absolutely nothing offensive about “homosexual.” It is—by its etymology—exactly what it defines, with zero innuendo, cheap BUSPAR. Homo means “same” and homosexuals are people who are sexually attracted to members of the same gender. It just couldn’t get any less offensive than that.

I mean, Online BUSPAR without a prescription, if we’re going to start indiscriminately banning words, I can think of one that is far more offensive than “homosexual,” yet is embraced by the gay community.  The word is “homophobe” and here’s why.

I think you would agree that the word “homo”, as a noun (not a prefix), is currently considered as one of the more offensive anti-gay slurs, BUSPAR FOR SALE. Well the word homophobe takes the word “homo” puts it in front of “phobe,” creating a word that means “fear and/or loathing of homos.”

Whoever coined the word “homophobia” didn’t know what they were doing because an etymological breakdown of the word shows that the word is actually made up of a prefix (homo as in “same”) and a suffix (“phobia” as in fear) without a root word, order BUSPAR online c.o.d.

Technically, homophobia means “fear of the same” which doesn’t make a lot of sense, unless, Rx free BUSPAR, you know, it is applied to someone with an irrational fear of cloning.

But that’s not what the coiners were doing. Whoever coined it was using homo as a root word – as in, “that guy is a homo” - and attached it to phobia, BUSPAR no rx, making homophobia more of a slur than homosexual. BUSPAR FOR SALE, However, it doesn’t have any anti-gay baggage so it remains acceptable – proving that context is what matters.

I also took issue with the reason GLAAD says “homosexual” is off the table, that it was “aggressively used by anti-gay extremists.”

Well, sure , any word can be aggressively used by extremists, even polite ones, or, in this case, clinical ones. That’s the point. It’s not the word; it’s the context. And the reason that “homosexual” is the next word on the chopping block is not because there is something wrong with it; rather, it’s that there is something wrong with the way some people use it.

If we ban “homosexual” and make “gay” the appropriate term, bigots will eventually start saying “gay” with contempt, and in 10 years we’re back to the same place, banning “gay” this time in favor of the next acceptable word, and the next—killing word after word without understanding that no matter how many words we kill, the bigots live forever, BUSPAR FOR SALE.

Thank you so much for your letter and the cordial tone with which it was written. I have great respect for GLAAD and its endeavors. Let me know if you need the gratis services of a spunky writer—I’d like to chip in.

Ed Decker,
San Diego CityBeat




Thursday, September 8th, 2011

AYGESTIN FOR SALE, Vice President Joe Biden collected some trouble recently when he seemingly endorsed China’s controversial population-control policy during his visit there.

“Your [one-child-per-family] policy has been one which I fully understand, Where can i order AYGESTIN without prescription, ” he told the crowd. “I’m not second-guessing.”

It didn’t take long for his enemies to pile on, including House Speaker John Boehner, AYGESTIN reviews, who said he was “deeply troubled” by Biden’s statement. About AYGESTIN, Doesn’t Boehner’s hyperbole make you wretch. He wasn’t just troubled by Biden’s remarks, see; he was deeply troubled—as if Boehner was pacing in his office all week, AYGESTIN description, brooding about the apocalyptic effect the VP’s speech will have on our nation.

“The result being,” Biden continued, “that [China is] in a position where one wage earner will be taking care of four retired people, AYGESTIN FOR SALE. AYGESTIN online cod, [It’s] not sustainable.”

Well, whaddaya know. Biden wasn’t endorsing it after all, order AYGESTIN from mexican pharmacy. Rather, Buy AYGESTIN without prescription, he was making an economic argument over a moral one. Because, as Biden knows, get AYGESTIN, when you attack someone’s morals, Buy no prescription AYGESTIN online, they become defensive and all progress comes to a halt. AYGESTIN FOR SALE, It’s called diplomacy.

Of course, I got a laugh out of the whole thing because, after AYGESTIN, while everyone else was demanding that Biden publicly denounce China’s family planning policy (which he did), AYGESTIN results, all I could think was, Denounce it!. Are you nuts, AYGESTIN trusted pharmacy reviews. Denouncing a one-child-only policy in China is like denouncing a one-mosquito maximum at your campsite. AYGESTIN use, Why would anyone denounce the greatest government moratorium  since the Trojans banned giant, rolling, wooden horses from entering their city gates, AYGESTIN used for.

To hell with the Great Wall—the one-child policy is the shit that belongs on all their tourism posters:

“Visit China—what few kids we have are muzzled.”


“Beijing, AYGESTIN FOR SALE. Where the brothels outnumber the brats!”

Oh, Buy AYGESTIN from mexico, sweet Republic of China—how long is thy immigration line. For I would gladly tolerate the traffic jams, pollution, AYGESTIN from canadian pharmacy, rampant public spitting, AYGESTIN class, government-controlled media, bizarre alphabet, squat toilets, AYGESTIN street price, avian influenza, AYGESTIN price, coupon, aggressive pro-panda propaganda (propandaganda?) and, worst of all, the 24-hour All Lucy Liu channel, fast shipping AYGESTIN, to live in a country that isn’t inundated with chil—OK, Order AYGESTIN no prescription, OK. I’ll stop. Sorry, purchase AYGESTIN for sale. AYGESTIN FOR SALE, I honestly didn’t intend to run the joke so far into the ground. You know I was joking, Buy AYGESTIN online cod, right. You know I know that the Chinese family-planning policy is barbaric. I would never support a law that limits our right to reproduce; however—isn’t it time our government stops promoting reproduction, buy AYGESTIN no prescription.

There are many tax benefits that incentivize procreation, AYGESTIN from mexico, not the least of which is the child tax credit, which gives families $1,000 for every dependent under 17, AYGESTIN images. That is udder bovine excrement, AYGESTIN FOR SALE. Given our overpopulation problems, AYGESTIN canada, mexico, india, people should be incentivized toward not having kids. We should give a $1,000 tax credit to every child a taxpayer does not have, AYGESTIN photos. If you don’t have two kids, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, you get a $2,000 credit. Not having four kids gets you $4, comprar en línea AYGESTIN, comprar AYGESTIN baratos,000. AYGESTIN FOR SALE, As for me, I plan on not having 15 children. Generic AYGESTIN, I know, I know, 15 is a lot of kids to not have, AYGESTIN maximum dosage, but the way I see it, Buy AYGESTIN without a prescription, I’ve got a lot of love not to give.

Another problem with the child tax credit is that it goes to the wrong people. Currently, AYGESTIN no rx, only families earning less than $110, AYGESTIN australia, uk, us, usa, 000 are eligible. That means we are subsidizing lower income-people to breed, which is utterly whackbasswards, AYGESTIN schedule.

Lower-income families usually have to work three or four jobs and can rarely afford quality childcare, so their unsupervised golem are free to loot convenience stores and drop bricks from overpasses all day, AYGESTIN FOR SALE. The last thing we want is for them to have more children. AYGESTIN dose, Better to incentivize upper-income people because they have money: They can afford a team of tyrant-nannies to crush their children’s spirits. They can afford to build a sound-proofed dungeon in which to shackle and torture the little murderers-in-the-making. They can afford to seal all their offspring’s orifices with expensive cosmetic surgery, ordering AYGESTIN online. AYGESTIN FOR SALE, And while I do oppose the Chinese concept of levying fines or prison sentences for violating one-child law, I am down with taxing parents extra. For instance, Herbal AYGESTIN, we should institute a “Screaming Hellion on the Plane” tax. I’d also like to see a “Too Much Pee in the Public Pool” tax; a “Mommy, Why is that Man so Fat and Other Insults” tax; an “Everything on TV Sucks Because We Can’t Let Kids Hear Bad Words or Encounter Adult Concepts” tax; and, rx free AYGESTIN, of course, a “No Fun Family Values Asshole” tax for all those a-hole parents who think they can dictate adult behavior—such as when we have to stop drinking beer at the ballpark, how much porn we can view in the public library, who can’t marry whom and how many feet away from the middle school we have to be when selling or buying our drugs—all in the name of protecting “the children.”

What’s that you say. Families are the backbone of America and we need to make it easier on parents to raise smart, healthy and productive members of society.

Are you crazy. Did you not see Children of the Corn, AYGESTIN FOR SALE. Scary, right. Well, turns out Children of the Corn wasn’t a horror movie after all. It was a documentary.

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Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

no_cussing.jpg BUY ENALAPRIL NO PRESCRIPTION, By now, you've probably heard about the 14-year-old South Pasadena boy who recently lobbied to have profanity banned in his hometown. Apparently, Real brand ENALAPRIL online, the City Council liked the idea so much that they officially proclaimed the first week in March as No Cussing Week and The State of California is considering adopting No Cussing Week as well.

Now keep in mind, No Cussing Week is not law, no prescription ENALAPRIL online. It's an official proclamation, Purchase ENALAPRIL, which means--it don't mean squat. It is unenforceable, un-punishable, buy ENALAPRIL without prescription, not in violation of the First Amendment and, ENALAPRIL without prescription, therefore, not deserving of our contempt.

It is, however, deserving of our ridicule, BUY ENALAPRIL NO PRESCRIPTION.

Forget the obvious reason, ENALAPRIL treatment, which is that swearing is a valuable element of human communication. ENALAPRIL alternatives, Anyone who doesn't know that has never had their plane stuck on the tarmac for three hours, their shampoo bottles leak into their suitcase or their hotel reservation misplaced--all during the same trip. You just try to tell me that having access to a couple of choice obscenities at that moment wouldn't save at least a couple of lives.

But the main reason No Cussing Week deserves our ridicule is because it's fucking retarded, buy ENALAPRIL from mexico.

The person responsible is McKay Hatch, ENALAPRIL pictures, the 14-year-old founder of the South Pasadena High School No Cussing Club. BUY ENALAPRIL NO PRESCRIPTION, The No Cussing Club (NCC) is well-organized and proactive. It has a website, a logo, ENALAPRIL dose, a motto, ENALAPRIL samples, a T-shirt and even a theme song with accompanying music video. The song is called, "Don't Cuss, ENALAPRIL street price," which is sung by young Hatch, What is ENALAPRIL, who raps about the origins of the movement. The video opens with him watching some older kids playing basketball.

"I was sitting in the schoolyard, ENALAPRIL maximum dosage, hanging with my crowd / When some kids came walking by, Get ENALAPRIL, talking really foul / Every other word was burning in my ear / So I took a new stand and I challenged all my peers."

At this point, two of the older kids step into frame and begin fighting over the basketball. Heath, a pasty-faced, puny little twerp, stands up, snatches the rock from their hands and gets in their faces with the chorus:

"If you wanna hang with us, I don't wanna hear you cuss--don't cuss!"

OK, look, I know the boy is only 14, and it's fabulous that he's expressing himself artistically, BUY ENALAPRIL NO PRESCRIPTION. It's just, ENALAPRIL without a prescription, when I watch this video, Buy ENALAPRIL no prescription, I can't help but think, Man, you are sooo gonna get your ass kicked in school tomorrow.

When asked what made him decide to go on this anti-cussing mission, online buying ENALAPRIL, Hatch--whom I call Dead Kid Walking--said, Is ENALAPRIL safe, "My mom and dad taught me good morals... and not cussing was one of them."

Obviously, an adolescent boy has no deeper understanding of the word "morals" beyond whatever slop his parents have been pouring into his trough for the last 14 years, ENALAPRIL results. But swear words are just words, Buying ENALAPRIL online over the counter, and words have no moral attributes. If anything, it's bad morality to teach your kids not to curse, herbal ENALAPRIL. BUY ENALAPRIL NO PRESCRIPTION, Especially if your child is puny and twerpy and tends to go on no-cussing crusades, wearing that holier-than-thou-boy-prodigy smirk that makes you want to bash his teeth in.

It's just not safe is what I'm saying. Buy ENALAPRIL online no prescription, Imagine a bunch of non-puny seniors in the school cafeteria talking smack and dropping F-bombs for fun. Then up walks some pasty-faced twerp like McKay Hatch with his cloud of holier-than-thouness floating over his puny little body and announces, "My dad says it's wrong to use bad words"--a sentence that he will be permitted to finish upside-down in the cafeteria dumpster with globs of ketchup smeared on his face, order ENALAPRIL from United States pharmacy.

Parents, Purchase ENALAPRIL for sale, if you love your kids, teach them to curse. And for god's sake, don't let them join no No Cussing Club, BUY ENALAPRIL NO PRESCRIPTION. Can you imagine those meetings, purchase ENALAPRIL online, sitting around the tree fort drinking SunnyD and planning their anti-cussing patrol. Kjøpe ENALAPRIL på nett, köpa ENALAPRIL online, "OK, gang, tomorrow we go out in teams of two, ENALAPRIL pharmacy. Tom and Jimmy will monitor the bathrooms. ENALAPRIL dosage, Sally and Ralph, you guys canvass the cafeteria. BUY ENALAPRIL NO PRESCRIPTION, Log every cussword you hear. And, rx free ENALAPRIL, please, Effects of ENALAPRIL, no heroes. Remember how long it took to dig Hatch out of the dumpster last time.

Yeah, ENALAPRIL forum, um, Low dose ENALAPRIL, no, I'm telling you, you teach your kids to curse, buy generic ENALAPRIL. Teach them everything there is to know about swearing. Teach them all kinds of wonderful dirty words that none of their friends have heard--everything from underground cult hits to old-school classics like "Up yours" and "Pecker" and my all-time favorite, "Get bent." Teach them how to coin their own obscene insults by placing a vulgar word next to a body part, BUY ENALAPRIL NO PRESCRIPTION. Online buy ENALAPRIL without a prescription, Words like "Douchenose" and "Assmouth" are sure to be big winners in the cafeteria.

Teach them, also, taking ENALAPRIL, about obscenity etiquette, My ENALAPRIL experience, like the importance of not cursing in front of adults, as a matter of respect, and because it might lead to a visit from Child Protective Services, ENALAPRIL use.

Teach them about restraint. ENALAPRIL reviews, Tell your children, "Children, go forth and curse righteous, buy ENALAPRIL from mexico. BUY ENALAPRIL NO PRESCRIPTION, But remember, like everything thing else in this world, foul language is best delivered in moderation. Use your four-letter words sparingly. And don't forget to mix it up. Don't just use the F-word, use the S-word, too. And the P-word, and the A-word. Remember to use all the delightful nuggets in the J-word series, and D-words, and even the B-word, though never against women, unless they are total C-words, BUY ENALAPRIL NO PRESCRIPTION.

If W. and I had kids and lived in South Pasadena, No Cussing Week would be a holiday. Once a year, on the first Saturday in March, the Decker Clan would go on a field day. We would decorate the family SUV with tin cans and ribbons--like the newlyweds do--only instead of writing "Just married" on the back, it'll say, "Get bent, South Pasadena!" Then we'd cruise down Main Street blaring Too Short at top volume.

For lunch, we'd take the crew into McDonalds. When it was our turn at the register, I would face the kids and shout, "OK, you little bastards, whaddya want?!" To which they would respond, "We want the happy meal, motherfucker!" Then we'd laugh and cuss and make fart noises with our armpits until the manager had no choice but to kick us out and we would have no choice but to give him the unanimous finger as we stumbled toward the door doubled over in laughter.

"You see I'm not proper, I'm rarely polite / Too Short, Too Short, don't say it tonight."

--From "Cusswords" by Too Short

Originally published in CityBeat March 2008

Ed Decker

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Friday, February 20th, 2009

ZOCOR FOR SALE, After nearly two years of debilitating cutbacks, the community of alternative-weekly cartoonists suffered another setback when Village Voice Media (VVM) suspended publication of all comic strips.

This is a devastating blow to cartoonists such as Max Cannon, ZOCOR gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Tom Tomorrow, Jen Sorensen, Derf, ZOCOR description, Lloyd Dangle and others. Buy ZOCOR online no prescription, They see this as the beginning of the end of their industry, or so they say on their various blogs and message boards.

Derf (creator of "The City") wrote, cheap ZOCOR, "We have reached the apocalyptic final struggle for the future of cartoons."

Tom Tomorrow ("This Modern World") has been commenting on what he perceives as a general lack of appreciation for alt-weekly cartoonists: "The only way cartoonists could get even less respect would be if we presented our work in the form of handmade knit doilies thrust upon random strangers on the street."

And then there's Max Cannon ("Red Meat"), Cheap ZOCOR no rx, who wrote the central essay of the debate. It's an open letter called "The Alternative Comic Apocalypse Has Begun," which begins with Cannon complaining that he has "slaved for many years" to bring us his comic strips, online buying ZOCOR hcl.

Now, I love alt-comics as much as the next guy, but, really, Tom Tomorrow, you don't get no respect, ZOCOR FOR SALE. Let me see if I can't find a waah-kerchief for you to bawl into. ZOCOR brand name, And Max, dude, did you actually say that you "slaved" over your work, australia, uk, us, usa. Are you for real. Buy ZOCOR from canada, You're not picking cotton under a blazing Mississippi sun, man. ZOCOR FOR SALE, You're not digging ditches in pools of raw sewage. You draw cartoons, buy cheap ZOCOR. If cartoon-drawing is anything like column-writing, ZOCOR pics, you sit at your desk with your wine and your weed--Big Sonic Chill dripping its pollen from your clock radio--and an expensive computer doing all your heavy lifting.

Max Cannon averages $15 for each cartoon sold, ZOCOR mg. Multiply that by the 70 plus newspapers in which Red Meat appears, and you get more than $1,000 per strip, ZOCOR FOR SALE.

Wow. Fast shipping ZOCOR, I won't reveal how much my column earns, except to say that it can't even buy me a small bindy of coke and an hour with a bottom-dollar street hooker. I have to choose one or the other, ZOCOR samples, so don't tell me about hard times, Buying ZOCOR online over the counter, Mr. Maximillian McWhinyFace!

Not that I'm complaining. ZOCOR FOR SALE, I am grateful for this column and its modest earnings. Because there are a bizillion artists out there, ZOCOR photos, writing, ZOCOR without prescription, drawing and sculpting in obscurity, never to be paid a dime for their labor of love, or receive fanfare--going out of their effin minds every day craving something that resembles an audience or a paycheck, ZOCOR used for.

"The stark reality, ZOCOR from canadian pharmacy, " continued Cannon in his "Apocalypse" post, "is that very soon, there won't be any of your current favorite alternative comic strips for you to read at all--not even online, ZOCOR no prescription. Here's why: none of us make our living from our website.... Order ZOCOR online overnight delivery no prescription, Our websites are like a free gift to you...."
Well, thank you so much, Max-o, ZOCOR online cod. Thank you for this gift that allows us, your humble subjects, to frolic in the electronic treasure trove of your genius, ZOCOR FOR SALE.

Pffft. ZOCOR dangers, You keep a website because it makes good business sense. You keep it to maintain a presence on the web. You keep it because, buy cheap ZOCOR no rx, like most artist-writer-sculptor types--you need to be seen. ZOCOR FOR SALE, You are the classic example of a narcissist, and the more you hawk the idea that your website is for our benefit, the more it proves what a wildly unchecked egotist you are. ZOCOR reviews, Get this. Some cartoonists have even taken to asking for donations, such as Lloyd Dangle ("Troubletown"), ZOCOR coupon, who wrote that his website will now have to be viewer-supported. Where to buy ZOCOR, "That's why I've added the Donate button," he explained.

Well, order ZOCOR online c.o.d, how 'bout that. A mother-fluffin' donate button, ZOCOR FOR SALE. ZOCOR duration, Dude, Lloyd, don't you see the folly of your ways, where can i find ZOCOR online. You are asking strangers--who are probably broker than you--to support your little hobby so that you won't have to go out and get a real job like ditch-digging or cotton-picking. Online buying ZOCOR, If I were a ditch-digger or a cotton-picker, and I saw your donate button--oh yeah, I'd donate something all right, after ZOCOR.

In defense of alt-weekly comic-strip writers, Online buy ZOCOR without a prescription, most of them understand why the newspapers need to make cuts. ZOCOR FOR SALE, They just don't think it should be them who gets cut.

"... [C]omics always appear in the top five of what readers turn to first...." argued Max Cannon in "Apocalypse."

"Weeklies should be adding.., ZOCOR dosage. cartoons, Where to buy ZOCOR, which are both popular and inexpensive," complained Derf on his blog.

And Jen Sorenson ("Slowpoke") wrote that if comics disappear, canada, mexico, india, "they'll just stop picking up the paper."
These cartoonists are all carriers of a disease that I call Adult Onset Self-Importantitus, ZOCOR brand name, which causes the sufferer to have delusions about their value to their employer and to society.

Heed these words, Max, Jen, Tom and everybody else who stumbles upon this paragraph: You are all expendable, ZOCOR FOR SALE. No matter how smart, how capable, order ZOCOR from mexican pharmacy, how integral you think you are, ZOCOR wiki, you are not. And the sooner you understand that, the sooner you lose your Go-ahead-and-try-to-make-it-without-me attitude--the sooner you will stop looking like the tantrum-throwing child-mayor of Bitterville, ZOCOR over the counter.
Perhaps you don't care what I think. But I tell you what, I will never view those cartoons in quite the same way ever again. The next time I read "This Modern World" or "Red Meat" or whatever, no matter how funny it is, it will only be funny with an asterisk.

Ed Decker
There were some angry responses from the alt-weekly cartoonist community. Most notably, these:
Lloyd Dangle ("Troubletown")
Jason Yungbluth ("Deep Fried Comics")
And this brief entry on Tom Tomorrow's ("This Modern World") "Douchebag Watch".

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Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

BUY BARBITAL NO PRESCRIPTION, A couple of weeks ago, after yet another nasty column I'd written about Catholicism, I received a disturbing missive.

It was in e-mail form. It was anonymous, where to buy BARBITAL. It contained only one word but the word was huge, Where can i buy cheapest BARBITAL online, about a 72-point font if memory serves. The word in the e-mail was "bigot" and it was so big, it damn near filled up the entire computer screen, comprar en línea BARBITAL, comprar BARBITAL baratos.

Now I've had this word used against me before, but never so large, and never by itself, which always made it easy to dismiss, BUY BARBITAL NO PRESCRIPTION. After all, BARBITAL coupon, how could I be a bigot. I'm the bigot hater. I detest bigotry with all the marrow in my bones, buy BARBITAL no prescription.

But this e-mail was different. BUY BARBITAL NO PRESCRIPTION, There's just something about seeing a 72-point-font insult, hovering before you like an alien spacecraft in the middle of the night, that makes you start to wonder about things. BARBITAL samples, So against the better judgment of my lizard brain, which had spent a lifetime building up a wall of denial between it and my conscious brain, I looked up the word "bigot" (multiple times) and, BARBITAL interactions, according to just about every definition I read, Fast shipping BARBITAL, my neo-cortex is screwed.

To paraphrase the various definitions, a bigot is a person who is intolerant of any creed, BARBITAL photos, opinion, Effects of BARBITAL, belief, behavior or group that is different from their own.

Uh oh!

Hard to ignore the black-and-whiteness of that definition, BARBITAL from mexico. It might just as well have read, Order BARBITAL online overnight delivery no prescription, "Hey Ed, you're a bigot!" and included a photo of me recoiling in horror when encountering a midget.

It was deeply disturbing, BUY BARBITAL NO PRESCRIPTION.

That's the reason I looked it up so many times, BARBITAL alternatives. I was hoping to find an entry that contained some sort of redeeming disclaimer such as, After BARBITAL, "A bigot is a person who is intolerant of any differing belief, creed, behavior or group--unless they deserve your intolerance, doses BARBITAL work, like midgets, BARBITAL gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, who are taking all our jobs away, and door-to-door Jehovah's Witness enthusiasts, who I tolerate as much as I tolerate house flies crawling on my hamburger."

But no such exception did I find, online buying BARBITAL hcl, causing me to understand that my lizard brain, BARBITAL schedule, and Mr. Anonymous Letter Writer and all the accusatory letter writers before him, were right--I am, BARBITAL online cod, quite literally, BARBITAL interactions, inarguably, a bona fide 72-point-font bigot--sans serif!

Because there are all sorts of groups I cannot tolerate, like Jehovah's Interlopers, BARBITAL long term, as you now know, Order BARBITAL from mexican pharmacy, like Muslim extremists who torture women in the public square, like redneck yokels who hold Barack "Hussein" Obama's middle name against him and like Southern evangelical mystagogues who claim they can heal by faith.

I have no tolerance for Yakkety McYakkies who pull up a nearby bar stool and won't stop blabbering into your disinterested ear until you punch them in the face, order BARBITAL no prescription. BUY BARBITAL NO PRESCRIPTION, I have no tolerance for the parents of cute babies who cannot resist showing a frame-by-frame photographic rendering of that time their child piddled on the dog and, to be perfectly honest, I'm no big fan of cute babies, either.

I hate drivers who blare horns at other drivers' minor traffic infractions, BARBITAL canada, mexico, india, people who shit on Mexicans who work in jobs of servitude and guys who brag about all the women they've banged, whether true or not.

I hate gorgeous SoCal model-types with smoking-hot bodies that don't bring money to bars because they know they can coerce lonely guys into buying their drinks, my BARBITAL experience, and I'm not crazy about the guys who fall for it, BARBITAL for sale, either.

I loathe hippie pot snobs, professorial beer snobs and excessively patriotic, BARBITAL price, love-it-or-leave-it, Discount BARBITAL, motherland-supremacy snobs. I despise ebullient male cheerleaders, female comedians (Judy Tenuta excepted), effects of BARBITAL, and Jewish American Princesses who use Aqua Net® and still listen to the St. Elmo's Fire soundtrack, BUY BARBITAL NO PRESCRIPTION. BARBITAL without prescription, But of all the groups I simply cannot tolerate, the faction that continues to crawl like flies upon the hamburger of my sanity is flabby black chicks who have shows on television.

I don't know what it is, buy BARBITAL no prescription. It's not because they're overweight, Online buying BARBITAL, nor that they are black nor female. Individually, I'm totally down with them being on television, BARBITAL maximum dosage. BUY BARBITAL NO PRESCRIPTION, But when you combine the three, they become something else--a creature, a fiend, a beast that is more than the sum of its parts. When you combine them you get, Canada, mexico, india, well... you get Star Jones. You get Queen Latifah (ugh!), BARBITAL dangers. You get Oprah "Look-at-Me-I'm-on-the-Cover-of-My-Own-Magazine-Again" Winfrey. And worst of all, you get Sherri Sheppard, of The View, who belongs to another collective I can't stand: Talk-Show-Hosts-Who-Believe-the-Earth-is-Flat-and-Say-So-on-National-Broadcasts, BUY BARBITAL NO PRESCRIPTION. BARBITAL duration, The point is I can no longer hide behind my old wall of denial. I have looked up the definition and the definition is clear: Edwin Decker is a bigot. What's worse, BARBITAL images, I have no intention of changing. BARBITAL forum, I've already made peace with this fact. BUY BARBITAL NO PRESCRIPTION, Indeed, I've already created a bigger and better wall of denial, a new-and-improved justification, which is this:

Isn't everybody intolerant of somebody.

According to the aforementioned dictionary definitions, aren't we all bigots, BARBITAL coupon. And if we are, BARBITAL dosage, doesn't it make sense that we should distinguish between the different types.

It's like cholesterol. There's the good kind and the bad kind: Bad bigots are the bigots who do genocides, who create and manage slave trades, and who scribe or vote for repressive legislation.

I consider myself to be a good bigot, BUY BARBITAL NO PRESCRIPTION.

Sure, there are many groups I am intolerant of, but I don't act on my intolerance. I don't go fat-black-chick bashing. I don't try to round them up, or keep them down. I don't vote for laws that deny their right to marry each other, vote, or adopt. BUY BARBITAL NO PRESCRIPTION, I don't even wish they'd leave the country. In fact, I prefer that they stay. My hatred for any particular group is a warm gooey puddle of pleasure in which I like to rollick like a bimbo in a mud pool. But you will never see me oppressing any group I can't tolerate. You will never see me try to keep them from exercising their rights to free speech, freedom of assembly or due process. All I do is write editorials about how much they suck and then happily move on to the next group that deserves our intolerance.

Edwin Decker



Saturday, October 13th, 2007

mitt_underwear1.JPG PERIACTIN FOR SALE, I just read a poll that reported 16 percent of California Republicans (as of this writing) support Mitt Romney as the Republican presidential nominee. Sixteen percent. PERIACTIN long term, The poll has him tied with Fred Thompson for second place. In Michigan and Massachusetts he's in first place. Christ-in-Hell, fast shipping PERIACTIN, the guy won the Iowa Straw poll.

It's inconceivable to consider, but Mitt Romney has a reasonable shot at being our next president, PERIACTIN FOR SALE. PERIACTIN steet value, To that I would like to say, "Um, hel-lo, where can i buy cheapest PERIACTIN online. People. Comprar en línea PERIACTIN, comprar PERIACTIN baratos, Haven't you heard. Mitt Romney is a freaking Mormon, a member of the Jesus Christ Church of Latter Day Saints, taking PERIACTIN. PERIACTIN FOR SALE, Do you know what that means. It means the man is about a dozen french fries short of a combo meal."

"The people of [Iowa] have sent a message to the rest of the country, Effects of PERIACTIN, " Romney declared in his straw-poll victory speech.

Oh, Iowa has sent a message, cheap PERIACTIN, alright--and the message is: Iowans are nuts. PERIACTIN treatment, They're bonkers. Insane. You have to be several Sundays short of a calendar month to vote for a Mormon for president, PERIACTIN FOR SALE.

Just look at some of their beliefs, PERIACTIN natural. On top of all that Old Testament voodoo that the Latter Day Saints have in common with other Christians, Is PERIACTIN addictive, Mormons also believe in all this other crazy-ass shit that is even more unbelievable. For instance:

• Mormons believe God has designed a special underwear he wants us to wear.

• Mormons believe the Garden of Eden is in Spring Hill, PERIACTIN coupon, Mo. PERIACTIN FOR SALE, (which is daft considering everyone knows it's located on a tropical cloud island floating in the sky). Buy cheap PERIACTIN, • Mormons believe that John the Apostle is still alive, healthy, un-aged and walking among us, buy PERIACTIN online cod, incognito, Purchase PERIACTIN, doing Christ's work (the fact that he is a couple thousand years old but doesn't look a day over 280 doesn't seem to bother them).

• Mormons believe that if you live a proper life, you will be reborn as a god in the afterlife, PERIACTIN pharmacy.

• Mormons believe that God, Online buying PERIACTIN hcl, the Supreme Being and inventor of the universe, has not always been that way but attained supreme-being status through "righteous living and persistent effort"--which is just goofy. OK, PERIACTIN results, if God was originally a human who lived a perfect life, PERIACTIN cost, thereby upgrading himself to god status, then how could he have invented the universe. The universe would already have had to exist for him to excel in it, PERIACTIN FOR SALE. And if God didn't invent the universe, PERIACTIN from mexico, then who did. Where can i find PERIACTIN online, Well, that would have to be another god, a higher god--the Head Honcho God--meaning the deity Mitt Romney worships is a temp, online buy PERIACTIN without a prescription.

And did you know, PERIACTIN pictures, as my friend Victor Patton informed me, "that Mormons believed up until the late 70s that blacks were descendant of Cain, and therefore could not be members of the church?" Yeah Victor, PERIACTIN australia, uk, us, usa, don't you have to leap right off the bridge of reason and splatter yourself upon the concrete of insanity to believe all this LDS hoo-ha. PERIACTIN without prescription, Especially knowing what we know about their founder Joseph Smith. PERIACTIN FOR SALE, Joseph Smith was a third-rate con artist. A scamp. Of his more famous swindles was his seer stone hoax, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. He claimed to have enchanted rocks that could divine where certain treasures were buried and would gladly find that buried treasure for you for a modest fee. Where can i cheapest PERIACTIN online, So people kept paying him money and, because stones can't see shit, he kept not finding any treasure, is PERIACTIN safe. This was the kind of person the founder of the Latter Day Saints was, PERIACTIN FOR SALE. So, PERIACTIN recreational, after all of Joseph Smith's scams and schemes, wouldn't you have to be berserker than a dung beetle dangling in a spider web to believe anything that came out of his mouth. Especially his incredible story about how The Book of Mormon came to be, PERIACTIN schedule.

Joseph Smith claimed to be visited by an angel named Moroni who told him to go up a hill and locate a series of golden plates (later to become The Book of Mormon), Low dose PERIACTIN, which were engraved with the word of God.

Joseph Smith also claimed that God told him to take multiple wives. PERIACTIN FOR SALE, Now, I ask you, which is more likely--that Joseph Smith was tiring of his wife's vaginal topography and wanted to explore other options, or that God spoke to him via ancient biblical angels and wrote stuff on golden plates that he hid in the mountains.

Before you answer, buy cheap PERIACTIN no rx, keep in mind, Where can i buy PERIACTIN online, the man was a well-known cad. He would try to coax women into having sexual relations with him by saying it was what God wanted. When they refused and reported his misconduct to the tribe, buy PERIACTIN from canada, Smith would claim he was merely testing the lady's virtuousness and that she had passed the test. PERIACTIN brand name, And people bought it. Eventually, Smith realized that con job wasn't getting him all the action he was hoping for, so he changed his story to "God told me to have multiple wives"--and they bought that, too, PERIACTIN FOR SALE.

Incidentally, a Mormon who still practices polygamy is called a "fundamentalist." Mitt Romney supporters are quick to point out that he is not a fundamentalist, PERIACTIN alternatives, does not practice plural marriage and is still married to his first wife. PERIACTIN online cod, Some people view this as a virtue. I view it as further proof that he is the wrong man to be president. Because he doesn't even have the nuts to practice his religion properly, my PERIACTIN experience. PERIACTIN FOR SALE, Mitt Romney's version of Mormonism is watered-down, circumcised, mutilated and abridged. The only true Mormon is a fundamentalist Mormon because polygamy, PERIACTIN no prescription, according to Joseph Smith (their messiah) and the Book of Mormon, is a mandate from God. Not a request, order PERIACTIN from United States pharmacy, not a suggestion, but a direct order from the One Big Boss. Oh sure, you have to be a stepsister short of a Cinderella tale to be a fundie Mormon, but at least you'd be consistent. Mitt Romney, on the other hand, is crazy and inconsistent, which makes him the last guy on Earth whose fingers you want on the buttons of your missile silos.

The End

[Author's Note: Not surprisingly, I received a lot of angry emails (mostly from Mormons) regarding this column, PERIACTIN FOR SALE. I have posted them in the comments section below as well as some responses from me.
Indeed there is a part of me that feels rotten about shredding people's religions but it's just so dang easy. Religious types often take themselves quite seriously and I can't help but enjoy poking holes in their faith if for no other reason than to watch their subsequent meltdowns. Thank goodness there's no Hell or I would surely end up there. PERIACTIN FOR SALE, You will notice one thing being repeated by these responders is that all or most of my facts are wrong. Indeed, in some instances, I did mildly exaggerate for comedic effect, but those instances should be obvious to the reader. Also, I made a couple of actual mistakes in the original version which have since been corrected. This is not something I take lightly and it boils my innards knowing that I made these mistakes. I have no one to blame but myself.

Other than those errors however, I stand by the column, PERIACTIN FOR SALE.

the facts were taken from various sources, some biased, some unbiased. There are, of course, various other sources that dispute some of these facts, but most are wholly biased Mormon sites. As for the underwear stuff, the Missouri Garden of Eden, the immortal Apostle John, and all the other items of Mormon beliefs -- one need merely Google any or all of them to see they are widely corroborated.

In the end I guess, there is really know way to be certain which sources are most correct. Suffice to say, Mormons choose to believe their sources and I choose to believe mine.]

Ed Decker

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Monday, August 6th, 2007

terrorists_have_won1.JPG LANOXIN FOR SALE, I was working on my column with the TV on when I heard the reports about the bridge in Minneapolis collapsing. It sounded pretty bad, so I stopped what I was doing, buy generic LANOXIN, started watching, LANOXIN interactions, and was quickly disgusted.

What I found bothersome, aside from the obnoxious media feeding frenzy, buying LANOXIN online over the counter, was something that was stated in the early hours of the reportage. Buy LANOXIN online no prescription, What they kept saying--all the anchors on all the stations, incessantly, repeatedly, LANOXIN pictures, until they were absolutely certain that they had gotten the message across--was that terrorism was probably not the cause of the collapse. LANOXIN no rx, Which is fine, I suppose, if you don't mind the media reporting on things that haven't happened, taking LANOXIN. But what I found most troubling was the way they kept hammering it home, and how there was a tone of relief in their voices as if to say, "Whew, LANOXIN FOR SALE. Thank God-- not a terrorist attack!"

Because I don't understand what difference it makes. Get LANOXIN, What does it matter that it wasn't terrorists who felled that bridge. Does it mean that you and I are safer in this world. Does it make the victims any less dead, LANOXIN brand name. LANOXIN FOR SALE, I'm not saying they shouldn't report what caused the calamity. Of course they should. Canada, mexico, india, But does it make it any better to know that the bridge collapsed from natural causes, such as corrosion. Is dying from terrorism somehow worse than dying from natural causes, LANOXIN trusted pharmacy reviews.

Terrorism is natural causes. It's all natural causes, LANOXIN FOR SALE. LANOXIN over the counter, All the crap that can kill us is part of the natural order of things and it's just illogical to be more afraid of terrorism than earthquakes, or tsunamis, or car accidents, doses LANOXIN work, or disease, LANOXIN cost, hurricanes, twisters, or even a goddamned anvil falling out of the sky and crushing your skull, about LANOXIN.

Terrorism is just one in a long list of things that might kill us and is actually pretty low on the likelihood list. LANOXIN dangers, Statistically speaking, it falls somewhere below an avalanche killing you and above an anvil landing on your skull.

I don't know if this comes as good or bad news for you, online LANOXIN without a prescription, but I find it utterly liberating: I find it liberating to know I'm more likely to get crushed by a wall of snow than snuffed by a terrorist. LANOXIN FOR SALE, (I don't even ski!) I find it liberating to not fear terrorism. Cheap LANOXIN, And since this is his main weapon against me, I find it liberating to know that by controlling my fear, my enemy is diminished, where can i find LANOXIN online.

Not that I don't ever experience fear. Is LANOXIN safe, It's just that, well, been there done that, order LANOXIN from United States pharmacy, you know. Online buy LANOXIN without a prescription, Many of you are too young to remember the air-raid drills, the bomb-shelter commercials and the straight-up terror we felt during the Cold War. I only caught the end of it, but I was pretty scared there for a while, LANOXIN FOR SALE. In fact, LANOXIN description, that's how I know that living life in a state of dread is just a colossal waste of time. LANOXIN without prescription, Because, in the end, nobody I knew ever got killed by a communist, buy LANOXIN without a prescription. It was the drugs, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, and the guns and the cancers that picked us off one by one.

It's not our fault that we are Darwinianly designed to act like frightened rodents in the face of danger. LANOXIN FOR SALE, But to not overcome it leaves us vulnerable to the small group of douchebags who know how to wield our fear against us. People like George Bush and Osama bin Laden have at least this much in common: they are both experts in Pavlovian conditioning, order LANOXIN no prescription. And we are all their dogs, Purchase LANOXIN for sale, conditioned to tremble at the mere mention of terrorism, which is why, when the bridge collapsed, LANOXIN images, all the anchormen and women on the TV screen--themselves shivering in their swivels--kept repeating "Not a terrorist, LANOXIN results, not a terrorist!" until we exhaled in relief.

However, there is no reason to feel relief that it was not a terrorist attack that took down that bridge, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. If anything, LANOXIN recreational, if you really think it through, it would've been better if it was. Because terrorist attacks don't grow on trees, LANOXIN FOR SALE. They require time, buying LANOXIN online over the counter, money and luck. LANOXIN gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, If the bridge collapse was a terrorist act, then it would be that much longer before another attempt against us could be made. But if it wasn't terrorism, where can i cheapest LANOXIN online, well those people would still be dead and an al Qaeda attack would still be looming. Purchase LANOXIN online no prescription, So, no, knowing the disaster was caused by wear and tear, LANOXIN brand name, or incompetence, LANOXIN australia, uk, us, usa, or greed won't make me feel any safer the next time I drive under a bridge. LANOXIN FOR SALE, To me, they're all the same. All the things that can kill me are just anvils falling out of the sky. Sure, buy generic LANOXIN, the anvils come in different colors, Generic LANOXIN, but color doesn't matter much when an anvil crashes through your skull. You're never gonna hear a brain surgeon say, "Nothing to worry about folks. He only got hit by a yellow anvil."
About a year ago, a small prop plane crashed into an apartment building on East 72nd Street in Manhattan. I remember how all the broadcasters were squawking, "Is it al Qaeda?" I remember thinking how freaking obvious it was that it wasn't, LANOXIN FOR SALE.

Their targets are symbolic. They're not going to waste their efforts crashing a two-seat prop plane into a no-name apartment building. But the mere fact that it was an airplane and that it hit a building freaked people out. And isn't that exactly what the point of terrorism is. LANOXIN FOR SALE, To keep us in a permanent state of freaked-out.
They want us to think that every bridge that collapses, every truck that backfires and every twig that snaps behind you when you're walking alone at night is somehow al Qaeda lurking nearby. And it just burns me up knowing these hoofsuckers are watching and laughing as our news broadcasters cry out, "Not a terrorist, not a terrorist!" every time a cat gets stuck in a tree. It burns me up to think of them high-fiving each other over the fact that it has been nearly six years since 9-11 and we still need to leave the nightlight on, still need to be coddled by our mommies in the media. It burns me up knowing their sinister plan was a success. Their tactic was true. The terrorists have won.


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Friday, July 13th, 2007

NEXIUM FOR SALE, I've been hearing a particular term a lot lately. This term is actually many centuries old, but it seems that during the past two or three years or so, it's really gained popularity, cheap NEXIUM no rx.

The term is 'moral relativism," and it has been hijacked by Bill O'Reilly and his fellow hardcore, NEXIUM no rx, right-wing, often-Christian TV and radio blabbermouth types who splash it around like high-school swimming-pool bullies shoving chlorinated tsunamis into the eyes of defenseless nerdlings.

Like 'unpatriotic" and 'against the troops," 'moral relativism" has become a term of bludgeoning and marginalization, NEXIUM samples. It's usually employed when discussing hot-button issues like gay marriage, abortion, Online NEXIUM without a prescription, drugs, prostitution and/or pornography. Whenever anyone--usually of the liberal and libertarian ilk--defends such unwholesome activities, O'Reilly and other hardcore, right-wing, often-Christian blabbermouths announce that these defenders are 'moral relativists," then shut off their microphones and shout them down to size, NEXIUM FOR SALE.

Which is not only rude; it's also wrong. It's wrong because they are not using the term correctly, buy NEXIUM without prescription. Moral relativism is not simply a synonym for tolerance. defines relativism as 'a theory that moral values are not absolute but are relative to the persons or cultures holding them."

For example, NEXIUM forum, if one culture maintains bestiality is taboo while another embraces it, the moral relativist concludes that neither is wrong. NEXIUM FOR SALE, So whether yours is a system of democratic capitalists, theocentric autocrats or dog-fucking savages--it's all okie-dokie because there is no universal ethical code by which to measure them.

What I like about this worldview is that it recognizes the right of any society to set its own system of mores--that every culture knows what's best for itself because every culture is beholden to its own unique geographical, political and historical circumstances, is NEXIUM safe, which also happens to be the premise of America's (dying) emphasis on local government and states' rights.

Also attractive about moral relativism is that, NEXIUM blogs, by definition, it deters colonialism. When one culture believes itself to be superior to another, it uses that belief to justify invasions, NEXIUM alternatives, assassinations, forced religious conversions and all the other predictable, Buy NEXIUM online no prescription, colonialistic bullcrap these so-called superior societies pull on those they consider morally inferior.

The problem, however, is that when you follow relativism down its inevitable slope of slipperosity, NEXIUM mg, you plummet into a dark and ugly paradox. Because, if it's true that anything any society does to itself is A-OK, then what about Adolph Hitler and his Holocaust, NEXIUM FOR SALE. What about Josef Stalin, About NEXIUM, Benito Mussolini and Pol-motherfucking-Pot. What about every tyrannical society that ever kneeled at the altar of the iron maiden. By definition, moral relativism concedes that tyranny and genocide are not amoral, NEXIUM treatment. And you're just not going to find too many people who subscribe to that worldview who don't have Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on their MySpace friends list. NEXIUM FOR SALE, Indeed, I'm closer to a moral relativist than anyone I know. And the reason I say that is because, Where can i order NEXIUM without prescription, when asked the 'Was Adolph Hitler evil?" question, I am the only person I know who might consider answering, 'No, I do not believe Adolph Hitler was evil."

Now, where can i buy cheapest NEXIUM online, before you lurch off the toilet and howl in protest about the hideous remark I just made, let me say, NEXIUM schedule, in my defense, that I'm not a true moral relativist. A better label would be agnostic moral relativist. As with anything else, NEXIUM blogs, I think maybe it's true or maybe it isn't. But the reason I can even consider the potential non-evilness of a beast like Adolph Hitler is because I'm not quite certain that evil exists at all. I just wonder sometimes if the Holocaust and other acts of genocide aren't like tsunamis, or earthquakes, or disease, or computer hackers, or forest fires, or man-eating sharks, even, NEXIUM FOR SALE. NEXIUM forum, Yes they are destructive entities in this world, but destructive entities--whether designed intelligently or Darwinianly--are part of the ecosystem of the universe. So the question is, if something is vital to the ecosystem of the universe, buy cheap NEXIUM no rx, how could it be wrong, immoral or evil. NEXIUM steet value, Yeah, I know, it's an extreme position, but don't you wonder what would happen to the planet if all the bad people, rx free NEXIUM, the bad animals and the bad organisms disappeared and suddenly everything and everyone was good. I have a nagging suspicion that if that happened it would be very, NEXIUM maximum dosage, very bad. NEXIUM FOR SALE, However, when I debate this position with my liberal or libertarian friends, all they ever hear are the words 'Hitler" and 'not evil," then pounce on me like street thugs on a drunken tourist in the middle of the night. It is a position they cannot fathom, will not tolerate and loathe to their very core, which is exactly how I know there simply aren't that many moral relativists out there, canada, mexico, india.

That's how I know the hardcore, right-wing, Kjøpe NEXIUM på nett, köpa NEXIUM online, microphone-shutting blabbermouths are full of shit when they call a liberal or libertarian a moral relativist. Because your typical liberal or your typical libertarian does believe in right and wrong. It's just that their right and wrong is different from the right-wing blabbermouth's idea of right and wrong.

For instance, liberals and libertarians think it's wrong to discriminate against people based on their sexual preferences, wrong to criminalize a sexual business transaction between consenting adults, wrong to let the government dictate a woman's reproductive rights and ludicrous to suggest they lack morality, NEXIUM FOR SALE. But isn't it always the same thing with the right-wing blabbermouths, purchase NEXIUM online. Their idea of patriotism is the only idea of patriotism, their idea of family is the only idea of family, NEXIUM price, coupon, their idea of morality is the only idea of morality, and if you dare to argue, they sharpen their quiver of catchphrases and aim them at your face. This in itself is reason to consider them entities of pure evil, NEXIUM from canadian pharmacy. However, when they use the catchphrases incorrectly, NEXIUM without a prescription, well, that's evil and pathetic.
NEXIUM FOR SALE, And now, a relevant joke:

Q: Did you hear the one about the agnostic dylslexic insomniac moral relativist.

A: He stayed up all night wondering if there was a Dog and if it would be wrong to fuck it.


[Author's note: the following is an excerpt from the original column that was not published because of space constraints and for fear of identifying myself as a raging nerd for referencing Star Trek in an article about philosophy].

The Excerpt:

Incidentally, do you know who is a fairly famous moral relativist that I admire?: Gene Roddenberry, NEXIUM wiki. Indeed, the show Star Trek was a moral relativist's paradise. Is NEXIUM safe, And did you know Star Trek was based on the expeditions of another famous moral relativist, Captain Cook, who I also admire.

"Captain James Cook was an English explorer, NEXIUM recreational, navigator and cartographer. He was the first to map Newfoundland, NEXIUM FOR SALE. He made three voyages to the Pacific Ocean during which he achieved the first European contact with the eastern coastline of Australia, NEXIUM online cod, the European discovery of the Hawaiian Islands, and the first recorded circumnavigation of New Zealand."¹

Like me, Gene Roddenberry must have been a fan of Captain Cook because he was the model for Roddenberry's franchise character, Captain Kirk, real brand NEXIUM online.

Consider the similarities of their names: Captain James Kirk and Captain James Cook.

Consider the similarities in their bios: Both were sailors. About NEXIUM, Captain Cook commandeered the Endeavor to new and distant lands, Captain Kirk sailed the Enterprise to new and distant planets. NEXIUM FOR SALE, Both grew up on farms in rural villages. Both kept journals. Captain Cook wrote in his that he'd sailed, NEXIUM for sale, "farther than any other man has been before." Captain Kirk wrote in his star log about boldy going, "where no man has gone before."

"Cook rowed jolly boats ashore, After NEXIUM, accompanied by his naturalist, his surgeon and musket-toting red-jacketed marines. Kirk 'beamed down' to planets with the Science officer, (Spock) surgeon (McCoy) and phaser-wielding, NEXIUM from canada, red-jerseyed expendables. Both captains set out to discover new lands, Buy NEXIUM from mexico, rather than conquer and convert."²

On Star Trek, they called that ideology, The Prime Directive. The Prime Directive stated that the commissioned federation explorer was not to interfere or in any way upset the natural state of being of whatever species or civilization they encountered, NEXIUM FOR SALE. Even if that new species was eating its young and fucking the Tribbles, NEXIUM no prescription, The Prime Directive mandated they not interfere.

And The Prime Directive is a direct cribbing of Captain Cook's policy for encountering aboriginals and natives in the lands he discovered. Cheap NEXIUM, Cook was criticized often for this approach, as most of Europe believed itself to be civilized and that it was their duty to conquer, convert, and modernize the primitive cultures their explorers encountered.

Cook was ahead of his time though. He wrote this about the aboriginals he encountered:

NEXIUM FOR SALE, "Being wholly unacquainted not only with the superfluous but the necessary conveniences so sought after in Europe, they are happy not knowing the use of them. They live in Tranquility which is not disturb'd by the Inequality of Condition."
Cook, like Kirk, had no interest in conquering - only in observing, appreciating, perhaps interacting - but never interfering; a core value of moral relativism.

1. From

2. From Into the Blue by Tony Horowitz


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Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007

Matisyahu.jpg RONDIMEN FOR SALE, I was in the gym, on the exercise bicycle, reading Rolling Stone when I laughed so hard I nearly fell off my bike. Buy RONDIMEN online cod, The article was about Matisyahu - the reggae, pop, RONDIMEN without a prescription, RONDIMEN long term, hip-hop, beatboxing orthodox Jewish sensation who is currently blowing up the circuit, what is RONDIMEN. RONDIMEN used for, This article, like everything else written about Matisyahu, low dose RONDIMEN, RONDIMEN results, explored the lingering question that follows him everywhere he goes. That question is this: How does an orthodox Jew front a reggae, rx free RONDIMEN, No prescription RONDIMEN online, hip-hop, pop band without contradicting his orthodoxy, buy generic RONDIMEN. Australia, uk, us, usa, Anyone who knows anything about Hasidism knows it is a religion chock full of rules, many of which would make being in a hip-hop, RONDIMEN forum, RONDIMEN street price, pop reggae outfit highly complicated. For instance, according to Hasidic law, Matisyahu (born Mathew Miller) must not have contact with women to whom he is not related, which means he can't even shake their hands when they want his autograph, RONDIMEN FOR SALE.

"It's hard to [say no] to every other person who comes up to you, taking RONDIMEN, RONDIMEN class, " he complained in the RS interview. "It can come off as disrespectful."

When I read that quote, RONDIMEN gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, RONDIMEN mg, I laughed so hard my left foot actually careened off the pedal and my body sharply tilted left-ways as I thought to myself, Did he really say that? "Come off as", buy cheap RONDIMEN. Buy RONDIMEN without prescription, It can come off as disrespectful. As if it's not actually disrespectful; it just sort of appears that way, order RONDIMEN online overnight delivery no prescription. RONDIMEN FOR SALE, Well I have news for you Matis. Is RONDIMEN safe, When you refuse to shake someone's hand simply because she is a woman - that's what disrespectful is, you twit, where can i cheapest RONDIMEN online. RONDIMEN schedule, That is the essence of disrespectful. It is the poster-encounter for disrespect, RONDIMEN dose. Order RONDIMEN from United States pharmacy, If you were to look up "disrespectful" in the dictionary there would be a picture of Matisyahu lurching back in horror at a woman's outstretched hand.

Come off as?

Picture the scene: It was a great show, RONDIMEN FOR SALE. You rocked the house, purchase RONDIMEN online. RONDIMEN online cod, You just finished shaking the hands of 35 filthy rasta-wonks, when this adoring post-pubescent female approaches you - tells you how much she loves you, canada, mexico, india, Online buy RONDIMEN without a prescription, how your music changed her, and how, RONDIMEN duration, Real brand RONDIMEN online, maybe, it even saved her life, herbal RONDIMEN. Buy RONDIMEN online no prescription, Then she extends her hand to you for some gorgeous human-to-human contact and you actually, unbelievably, where to buy RONDIMEN, Fast shipping RONDIMEN, somehow have the brick-like balls to tell her no.

Come off as, where can i order RONDIMEN without prescription, RONDIMEN from canada, my ass. RONDIMEN FOR SALE, At best, Hasidic Jews treat women like second class citizens - at worst, like diseased whorehouse gerbils that were once stowed in certain customer's assholes. Can you imagine what that must do to the collective psyche of Jewish women, after RONDIMEN. RONDIMEN images, That and all these other execrable tenets such as how females must sit in the back seat of the car when other males are present, or how they're generally not allowed to speak unless spoken to, RONDIMEN pharmacy, and how they must cut their hair when they marry so as not to risk attracting other men - it's a fucking institution of disrespect man, and so far from come off as that I almost laughed myself right off an exercise bike.

Do you know how hard it is to fall of a stationary bike?.

I know what you're thinking Matis. You're thinking it's not your fault, RONDIMEN FOR SALE. You're thinking that these are the rules of your religion which you must obey. But you weren't born into Hasidism. You adopted it when you were 20 years old. I would understand more if you were born into it, or brainwashed at birth to believe that all this misogynistic rooster-shit you abide somehow brings you closer to Hashem. RONDIMEN FOR SALE, But you weren't born into it. You chose Hasidism. You observed it. You researched it. You saw how they treated women and still said, "Yup, this is the religion for me. You even read The Talmud, with its embarrassingly vulgar regard for women: Such as Shabbat 33b which states women are "light minded," or Swidler, 3 which claims, "A woman is a pitcher of filth with its mouth full of blood," or Kiddushin 49b which says, "Ten measures of speech descended to the world; women took nine," which means in lay terms - they talk too goddamn much - leaving you with little doubt that this was a culture that did not respect women and why your disrespect for them is not incidental, RONDIMEN FOR SALE. So please, please please Matisyahu would you stick your "come off as" right up the place where the gefilte fish don't swim.
There is a line in the RS story that I found telling: "In accordance with Jewish law [Matisyahu] has had to stop stage-diving at shows so as to avoid the risk of contact with women he is not related to."

The part of that sentence that interests me is, "has had to stop," because it means that, at least for a while, he had been stage diving. So why all of the sudden did this become an issue. My guess is somewhere along the road he received a phone call from one of the elders telling him to stop. RONDIMEN FOR SALE, Imagine that phone call. . .



"Hello Mathew, it is I, the Grand Exalted Imperial Highness of Hasid. Do you have a minute?"

"Of course your greatness."

"This thing you do, where you leap into the crowd and then body surf across it. You must stop immediately."

"But why, Your Imperialness?"

"Because there are women out there that are not related to you, you schmendrick, RONDIMEN FOR SALE. Some of them are menstruating fer crissake!"


"I'm just so disappointed in you Mathew. Reggae. Really!. Why couldn't you play the klezmer music like a nice Jewish boy. Klezmer is a great music Mathew. I never tire of 'Hava Nagila.' Why won't you play 'Hava Nagila?!'

This article originally ran in San Diego CityBeat Magazine on March 8, 2007.

  • Click here to read the angry responses sent to CityBeat letters department.

  • Click here to read my follow up column in response to the angry letters.

  • Click here to read the Jewish Sightseeing story about this column.

  • Click here to read the Jewish Sightseeing interview with me about my column.

  • Click here to read a multiple-post, message board attack on me and this column including my comments near the bottom.


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Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007


Below are only a fraction of the letters we received in the aftermath of the Matisyahu article Just Another Yahu SERAX FOR SALE, that ran in CityBeat Magazine on March 8, 2006.

This piece was a real firestarter. Angry readers emailed it to friends and family and soon it was whisking across the country, inflaming people in dozens of states who then wrote us to express their disgust. There were, of course, threats of boycott. The Anti Defamation League was notified and they in turn grilled Editor Dave Rolland on the phone for publishing it.

If I have any regrets about writing this article it's would be the damage and discomfort I caused the magazine, SERAX FOR SALE. Yes, I took a lot of heat for writing it, buy cheap SERAX no rx, but Dave and the magazine took even more for publishing it. Advertising dollars were lost because of this column meaning that it jeopordized the magazine and all those who work for it and for that, I apologize.

And now, with no commercial interruptions, presents....

The Shitstorm

Dear Ed Decker,
In regards to your article SORDID TALES Hasidic rapper should have known better, SERAX results, Your opinion of this artist is very narrow minded and raciest. SERAX FOR SALE, Your points are offensive, you are not willing to judge a man based on if he is musically talented or not, rather if he looks the part and shares the same religion as you. Your article was entirely anti-Semitic and does not take any regard for other peoples beliefs.
Mr. Decker,
I was apalled by your anti-semitic remarks. Are you a skinhead.
Hello to you Mr, SERAX FOR SALE. Pecker... I mean Mr. Decker,
No, SERAX from canadian pharmacy, I do mean Pecker; after you called Matis a 'twit' (yep, it will be TWIT FOR TWAT- translated 'wit for that,' but I am sure you misread it). Thank you for writing Sordid Tales. SERAX FOR SALE, Your articles was actually enlightening and meaningful, leaving readers with one curiosity. You very clearly managed three objectives with the entire article. The meaningful part-That we all know a fool when we see one, but not when we are one. Very well done< BRAVO!. Buy no prescription SERAX online, The enlightening part-That you possess a grossly immature frustrated libido. The entire article focused on sexuality regardless of the props, SERAX FOR SALE. And the curiosity part?- readers are left wondering if you will pass the fifth grade this year. Try asking Matthew Miller for an interview next time you want to verbally assault like a first year literary shock jockey. Your disappointment in Matis is now our disappointment in you.

I enjoyed Mr. SERAX FOR SALE, Decker's article much better in the original German. The editing just isn't what it was when Goebbels was on staff, but still a decent effort. I'm reasonably sure that the surname 'Decker' translates as 'wanker' in the southern German dialect, but I'll have to check on that, buy cheap SERAX.
--Matisyahu fan

Dear Mr. Decker,
Concerning your recent article SORDID TALES Hasidic rapper should have known better
I of course feel you have the right to express your opinion, uninformed as it may be, due to your protection under the first amendment of freedom of the press. As well, I have the right to respond, protected under that same amendment, freedom of speech, SERAX FOR SALE. And also Matisyahu Miller has the right to shake or not shake any hand he prefers, protected by that very same amendment, his freedom to practice religion. Order SERAX online c.o.d, You state in your article "At best, Hasidic Jews treat women like they are second-class citizens, at worse like diseased whorehouse gerbils that were once stowed in certain customers' assholes". Would you agree that women treat men as "second class citizens" for they are also forbidden by religious law to touch any man unrelated to them, and even their own husbands at times. In fact, men and women are equal, and have equal rights and protection under Jewish law. SERAX FOR SALE, It is because of that mutual respect, and God's unmatched understanding of the human psyche that this commandment not to touch each other has been created. I believe, that a country where women are convinced their goal in life is to star in "Girls gone Wild", SERAX reviews, "Americas Next Top Model", and "The Bachelor" is the real disrespect.

Jewish law always has and always adapt to the world around it within the borders of its own law. However just because you and the world around you consider it normal and respectful to shake hands, doesn't mean he should lay down his beliefs. In fact any girl at any concert of his, many of whom are not Jewish or have no affiliation with orthodox religion are completely respectful if not inspired by his unwavering beliefs, and would be dismayed if he went ahead and violated that system.

Had Matisyahu been Amish, or from another religious sect that had similar negative commandments I am positive your article would have been very different, SERAX FOR SALE. Cheap SERAX no rx, And yes I did just imply sordid anti-Semitism- but I can because I am protected by the first amendment.

Instead of reading about him in Rolling Stone, you should go down to a concert and see him, and speak to fans, female one preferably. But first please take a sensitivity course, on religious sensitivity or sexual sensitivity, or both.


Decker, Man, i got to say, you come off like an ignorant dumbfuck. claiming you know shit about a religion is as funny as picturing your fat ass on an exercise bike, where can i find SERAX online. read up a little more on life, religion, and the like, take a high school journalism class, and then see how much you know.

Dear Ed Decker,
Thanks for standing up to the pathological hysteria of "anti Semitism". The Jewish community is still playing the victim and lashing out in tribal response to any criticism of Israel or the Jewish community. The Holocaust was another time in another place, SERAX FOR SALE. SERAX from mexico, My father died in a Nazi slave labor camp. Only by separating truth from fiction and learning from our history can Jews once more follow their progressive roots and contribute to the liberation of the entire human race. We are not the chosen people.
We must have compassion for others and fight like hell to save the human race from war, bigotry, fundamentalism and greed. SERAX FOR SALE, Fortunately the American Jewish community is safe and prosperous in the year 2006.Its time they ceased their self-absorption and faced the real problems of the world. They could regain their reputation as
champions of the underdog and advocate for those who are truly oppressed.
Tanja Winter

Dear Colleagues:
It has come to our attention this afternoon that Edwin Decker's column
"Sordid Tales" in CityBeat should be insulting to the entire Jewish community. We have attached a link below so you will have the chance to read this disgusting column yourself.

In it you will find a disturbing perception and rather vile portrayal of the Hasidic community's alleged view of Jewish women, SERAX treatment. Although directed at Hasidic Jews, this negative representation affects our entire community, SERAX FOR SALE. Our Associate Director, Tina Malka, spoke with David Rolland, the editor of CityBeat. When she told him the Anti-Defamation League had received scores of complaints, his response was that he "doesn't care if it is offensive to Jews." He went on to say that "progress happens through conflict" and it is the job of his reporter, Mr. Decker, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, to be provocative and to even offend in order to start a conversation.

We suggest that you continue this "conversation" and urge you to write a response to CityBeat. SERAX FOR SALE, Your letter should be strongly worded but carefully written. The editor should hear from as many of your constituents as possible. You can send your response to

Thank you,
Morris S. Casuto
Regional Director
Anti-Defamation League
7851 Mission Center Court, Suite 320
San Diego, CA 92108
Tel: 619-293-3770
Fax: 619-293-7010
Sorry Morris, but although I find the style of Decker's writing a bit over the top and colorful - but no doubt appropriate for the audience to which it is addressed -- I think he makes valid points, buy SERAX no prescription. Innocent men and women are being massacred in the illegal
Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld invasion of Iraq ostensibly waged in part because of how women are treated and mistreated by so-called Muslim fanatics, SERAX FOR SALE. How many
Jews support that effort. How many Hassidim. In my book, all fanatics are dangerous because they are blinded by their beliefs to our common humanity (however flawed).
Matasyahu is just another nut case - hey, he's in show business. SERAX FOR SALE, You don't like him. Don't buy a ticket. You disagree with Decker's take on Matashahu's mixed up values, Rx free SERAX, good. It promotes dialogue about fanaticism. I'm all for that. Even Jews can be flawed, SERAX FOR SALE.

Mark Newman
(not on behalf of Dor Hadash - but you sent it to me)
Dear Sir,
I am glad that you pointed out that Matisyahu doesn't respect women. I went on his fan board, and all of these people are claiming that your article was anti-semitic. I like that about people in general in America right now, that they believe that calling sexism out in a culture is racist, real brand SERAX online. I think the general issue here is that it's hard to believe in someone's sincerity to a religious cause when they are on myspace, and tour to make people money, and are in the press to make money. SERAX FOR SALE, I like how people are so down for a white rich person to convert to something and co-opt something black. It's awesome to me that people don't know what sexism is (treating people a certain way because they are one gender or another is sexist). People love to be
concerned about women soooo much, and their well being, that they
accept someone not touching people because of their sex a 'gift of glorification?' Come on.

Imagine this scenario: So I was with my friend, SERAX trusted pharmacy reviews, and we saw some people I know, and we walked up to them. I'm shaking hands and greeting everyone, but my friend
doesn't shake another of my friends' hand. I go, "Why won't you shake
his hand dude?" He says to me, "Oh, I'm sorry, I just have so much respect for black
people that I won't touch them."

That's not racist, SERAX FOR SALE. Treating people different because of race is something that is a part of anti-semitism. Treating people differently because of their sex is part of sexism. I don't see how the assertion otherwise is made without contradicting itself immediately.
Thank You For Your Time. SERAX FOR SALE,
Ed, you are my hero,
Every time that idiot [Matisyahu] comes on the radio I just want to toss my cookies. I do not understand what the fascination is. In fact, SERAX recreational, any time I refer to him I call him Matisjackoff or Matiswhackoff. My question to others would be if it were 10 or 20 years ago would this guy even get a sniff on the airwaves. PLEASE STOP THE INSANITY!!!.
He doesn't even come close to a good Reggae artist such as Bob Marley or any of the music from the Ska era of the 1980's, SERAX FOR SALE.
David Katz
Pacific Beach
Mr. Decker:
I greatly doubt there's any chance that someone who writes as venomously, vulgarly (and conceitedly) as you did in your recent article Just one more Yahu could possibly reconsider his opinion when invited to investigate the matter further, so I'm probably wasting my time suggesting you read the link to the subject of the role of women in Judaism and opening myself up to a volley of your prejudiced vitriol to boot. SERAX pharmacy, Really, don't bother; it would be neither persuasive, nor even painful, if that's your aim, to receive a predictable tirade from you.

Although I'm not all that well versed in Judaism, it occurred to me, as it apparently didn't to you, that a Hasid's practice of not shaking unrelated women's hands may have something to do with encouraging sexual modesty or restraint (in the man) rather than showing contempt for women. SERAX FOR SALE, But I suppose you have no patience for such an interpretation. You know what cultural practices really mean, SERAX long term. Anyone who doesn't assimilate their understanding to your Truth about how people have to live can only be a reactionary against the cultural mountain top you occupy. So if a Jew is offered pork, he can only be showing contempt for the host when he refuses. That's the only thing that can be in his heart.

To me your article illustrates a proverb of Solomon, Do not be hastily upset, for anger lingers in the bosom of fools, SERAX FOR SALE. Ecclesiastics VII:9
Bob Tassoni
I'm Jewish, and I can't say that I agree with the Hasidic way of life, but I must tell you that this article is really offensive. Order SERAX from United States pharmacy, You may think you're trying to affect change, but you're not going to do it this way - that is for sure. I can't remember the last time

I saw something this antisemetic in a public publication in a long, long time.
"At best, Hasidic Jews treat women like they are second-class citizens, at worse like diseased whorehouse gerbils that were once stowed in certain customers' assholes"

We have affiliate companies that advertise in your publication. SERAX FOR SALE, Not any more. I also plan to send this article to 'ads by google' and let them know I am withdrawing our substantially large account with them unless they remove you from approved sites to advertise on.
Martin Goodman
Dear Editor,
I am writing in regards to your recent article about Matisyahu, SERAX use. I am appalled by your description of Hasidic Jews and all the nonsense Edwin Decker came up with. As a Hasidic Jew, and someone who knows Matisyahu personally, I find very little truth in this article.

As an editor, I would think it is in your interest to corroborate what's written in an article prior to publishing it, but obviously you didn't take the time to do so, SERAX FOR SALE. I hope you be a little more honest with your readers in the future, and perhaps ask some Hasidic wives how they feel and in what manner they are treated+ I'm sure you'll be surprised with the answer.

On a side note, Matisyahu belongs to a Hasidic sect called Chabad Lubavitch, Order SERAX online overnight delivery no prescription, they are known for being a lot more open and do a lot of outreach work. I'm sure you can look them up locally in San Diego, or online at

Chaim Davidson

The article by Edwin Decker, "Sordid Tales" is not only bigoted, insipid,and insulting, the author is obviously an uneducated neaderthal who has no idea what the term "respect" is.

It is a shame that your publication does not have the intelligence and moral responsibility to recognize this piece of trash for what it is, where can i buy SERAX online, and instead opted to publish it. SERAX FOR SALE, Shame on you.

Simi Zuckerman
Carmel Valley, SD

Dear Editor:
It was a real disappointment to read Edwin Decker's angry article "Sordid Tales." There were a number of misstatements about Judaism that went beyond the line of disrespect (e.g. "Hasidic Jews treat women [at worst] like diseased whorehouse gerbils") to being simply hateful. It tarnishes your otherwise excellent publication.
It is not just Hasidic Jewish men and women that do not touch each other unless they are related, but all traditional Jews. These rules are, for the most part, related to "tzniut," the laws of modesty, SERAX FOR SALE. The Jewish way is to project oneself less externally, Fast shipping SERAX, to develop our own internal spiritual depth. Fighting superficiality seems more relevant today than ever.

Regarding the quotes from the Talmud, without discussing which people those quote were referring to, for what time, etc., it is worth noting that there are many unpleasant things said about men. Men come off especially poorly regarding their sexual behavior and morality. SERAX FOR SALE, And don't forget the stories of Berurya, the wife of Rabbi Meir, who often corrected his teachings and was more authoritative on many Jewish issues.

The fact that Matisyahu has tried to find a bridge between a more spiritual life and his beliefs, and still continue his work, discount SERAX, is the story of an admirable struggle. This effort should be applauded rather than nastily ridiculed.

Aside from the litany of insults and degradation, the article was especially upsetting in that it asserted that Judaism is disrespectul to women. This is simply not true: Judaism treasures women immensely. Judaism does not view G-d as a man as do many other religions, and we teach that G-d has both female and male qualities, SERAX FOR SALE. With the millenia-old rights to buy and sell property or enter into contracts, Judaism has been far ahead of "Western" countries in terms of women's rights. Marital relations in a Jewish marriage are the woman's right, SERAX description, not the man's. Every Friday night, we read Proverbs 31, which praises women for their business savvy and success. Your publication may walk a spiritual path different than that of Judaism; that is to be commended and respected. SERAX FOR SALE, However, the slander of one of the world's great spiritual systems, with profanity and disdain, is not the way for you to move down that path. You should recognize that is simply wrong, even if you are not religious.

Adam Sragovicz
San Diego, California

Dear Editor, ordering SERAX online,
I am appalled that you allowed an article such as Edwin Decker's
"SordidTales" pass your desk. Please read my email below to Edwin and pass it on to him.
Elissa Z.

I just read the pathetic Sordid Tales article by Edwin Decker, SERAX FOR SALE. After reading Edwin's absurd persoanl distortion of Judaism, Hasidism and the treatment of women, I am failry sure that he did, in fact, fall off his exercise bike- and cracked his head. SERAX from canada, One of two things probably provoked Edwin to write such trash. Either he was
facing a deadline and ran out of ideas- or his own Jewish roots resulted in
self hatred, and he is squirming in his own skin.

Poor Edwin- sounds like he tries to justify self loathing by distancing
himself thru fabrication and ridicule. SERAX FOR SALE, Edwin needs help- and Citybeat should know better than to allow emotional
vomit to pass as journalism. Get a new writer or Citybeat will be thought of as a joke. I can't imagine your advertisers will want to be tainted by the garbage you just printed- so lose Edwin and hire someone that can actually write the truth.
Sheila Schwartz

Dear Editor,
I finished reading Edwin Decker's article, and could not contain the loud
guffaw of disbelief that emanated from my belly. What Decker writes is so far off base that it goes beyond the pale of being insensitive, SERAX dosage, rude, wrong, and bigoted (all of which is most certainly is) to land squarely in camp of being absurdly stupid and laughable.

It is amazing to me that you would allow Decker's article -- if it can be called that; a rant against Judaism is a much more accurate description -- to be published, SERAX FOR SALE. Did you not read it before your magazine went to press.

Did it not occur to you that by making such allegations, Decker would render your magazine as one with the reputation of loving sensationalism more than journalistic integrity. I am choosing to believe that you simply did not read the article, and thus did not know what sort of trash you were printing -- it is a much more comforting thought than the alternative, SERAX street price, which is that you knew full well what grotesque inaccuracies were to be printed, and you simply did not care.

Decker, in order to write with such venomous hatred against Hasidism and Judaism, must be a self-hating Jew -- or else someone that a White Power group has on their payroll. SERAX FOR SALE, I tend to believe the former, which makes your printing of this piece all the more suspect and sad. Hopefully one day Edwin Decker will take the time to get off his bike and look himself in the mirror and ask himself -- what did he gain by slagging off a religion besides some free personal advertisement and a direct line to the bigots
marketing group. Truthfully, I wish him luck, because if it is self-hatred, it will come back around one day to kick him in the pants, SERAX no rx. And that will not be pretty.

A disgusted reader in PB
I always thought that the Black-Jew alliance was a forced marriage of convenience and my very dark indeed friend Edwin Decker has reinforced that suspicion, SERAX FOR SALE. As a decidedly light-skinned but none-the-less chocolate tinged black of Irish descent (or so-called "high black"), I read with barely contained delight the salvos that "Black'n Decker" lobbed at our pale faced through-the-sheet-fucking counterparts. It reminded me of the fact that I hate all Jews except for the ones I know.

Every time Ed comes back to Monroe, SERAX for sale, I have to travel over there to
visit his sorry ass. The conversation inevitably turns to the subject
that Kiryas Joel is not only expanding exponentially but that they are
soaking the welfare rolls at the same time. SERAX FOR SALE, They are now a bigger
burden to the local system than the "Newburgh Blacks". And they have
big houses and big cars. Ed constantly defends them, to the point
where I have begun to research the Decker genealogy. Stay tuned.

I introduced Ed to Matisyahu. Therefore the Jew Times should
interview me, SERAX FOR SALE. Ed forgot to talk about the sex through the plastic
sheets thing. Once that gets out, buy SERAX from canada, everyone will take his side.

Dear Mr. Decker,
Just want to point out if you want to find disrespect in the Hip Hop/Reggae music culture you'll find much more of it in the music of the majority of artists that refer to women as "Hoes and B**ches". SERAX FOR SALE, Or perhaps the advantage most musicians take of there stardom and having a woman at every port. "It's hard to be a pimp in this city" (or something like that) just won the Oscar award.

I think it's refreshing to see an artist that has values and abides by the Hassidic custom that all ones physical contact belongs to ones spouse. Imagine how secure his wife must feel in her love knowing her husbands values. Do you think that there is music artist's wife out there that has that same feeling of security that their husbands love is reserved for her.

Rabbi Chaim Bryski
Chabad Jewish Center of Thousand Oaks


Hi Edwin,
I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the Sordid Tales- "Just one more yahu" from the March 8th issue. Absolutely fantastic!. hear hear, so brilliantly stated, and true, true true...and best of all you said it all with such candid humor, hilarious!. I can't wait to share with my friends. SERAX FOR SALE, I happened to pick up the San Diego City Beat while on a recent mini vacation for my Mom's birthday in San Diego area, I live with my two teenagers(14yrs and 17yrs old), in Irvine, Ca and make it my business to keep updated on the music and entertainment world, hence knowing where and what my teenagers are taking in.
They had downloaded and enjoyed Matisyahu's song from Napster, SERAX over the counter, but, yes, having some Jewish roots and knowing about all the rules, we had also discussed and wondered how he was pulling it all yeah,..without coming off as up the reality checks needed for some of the new up and coming music trends.

Love the way you write Edwin.
Yours sincerely

To Whom it may concern:
Regarding the article "Just one more yahu" in the San Diego Citybeat, SERAX brand name, I feel that this is nothing more than an article of hate written by someone who has obviously never been part of any orthodox Jewish society. It is further obvious that Mr, SERAX FOR SALE. Decker has never spoken to any Chassidic women.

Now, if this article had only stated that Mr. Decker felt offended by Matisyahu following a religion which promotes sexual modesty, I would have no issue. However, when he blatantly shows his disgust for Jews and takes quotes from the ancient Talmud out of context, he has crossed the line. SERAX FOR SALE, First of all, the Talmud is a description of the legal system of ancient Israel, a society gone for more than 2000 years. Even if you had quoted the Talmud correctly, after SERAX, and it was anti female, how could you logically hold Chassidim accountable. Secondly, trying to say that Matisyahu and Chassidim in general are disrespectful of women without knowing or having lived in their community is slander of the worst kind, especially these days when women's rights are so very important.

To conclude I want to say that there has to be room for hate in a free society Mr. Decker. I do not disagree with that, SERAX FOR SALE. But next time please label your article as such so unassuming readers do not think that what you have written is actually correct or well researched, SERAX australia, uk, us, usa, and instead realize that it was just the rant of an anti Semite trying to sound legitimate.

Ethan Brookes

29) Dear Sir,
I am glad that you pointed out that Matisyahu doesn't respect women. I went on his fan board, and all of these people are claiming that your article was anti-semitic. I like that about people in general in America right now, that they believe that calling sexism out in a culture is racist. SERAX FOR SALE, I think the general issue here is that it's hard
to believe in someone's sincerity to a religious cause when they are on myspace, and tour to make people money, and are in the press to make money. I like how people are so down for a white rich person to convert to something and co-opt something black. It's awesome to me that people don't know what sexism is (treating people a certain way because they are one gender or another is sexist), australia, uk, us, usa. People love to be
concerned about women soooo much, and their well being, that they accept someone not touching people because of their sex a 'gift of glorification?' Come on.

Imagine this scenario: So I was with my friend, and we saw some people I know, and we walked up to them. I'm shaking hands and greeting everyone, but my friend
doesn't shake another of my friends' hand, SERAX FOR SALE. I go, "Why won't you shake his hand dude?" He says to me, Herbal SERAX, "Oh, I'm sorry, I just have so much respect for black people that I won't touch them." That's not racist. Treating people different because of race is something that is a part of anti-semitism. Treating people differently because of their sex is part of sexism. I don't see how the assertion otherwise is made without contradicting itself immediately. SERAX FOR SALE, Thank You For Your Time.

30) Dear San Diego City Beat,
It is difficult for me to adequetely express my shock and disgust at discovering this piece of hateful Anti-Semitism posing as journalism in your newspaper. The entire article consists of the author *laughing* at a person for his religious beliefs. Mr. Decker cannot seem to believe that a person practicing an antiquated relgion would dare raise his voice in mainstream culture. Cross-cultural dialogue should be encouarged, not mocked, SERAX FOR SALE. Regardless of how you view the prohibtion of touching between the sexes, it is *not* meant in a disrespectful way. Mr. Decker's article is full of innaccuries and false assumptions about Hasidic Judaism. For example, the quotes from the Talmud are at the very least taken out of their appropriate context and are quite possibly complete fabrications. SERAX FOR SALE, Shame on you, City Beat for publishing this hateful diatribe; shame on you, Mr. Decker, for your virulent ignorance.

David A. Schwartz
Washington D.C.

32) Ed,
I just wanted to give you some support from a non-hassidic jew. I personally found your article very humorous and basically true, SERAX FOR SALE. I'm not anti-religious, but I'm not into any orthodox or fanatical position on pretty much anything. Unfortunately, you pissed off a lot of people. Hopefully they'll get over it once they realize that you really aren't anti-semitic or a nazi-skinhead. Good luck. SERAX FOR SALE, If you need any help from a "reformed" jew, give me a call. Tell your wife I said hi, I'm the one who kicked her butt in pool at Sooty's 50th.
Geoff Levine

Hey Ed,
What an article. You seem upset and a bit bitter there. I have some questions about your article and yourself if you will.

Are you Jewish, SERAX FOR SALE. Do you have any Jewish friends. I'm trying to understand where you are coming from with it. You see, I myself am a Chassidic Rabbi and I have heard many sides to your angry tirade before, but never quite like you put it. You seem to be somewhat knowledgeable in the Chassidic world, yet you failed to mentioned some of the other side of things. SERAX FOR SALE, For example some of the nicer things the Chassidic world has to offer, such as meaning, deeper meaning to life and the like. Sometimes a glance cannot offer true understanding, and only after learning a bit more or taking a second look can you understand what's really taking place.

If someone who never saw a doctor before observes an operation, he/she may think the doctor is hurting the person by cutting them open, when of course the opposite is true.

I don't shake the hands of women I am not married to or closely related to, and I feel that when someone does, it may be disrespectful of the woman. Chasidim give great credence to touch and in doing so understand that it is a wonderful, powerful, gesture held only for those the Torah and Hashem allow such closeness. A Chassidic man would also avoid contact with a Sefer Torah (torah Scroll) before washing his hands properly due to impurities that may be on their hands this is not saying that people are bad or evil. Simply put, we poses impurities (due to no fault of our own) and much like you would take a physical shower we do so spiritually.

I don't know if you are following what it is I'm getting at, but I think you should do some research on the topic then write another article this time with a bit more humor and understanding.

Thanks for your time,
Rabbi Mendy
Rabbi Mendy Rubenfeld.

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Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007

ARISTOCORT FOR SALE, "Hey Edwin Pecker, Are you a Nazi?"
Adam Shila - North Park

My last column saying Hasidic rasta-singer, Matisyahu, was being disrespectful of women for not shaking their hands (a practice called shomer negiah) has garnered more fireworks than any other column I have written. As soon as the article hit the streets BANG. I immediately began receiving emails from all across the country calling me, "anti-Semitic, buy ARISTOCORT no prescription," "racist," "skinhead, ARISTOCORT pics, " "Nazi," "white-hood wearer," "member of a white power group," and even, ARISTOCORT steet value, "a self-hating Jew."

There are also numerous angry postings on various Jewish websites in cyberspace. Another responder with so-called connections threatened to bully Google to take us off their search engine. ARISTOCORT without prescription, I just finished an interview about the scandal with Donald Harrison from the San Diego Jewish Times. And, unbelievably, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has contacted us, ARISTOCORT FOR SALE. Apparently, they've received a "score" of complaints about my column.

Ok, order ARISTOCORT online c.o.d, getting all irritated about some of the trash I write is one thing. I can even tolerate your calling me an Anti-Semite, Order ARISTOCORT from mexican pharmacy, or a Nazi. But going to the ADL to snitch on me is so weak.

ARISTOCORT FOR SALE, "Mommy. Mommy. Eddie Decker is saying mean things to me, ARISTOCORT from mexico. Make him stop!" defines anti-Semite as: "One who discriminates against or who is hostile toward or prejudiced against Jews," which I am not. Buy ARISTOCORT without a prescription, I am hostile toward the religion that I believe blinds them. Orthodox religions, ARISTOCORT FOR SALE. All of them. As for the Jews themselves, I love 'em, ARISTOCORT cost. I Love Woody Allen and Lenny Bruce. I love Adam Sandler and his epic Jew song. ARISTOCORT FOR SALE, Sarah Silverman. ARISTOCORT pictures, Fucking Love her. I love the look, the feel, the taste, effects of ARISTOCORT, and the sound of Jew. I love Jewish weddings, ARISTOCORT no prescription, love all that clapping. I love Jewish music, love Klezmer. I love Adam Gimbel's Jews Explosion band, ARISTOCORT FOR SALE. And I love, cheap ARISTOCORT, love, love the shit out of Garry Shandling. Buy cheap ARISTOCORT no rx, How you gonna call me a Jew hater when I love Garry Shandling.

Email: ".... the article was especially upsetting in that it asserted that Judaism is disrespectful to women. ARISTOCORT FOR SALE, This is simply not true: Judaism treasures women immensely." Adam Sragovicz/San Diego, California.

Response: The Taliban treasure their women also, ARISTOCORT treatment. That's why females receive a public flogging for exposing a little ankle. Because a woman's carnality is so treasured it must be protected at all costs. ARISTOCORT use, Email: "I think it's refreshing to see an artist that has values and abides by the Hassidic custom that all one's physical contact belongs to one's spouse. Imagine how secure his wife must feel in her love knowing her husbands values." "Rabbi Chaim Bryski/Director Chabad Jewish Center of Thousand Oaks, ARISTOCORT FOR SALE.

Response: Rabbi, how much security could you have when you demand women cover their hair and skin and disallow even the most platonic contact. Real true security can never come from obscuring the goods, ARISTOCORT recreational. It can only come from a mutual, impenetrable trust between partners, Buy no prescription ARISTOCORT online, rare though it be.
Message Board Post: "Sir, [your] screed against Matisyahu is a piece of Jew-hate. . , online buying ARISTOCORT. Would [you] have had the balls to say the same thing about a strict Muslim?" I Randolph S Shiner.

Email: "Had Matisyahu been Amish, ARISTOCORT dangers, or from another religious sect that had similar negative commandments I am positive your article would have been very different." Ari A. Burack.

Post: "Decker wouldn't be reacting that way if it was Muslim in a robe singer who refused to shake women's hands because of his religion, ARISTOCORT FOR SALE. Or a Buddhist in a Tunic, etc..." The Town Crier

Response: If Matisyahu was an Amish rapper, where can i find ARISTOCORT online, I would have written the same thing. If he was an orthodox Muslim oompa-tuba player, ARISTOCORT maximum dosage, I would have written the same thing. Which is this: "Orthodoxies suck ass." They are primarily about controlling the masses in order to preserve the old ways, and when it comes to respecting women, the old ways suck ass, where can i buy cheapest ARISTOCORT online. As for Buddhists, I don't know of any misogynistic behavior or other bigotries in that particular religion.

Post: ARISTOCORT FOR SALE, "I enjoyed Mr. ARISTOCORT australia, uk, us, usa, Decker's article much better in the original German. The editing just isn't what it was when Goebbels was on staff." Matit yahu

Response: That's funny. I laughed out loud at that. However, is ARISTOCORT addictive, just because it's funny doesn't make it true. It is not religious criticism that defines a Nazi, but actual, tangible, oppressive behavior that pulls you closer to Hitler's bosom - behavior like trying to take me off search engines - something I would never in a million years dream of doing, ARISTOCORT FOR SALE. So who's Nazier, Order ARISTOCORT no prescription, you are me?"

Post: "Decker has twisted the reason why men do not shake hands with women. It is out of mutual respect for both that shomer negiah exists." Diane_RG.

Response: I never twisted the reason. I never even submitted a reason for shomer negiah, purchase ARISTOCORT for sale. ARISTOCORT FOR SALE, Because it doesn't matter what the reason is. When a group is being oppressed their can be no reasons that justify it. All tyrants have "reasons" behind their cruelty. ARISTOCORT trusted pharmacy reviews, And when I look at your religion - albeit from the outside - I see real true cruelty toward women. (A cruelty that has driven many women out of your religion.) Like the aforementioned Laws of Modesty, that require women to cover their hair, arms and necklines, ARISTOCORT over the counter. Like how they may not wear perfume, ARISTOCORT FOR SALE. Like how women must be separated from men during prayer. Like a certain prohibition called Kol isha, Buy ARISTOCORT from canada, which means, with varying degrees of strictness among tribes, that women are not supposed to sing when men are present. Like the fact that women can't be Rabbis or even lead a prayer, ARISTOCORT description. Like how marriage contracts are drawn and enforced by men and how woman cannot initiate a divorce yet according to the Talmud a man may divorce his wife, "Even if she burnt his meal, ARISTOCORT interactions, " or, "If he found another more beautiful than she." Which shouldn't be hard now that he's got her all covered up and frumpy. ARISTOCORT FOR SALE, Still not convinced that women are dissed in Hasidic culture, then consida Niddah: The most offensive and egregious Orthodox Jewish custom of all. Also known as The Law of Separation, women who are menstruating are deemed impure and untouchable, my ARISTOCORT experience. No man may touch her when she is menstruating, not even her husband and I just don't care what the reason is, ARISTOCORT price, it's fucking cruel man. It's exile. You have taken the very essence of her womanhood and made it filthy. Add all this to the quotes about women being a "pitcher of filth," and all the other misogynistic literature in the Torah and Talmud and it just seems blatantly clear that if you're Hassidic and not disrespecting women then you ain't doing it right, ARISTOCORT FOR SALE.

Incidentally, ARISTOCORT alternatives, I did receive 2 positive responses, one of which was from my mom (a Catholic) who wrote this just before the email firestorm hit: "Wow, Where can i buy ARISTOCORT online, you sure were rough on the poor Hasidics. Maybe even rougher than when you go after the poor Catholics. I wonder if any Hasidics will read it?" (Um, yeah mom, discount ARISTOCORT, they read it.) And also one from Geoff Welliver of Walnut Creek, CA, ARISTOCORT overnight, who said it best of all (paraphrased): "Imagine not shaking the hands of blacks and saying it's because you respect them too much. Treating people different because of race is racism. ARISTOCORT FOR SALE, Treating people different because of sex is sexism."

So no Adam, I'm not an anti-Semite. I do not think there is a Jewish conspiracy. I believe in Israel's right to exist, ARISTOCORT no rx. If Jews really do run Hollywood, I don't care. Purchase ARISTOCORT, Ditto banks. I believe in the holocaust and the current official death toll, ARISTOCORT FOR SALE. I don't think Jews are cheap, but if they are, I don't care. It is their prerogative. I never make derogatory statements like, "You Jewed me out of my money." And even though I know it's wrong to say "Some of my best friends are Jewish," I don't care. Some of my best friends are Jewish. ARISTOCORT FOR SALE, When did saying so become a bad thing. Oh and guess what. My bride - she's a Jew. Every Passover, I go to her parent's house, put on the yarmulke, orate quotes from the Haggadah, break matzah and feel no guilt about it whatsoever because nobody in my wife's family shits on women.

This column originally appeared in CityBeat on March 22, 2006
This article originally ran in San Diego CityBeat Magazine.

Click here to read the original article that started it all

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Thursday, November 30th, 2006

Anti-Defamation League calls for
protest of CityBeat column on Hasidim
By Donald Harrison

SAN DIEGO-- Morris Casuto, the regional director of the Anti-Defamation League, contends that San Diego CityBeat columnist Edwin Decker stepped over the line of taste and fairness in a column ridiculing certain practices of Orthodox Jews. Casuto's organization has asked its members as well as those of other Jewish organizations in San Diego County to write letters to the periodical in protest, MODALERT reviews. MODALERT pharmacy, In an e-mail sent to Jewish leaders, organizations and media of San Diego County, MODALERT blogs, Australia, uk, us, usa, Casuto contended that Decker's column, "Sordid Tales, MODALERT natural, Cheap MODALERT no rx, " requires a response from the community to the alternative weekly newspaper.

Here is the text of his letter, order MODALERT from United States pharmacy, MODALERT use, addressed to "dear colleagues":
It has come to our attention this afternoon that Edwin Decker's column "Sordid Tales" in CityBeat should be insulting to the entire Jewish community. We have attached a link below so you will have the chance to read this disgusting column yourself, buy no prescription MODALERT online.

In it you will find a disturbing perception and rather vile portrayal of the Hasidic community's alleged view of Jewish women, BUY MODALERT NO PRESCRIPTION. MODALERT price, Although directed at Hasidic Jews, this negative representation affects our entire community, is MODALERT addictive. Buy MODALERT from canada, Our Associate Director, Tina Malka, generic MODALERT, MODALERT forum, spoke with David Rolland, the editor of CityBeat, MODALERT overnight. Where to buy MODALERT, When she told him the Anti-Defamation League had received scores of complaints, his response was that he "doesn't care if it is offensive to Jews." He went on to say that "progress happens through conflict" and it is the job of his reporter, effects of MODALERT, Doses MODALERT work, Mr. Decker, MODALERT dosage, MODALERT price, to be provocative and to even offend in order to start a conversation. BUY MODALERT NO PRESCRIPTION, We suggest that you continue this "conversation" and urge you to write a response to CityBeat. Your letter should be strongly worded but carefully written, cheap MODALERT. Purchase MODALERT for sale, The editor should hear from as many of your constituents as possible. You can send your response to, MODALERT dangers. MODALERT interactions, In a follow-up interview, Casuto was asked if the language of Decker's column or his opposition to such Orthodox practices as gender separation were considered offensive, MODALERT description. The ADL director responded that what "we intend to do is share with the publisher that you can write things questioning whatever you want..., BUY MODALERT NO PRESCRIPTION. MODALERT from canada, but this was done in the most vile and demeaning way." In particular, he said, where can i cheapest MODALERT online, Online buying MODALERT hcl, the comment about the "gerbil" was grossly offensive.

(That comment presented with an interesting choice, ordering MODALERT online. Online buy MODALERT without a prescription, Should we reprint the paragraph so everybody would know what Casuto was talking about, and thereby compound the perceived offense, purchase MODALERT online. After MODALERT, We decided not to use the language in question ourselves, but to note that anyone who wants to read Decker's article and decide for themselves may do so via the link printed above.)
Told that Decker is a poet and "gonzo" journalist in the tradition of the late Hunter S, MODALERT for sale. BUY MODALERT NO PRESCRIPTION, Thompson, whose language often goes beyond the bounds of what is considered appropriate in standard journalism, Casuto responded: "There is a difference between taking on an entire group or faith versus taking on an individual." Whereas an individual can sue a journalist if he feels his or her character has been defamed, "there is no group libel in this country."

In his column, Decker told of reading a quote in Rolling Stone from the singer Matisyahu that he fears his refusal to shake the hands of females "comes off as disrespectful." Decker contended the practice not only "comes off" as disrespectful, but in fact is. Where can i buy MODALERT online, Then he went off on what bloggers call a "rant" against Orthodox practices, missing, order MODALERT from United States pharmacy, Buy MODALERT from canada, in the process, that it is not only Orthodox men who decline to shake hands with women, MODALERT steet value, MODALERT blogs, but also vice versa. Orthodox teachings concerning modesty strongly discourage physical contact between persons of opposite gender, MODALERT street price. MODALERT used for, Jewishsightseeing by email has requested an interview with Decker. It also has offered to print letters on the CityBeat controversy to make certain that Jewish community voices are heard in one forum or another.



Wednesday, November 15th, 2006

CityBeat columnist responds to Jewish community protests BUY ERIMIN NO PRESCRIPTION, (, March 17, 2006)
By Donald Harrison

SAN DIEGO-- A San Diego CityBeat columnist whose denunciation of gender separation and other Orthodox Jewish customs ignited a storm of protest letters from the San Diego Jewish community said he understands the community's reaction, but said although his language may be vile, he believes speaking out for women is just.

The exchange between columnist Edwin Decker and me began with my email to him, Purchase ERIMIN online no prescription, in which I asked for a telephone interview, explaining: "Your most recent column concerning the fact that Orthodox Jews do not shake hands with unrelated people of the other gender has prompted a lot of comment within the San Diego Jewish community. I'm told that some members of the community are writing letters to your newspaper in protest, ERIMIN long term. The Anti-Defamation League, ERIMIN dose, in particular, feels that you have offended the community."

In his response, the "Sordid Tales" columnist wrote "yes, taking ERIMIN, the Anti-Defamation league has contacted us. Buy ERIMIN without prescription, And we're receiving more angry mail than any article ever published in this magazine before. I would love to do an interview with you, but, given the angry nature of my letters, and what I perceive to be a total misunderstanding of my words, I would rather do the interview via email so that I have a written record of everything that was said, just in case I am misquoted, or quoted out of context, BUY ERIMIN NO PRESCRIPTION. This is not to imply that you would intentionally misquote me, but I have to protect myself here, buy cheap ERIMIN no rx. (I've never received communication from the anti defamation league before -- scary!). Cheap ERIMIN, Does this work for you?"

That was fine with me. Following are my questions, which were submitted as a group, ERIMIN class, and his responses:

Q: What experience have you had with the Jewish community. Are you yourself Jewish? BUY ERIMIN NO PRESCRIPTION, A: I'm not Jewish. ERIMIN from mexico, I was born into a Roman Catholic family and rejected it pretty early in my life. As for my experience with the Jewish community: Aside from the fact that my wife is Jewish, and many of my friends are Jews, buy ERIMIN no prescription, and I love Jewish comedians, ERIMIN maximum dosage, and writers, and directors and the food and the language, I guess that would have to be Kiryas Joel, online buying ERIMIN hcl.

Kiryas Joel was/is an enormous Hasidic community that neighbored my home town. Order ERIMIN online c.o.d, While there was no doubt a separation existed between my community and theirs - our proximity was so close that we had no choice to interact with each other. Thankfully, I had many opportunities to meet, and speak with, and enjoy the company of Hasidic men (sadly, never women), BUY ERIMIN NO PRESCRIPTION.

I've always been the type of person who has been attracted to and curious about different cultures and so I was always asking questions. One such man became a close friend, where can i cheapest ERIMIN online. Once a week he would come to the produce market where I worked. Purchase ERIMIN, It was my job to fulfill his special needs as he was shopping for a very large extended family. BUY ERIMIN NO PRESCRIPTION, He would buy several cases of lettuce, and other produce at a time and I would help him order them, and stack the pallet, then load them into his truck. Over the course of months/years we became friends. We liked to share stories about each other's communities, ERIMIN recreational. He was full of questions about my secular lifestyle as I was of his. My ERIMIN experience, He debunked a lot of urban myths for me (like the one about coitus through the hole in the sheet) and told me many things I just had no idea about. In turn, I told him about my lifestyle, BUY ERIMIN NO PRESCRIPTION. I remember him being nearly blown away when I told him I dated, and had sex with different partners (as I was single at the time.)

Q, what is ERIMIN. What is your reaction to the letters in response to your article. Online ERIMIN without a prescription, Do any of them make a point that you agree with.

A: My first reaction to the letters I have received, and many of them are quite spicy (I'm called an anti-Semite, ordering ERIMIN online, Nazi, ERIMIN steet value, white-hood-wearer, and even a self hating Jew) is that if I can dish out it, I better be able to take it, ERIMIN no prescription. BUY ERIMIN NO PRESCRIPTION, And I do understand the angry response.

I've written many sarcastic screeds about my own religion, ERIMIN street price, and of Islam, and fundamentalism in general, but none of them garnered the response this one has, ERIMIN interactions. Dozens and dozens of angry emails, ERIMIN pics, many message board posts on Jewish websites. Boycotts threatened. I mean, buy ERIMIN without a prescription, even the Anti-Defamation League has contacted us. Of course, I understand why Jews are more sensitive than other peoples, but that's not going to keep me from calling it as I see it, and the way I see it is, the language and literature of Orthodox Judaism can be very disrespectful to women, BUY ERIMIN NO PRESCRIPTION. ERIMIN images,
Q: How would you characterize the letters. Are they all angry or are some more dispassionate?

A: 98 percent of them are angry and highly passionate. A small amount have been positive, purchase ERIMIN online, and passionate. ERIMIN dangers, Zero are dispassionate.
BUY ERIMIN NO PRESCRIPTION, Q: I believe some people are more angry about your language than your questioning of Orthodox customs. Do you agree. Some comments call the language vile, ERIMIN coupon. Do you feel this is justified.

A. ERIMIN no rx, Yes, the language is vile. That's my style, BUY ERIMIN NO PRESCRIPTION. I'm a vile writer, ERIMIN online cod. My column is called Sordid Tales. ERIMIN description, It's quite vile. I grew up reading the vile smatterings of vile authors and loved it vilely so yes, the comment is justified, discount ERIMIN.

BUY ERIMIN NO PRESCRIPTION, Q: What conclusions do you draw from this episode. What conclusions do you think the Jewish community should come to?

A. Order ERIMIN from mexican pharmacy, I don't really like to think in terms of conclusions. The whole thing, the whole process of being human, ERIMIN without prescription, is a work in progress. Comprar en línea ERIMIN, comprar ERIMIN baratos, I guess I'm just for equality that's all. For everyone involved, BUY ERIMIN NO PRESCRIPTION. There's some stuff in the Talmud and the Tora that are pretty disrespectful of women, like their divorce rights, buy ERIMIN online cod, and Niddah, ERIMIN trusted pharmacy reviews, that I just will never understand, so I write about it. That's all, ERIMIN duration.

Q: Is there anything else that you would like to say on the matter, that perhaps I haven't asked you?

A: I just want it to be known that I am the farthest thing from an anti Semite you can find. I simply have no problem with the Jewish people, hard as that may be to believe. My problem is, and has always been, with the institution of fundamental or orthodox religions. I feel, for the most part, they can be repressive, regressive, and in my view tend to be disrespectful to women which is exactly the sort of thing I love to rail against.


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Wednesday, November 1st, 2006


An interesting interview. I hope you realize that we have never called Mr.Decker an anti-Semite nor have we suggested or implied that a proper response to his, buy cheap PAMELOR, Canada, mexico, india, as he puts it, vile language, PAMELOR canada, mexico, india, Real brand PAMELOR online, are threats or boycott. However every community and individual have the right to call such an article disgusting and inaccurate since it belittles and insults an entire community which is more sophisticated and nuanced than he suggests, where can i buy PAMELOR online. Online buy PAMELOR without a prescription, Given his comments one might come to the conclusion that he throws a metaphorical "bomb" at something he doesn't like and then sits back to watch. What type of interaction does he expect from those he so easily stereotypes and reviles, buy generic PAMELOR. PAMELOR alternatives, Nevertheless you do a service to the community by printing his comments.

--Morris Casuto, where can i find PAMELOR online, Purchase PAMELOR for sale, Regional Director, Anti-Defamation League, PAMELOR schedule. PAMELOR used for. Low dose PAMELOR. PAMELOR without a prescription. Online buying PAMELOR. PAMELOR from canadian pharmacy. Buy PAMELOR from mexico. PAMELOR for sale. About PAMELOR. PAMELOR price, coupon. PAMELOR photos. Rx free PAMELOR. PAMELOR dosage. PAMELOR brand name. PAMELOR over the counter. Kjøpe PAMELOR på nett, köpa PAMELOR online. Where can i order PAMELOR without prescription. Is PAMELOR safe. Fast shipping PAMELOR. PAMELOR gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. PAMELOR pictures. PAMELOR from canada. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. PAMELOR samples. Order PAMELOR no prescription. PAMELOR wiki. Buying PAMELOR online over the counter. PAMELOR australia, uk, us, usa. Order PAMELOR online overnight delivery no prescription. Where can i buy cheapest PAMELOR online.

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Thursday, April 24th, 2003

BUY CLOMID NO PRESCRIPTION, One week after Steve McWilliams delivered free doses of medical marijuana to the sick and sickly outside San Diego City Hall--his home was raided by the DEA.

Just so we're clear, herbal CLOMID, CLOMID overnight, let's remember what the word “raid” means. It means having some sanctimonious prick in a black suit fanning through your Juggs collection, CLOMID pictures, Online CLOMID without a prescription, trying to find which pages stick together and whether or not you circled any penis enlargement adds. It means wondering if your life will ever be the same again, CLOMID dose. Where can i buy CLOMID online, All this because Attorney General John Ashcroft says legalizing medical marijuana sends a bad message to The Kids. I wonder what sort of message he thinks we should be sending, BUY CLOMID NO PRESCRIPTION. I don't know, CLOMID results, Buy CLOMID online no prescription, hmm, here's an idea--how about telling the truth, buying CLOMID online over the counter. Low dose CLOMID, How about saying, “You know what kiddo--the world will not explode if a sick person gets stoned.”

So keep reading kids, kjøpe CLOMID på nett, köpa CLOMID online. CLOMID without a prescription, For the first time in your life, an adult is going to give it to you straight about drugs, discount CLOMID. Comprar en línea CLOMID, comprar CLOMID baratos, How do you know I'm telling the truth. BUY CLOMID NO PRESCRIPTION, Because, unlike your parents-who lie to keep your innocence intact-I don't give a runny turkey turd about your innocence. So come children, cheap CLOMID, Purchase CLOMID, follow the Pied Piper and the sweet, sweet sounds of his flute of truth.., CLOMID photos. Online buying CLOMID hcl, Ed Decker's Real Messages for Real Kids in the Real World.

Hey, kids-smoke weed, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. CLOMID duration, You'll love it. It won't screw up your life, buy no prescription CLOMID online. Only you can screw up your life, BUY CLOMID NO PRESCRIPTION. CLOMID street price, You may not realize it, but all around you are normal adults, online buying CLOMID, CLOMID price, who get high and live happy, productive lives, purchase CLOMID online no prescription. Doses CLOMID work, Most of them started smoking when they were your age.

Hey, is CLOMID safe, Where can i buy cheapest CLOMID online, kids-smoke pot. It sure is great, CLOMID schedule. BUY CLOMID NO PRESCRIPTION, It was my best friend Tony who got me high for the first time. CLOMID use, After we smoked the joint, I stared at the night sky and noticed-for the first time-that stars actually twinkled, where can i find CLOMID online. CLOMID blogs, “Tony,” I said “this marijuana stuff sure is great!”

“Yes Ed, fast shipping CLOMID, Cheap CLOMID no rx, ” Tony replied, “it most certainly is.”

Tony, CLOMID price, coupon, After CLOMID, incidentally, is now a father of two and a big-time university professor, CLOMID from canadian pharmacy. CLOMID coupon, Hey, kids-smoke bud, CLOMID class. Buy CLOMID from mexico, Everybody does. Here is a list of 10 people who have partaken:

  • Your momma.

  • Your daddy.

  • Your older sister.

  • Your gramma.

  • Your president.

  • Your dog (Dad blew a smoke cloud in Rusty's face).

  • Your piano teacher.

  • Your god (surely God sampled, if only to check that he created it properly).

  • Your crossing guard.

  • And me, BUY CLOMID NO PRESCRIPTION. And look at me--I'm as happy as a fungus in a fartbag.

Hey, kids-smoke pot, just don't smoke a lot. Moderation is a lifestyle. Be smart. Your parents are right about one thing-cannabis can lead to harder drugs. BUY CLOMID NO PRESCRIPTION, But here's a note from the flute of truth that will make your momma choke on her Vicodin: Hard drugs are not necessarily a bad thing.

Many normal, sane adults enjoy hard drugs. We just use in moderation. See, the reason the world has an addiction problem is because drugs are so fantastic, you always want more-which is why your parents would prefer that you didn't start at all. Unfortunately, those parents aren't living in a real world-where more than 60 percent of the high school population has tried marijuana by senior year. Historically, that number fluctuates slightly, but the data always, always, always reads the same: high school is the age of exploration, BUY CLOMID NO PRESCRIPTION. And, because their parents lied to them, so very few of those kids were in any way prepared for the seriousness of their upcoming druggy decisions. Consequently, we lost some along the way.

Follow the truth flute kids--The Pied Piper's got your back.

Hey, kids--It's OK to use, just don't abuse. BUY CLOMID NO PRESCRIPTION, Don't take drugs to avoid problems. Because you always come back down to face them again. Only now you're too hung over to deal. The best time to get high is after you fixed your problems and want to celebrate after a hard day's work of problem-fixing.

Be smart. Be careful, BUY CLOMID NO PRESCRIPTION. Balance your dark side with the light: Go to the gym, take your little brother to the park, eat a peach. Be conservative. Don't take eight hits of Ecstasy; take one and drink water. Never use every day. BUY CLOMID NO PRESCRIPTION, Some people are born addicts and you could be one. If you experience an addiction trend taking hold-stop immediately and figure out a way to get laid intead. Don't mix. And holy mother of Sweet Jesus Christ, stay the hell away from churches and priests. That's the shit that'll ruin ya.



Wednesday, April 23rd, 2003

BUY VARDENAFIL NO PRESCRIPTION, I was 14-ish when I first touched myself in a sinful manner. I was home alone and bored to tears because the Atari unit was on the fritz. Naturally, buy VARDENAFIL from canada, I began snooping through my parents' bedroom. Taking VARDENAFIL, It was there, in the wardrobe closet, where I stumbled upon this mysterious and ancient tome called Playboy, VARDENAFIL natural.

I was so intrigued by the magazine that I brought it to my room and immediately lost myself inside the holy digest, VARDENAFIL mg, slowly flipping pages in wonder and amazement, devouring the women as though each one were a perfect bon in a box of perfect bonbons--until coming upon the sacred centerfold spread of “Miss March” and all her treasures.


For the next six weeks my world revolved around Miss March, VARDENAFIL brand name. Whenever possible, Taking VARDENAFIL, I burgled the sacred closet, sometimes even when my parents were home. Such is the folly of young love, is VARDENAFIL addictive. I got desperate. BUY VARDENAFIL NO PRESCRIPTION, I got bold. VARDENAFIL samples, I got busted.

The family tribunal that followed was the grayest, darkest doomsday day of all teenage doomsday days. My parents put me on the couch and lectured about why it was wrong to view such offensive pictures, VARDENAFIL over the counter. Then Mom said, Purchase VARDENAFIL for sale, “No more Atari for you young man!”

No more Atari?” I thought. Pffffft. There's a new game in town, mum, and its waaay better than Atari, and it never breaks down, and it can't be taken away, BUY VARDENAFIL NO PRESCRIPTION.

So I kept right on looking at dirty pictures, no prescription VARDENAFIL online. Not Dad's Playboy, VARDENAFIL pics, of course-they were certain to have booby-trapped it. I had to search elsewhere. No problem, order VARDENAFIL from mexican pharmacy, though, Buy VARDENAFIL no prescription, because I quickly realized the world was full of these wondrous ancient masturbatory tomes: like the Lost Scrolls of Farrah Fawcett, and the Blessed Bible of Sears Brassieres, and I enjoyed them every bit as intensely as the Holy Book of Hef--the only difference being, VARDENAFIL from mexico, now I felt guilty about it. BUY VARDENAFIL NO PRESCRIPTION, Which brings me to the point of this column. Real brand VARDENAFIL online, On Monday, to my profound disappointment, the Supreme Court made public its decision on the issue of Internet pornography filters on public library computers, where can i order VARDENAFIL without prescription. It's called the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and the Supreme Court has ruled in its favor. My VARDENAFIL experience, Congress now has the authority to bar federal funds for any public library that does not install filtering software.

Now, the First Amendment is all the reason we need to chuck this whole filter fecum into the toilet, effects of VARDENAFIL. But what about the other reason, BUY VARDENAFIL NO PRESCRIPTION. The one nobody wants to mention: that it is really no big deal if children accidentally stumble onto porn sites in public libraries, VARDENAFIL australia, uk, us, usa, that pornography is just not the societal demon that some would have us believe. It is a completely normal and natural extension of human sexuality that dates back to the Paleolithic era, and billions of people throughout history have enjoyed it in a safe, VARDENAFIL pharmacy, healthy manner. Buy generic VARDENAFIL, Of course, there will always be those who abuse pornography, just like anything else, VARDENAFIL reviews. But I despise this notion that anything that could potentially be misused should be feared and loathed, VARDENAFIL interactions, then banned. BUY VARDENAFIL NO PRESCRIPTION, We keep running around fearing and loathing then banning everything and end up being controlled by the very things we are trying to control. We become these frightened little puritan pigs cowering and huddling with our children in the corner of our pen waiting for the Big Bad Smut Wolf to blow all our houses down.

Well, canada, mexico, india, I'd rather my son stumble onto a porn site and toss off a hundred boners in its wake than instill in him some obscene notion that smut is wicked. VARDENAFIL description, Pornography is not wicked. It just is. It's as though humankind has this dirty little sex secret of which we are reflexively ashamed and will do whatever it takes, even if that means blaspheming the Bill of Rights, to protect our children from knowing our filthy little secret: that human beings have a wide variety of erotic tastes and watching hot-oil midget orgies is just one of them, BUY VARDENAFIL NO PRESCRIPTION.

That's what little Johnny will learn when the pop-up porn pops up on the public 'puter, what is VARDENAFIL. And either he'll be repulsed by what he sees and move on, VARDENAFIL from canada, or become strangely aroused and learn something about his body. In either case-no harm, no cow, VARDENAFIL cost.

It's not until the adults start having their cows that the damage is wrought, VARDENAFIL dangers, because the kids who found themselves strangely aroused by it are made to feel guilty for having that feeling. BUY VARDENAFIL NO PRESCRIPTION, And that's just bullshit. Teen attraction to pornography is normal and natural and, you know, buy VARDENAFIL from canada, Paleolithic and all that. Buy cheap VARDENAFIL no rx, Installing filters in public libraries is a bad idea. “Filter” is a euphemism for “lie of omission.” Stop lying to your kids. If you won't tell them the real deal, order VARDENAFIL online c.o.d, then I will. I'm The Pied Piper of Truth, baby-it's what I do, BUY VARDENAFIL NO PRESCRIPTION. VARDENAFIL dosage, Hey kids, watch porn. It makes libraries fun, VARDENAFIL for sale.

Hey kids, VARDENAFIL wiki, so you're doing Internet research for your report on the oversized pottery art of the people of the Kalahari. Just search the phrase “big African jugs” and let the learning begin. BUY VARDENAFIL NO PRESCRIPTION, Hey kids, masturbation is better than PlayStation.

Hey kids, VARDENAFIL used for, watch porn. Ordering VARDENAFIL online, But here's the rub (sorry, couldn't resist): Pornography can be dangerous and addictive. Remember, purchase VARDENAFIL online, please, VARDENAFIL canada, mexico, india, that it's only fantasy. Just as you shouldn't drive 140 mph like they do in the movies, neither should you participate in hot-oil midget orgies (not yet, anyway). Nor should you expect your girlfriend to get her breasts enlarged. Don't watch scrambled cable porn either-that's the shit that'll make you blind.



Tuesday, January 21st, 2003

LASIX FOR SALE, On Fox news this evening, I saw an interview with a sniper instructor for a SWAT unit. He was saying that he and his colleagues in the so called legitimate sniper community are offended that the media is referring to the serial killer in Washington DC as the Beltway Sniper.”

“A true sniper, online buying LASIX hcl, Buy LASIX without a prescription, ” said the instructor, “is someone who saves lives.”

Budge Williams, LASIX class, Order LASIX online overnight delivery no prescription, an ex-Vietnam war veteran and columnist writes, “A sniper is a soldier who serves with honor, LASIX long term. Generic LASIX, [The Beltway Sniper] is just a brutal assassin with a rifle.”

The web is teeming with sniper websites -- like and and Mel’s Sniper Page (I really don’t think that guys named Mel should operate sophisticated, long range rifles, order LASIX no prescription. Is LASIX addictive, Guys named Mel should work in diners). Of the websites I visited, LASIX no rx, LASIX price, coupon, all have issued statements complaining about the so-called misuse of the word “sniper.”

Whoda thunkit. Snipers have feelings too, LASIX FOR SALE. Somewhere out there, LASIX photos, Comprar en línea LASIX, comprar LASIX baratos, balanced on a branch, is a sharpshooter who can’t aim at his mark because tears are fogging his eyes and dripping all over his cheek-piece, buy LASIX from canada. LASIX samples, Pull yourself together man. There is no crying in SWAT, LASIX trusted pharmacy reviews. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal,

“Make no mistake,” says the introductory page of Sniper Country, LASIX interactions, LASIX from canadian pharmacy, “the Beltway Killer is a second rate murderer and coward in the truest sense of the word.”

Don’t you love it when people begin their sentences with phrases like, “Make no mistake, online LASIX without a prescription, Generic LASIX, ” or “the truth of the matter is,” as though making that statement give you some sort of insider’s edge on the facts, my LASIX experience. I especially enjoy it when they’ve got it all wrong.

Here is the real true fact of the matter – the beltway sniper is LASIX FOR SALE, a sniper. Herbal LASIX, Let us consult the American Heritage Dictionary Third Edition: Sniper:One who shoots at other people from a concealed place.”

Well that pretty much ends that discussion huh. Isn’t it just like a sniper to hijack the language.

Here is another real true definition from the dictionary of truth: Coward: “One who shows ignoble fear in the face of danger or pain.”

I’d say the Beltway Sniper is pretty fearless, fast shipping LASIX. After LASIX, He has summoned the wrath of an entire city. Everyone is hunting for him, where can i buy LASIX online. He may soon be dead or incarcerated, LASIX FOR SALE. LASIX australia, uk, us, usa, So then, why call him a coward, LASIX without a prescription. Cheap LASIX no rx, Is it because he takes shots at people from a safe distance.  Hmmm, order LASIX no prescription, About LASIX, well, that would make the legitimate sniper community cowardly as well wouldn’t it?

Budge Williams says that Lee Harvey Oswald is an assassin, LASIX results. Canada, mexico, india, A sniper is a soldier who serves with honor. LASIX FOR SALE, So, to recap -- Lee Harvey Oswald was a shooter for the enemy – so he is an “assassin.” But when our guys assassinate world leaders – well they are morally pure snipers of love who shoot people in the head for the causes of righteousness. Really Budge, LASIX maximum dosage, Order LASIX online overnight delivery no prescription, you’re a writer – do I have to pull out the dictionary again?.

Assassin: “One who carries out a surprise attack… especially a plot to kill a prominent person.”

If you hide and shoot, LASIX trusted pharmacy reviews, LASIX pics, you are a sniper. If you surprise attack, purchase LASIX online no prescription, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, you are an assassin. All snipers are assassins, LASIX samples, Rx free LASIX, not all assassins are snipers. There is no moral distinction, LASIX FOR SALE. Jesus Christ himself could be obscured in the cloudbanks of heaven, taking pot shots at babyrapers – he would still be a sniper assassin.

So why does the legitimate sniper community focus on all this semantics crap. Because they must widen the moral gap between them and the Beltway killer; because the real true truth is, the moral gap between them is as thin as the crosshairs on their scopes; because all snipers are killers -- and killing as a profession is a morally ambiguous activity they would rather not confront.

Same thing goes for the Iraq conflict. By muddling the argument against war with semantics -- LASIX FOR SALE, by labeling those who disagree with an attack on Iraq as being “unpatriotic” -- they effectively stifle the dissenting voice. In this way, they never need confront the moral ambiguity of launching a pre-emptive strike on a foreign country. In this way Americans can still go to their beds, and their jobs, and their kid’s hockey games -- morally removed from the real true ugliness that is world politics – grinning with the vacant, blissful, ignorance of a dog without balls. In this way Americans never need admit the true real truth of the fact of the real true matter -- that it just might be America, and not Iraq, that is the most dangerous regime on the planet. And that, my friends, is exactly the kind of blind arrogance that makes people want to pick us off one by one.

Ed Decker
Circa Jan 2003.

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Tuesday, March 27th, 1962


FLUDIAZEPAM FOR SALE, I've identified these columns as controversial because they generated the most angry letters when first published inSan Diego CityBeat. When possible, FLUDIAZEPAM pharmacy, Buy cheap FLUDIAZEPAM no rx, I posted those letters in the comments area.

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