FLAGYL FOR SALE, Aside from writing this filthy little column, one of my many side jobs is as an event coordinator for an outdoor music and arts festival called San Diego IndieFest (SDIF).The producers of SDIF, Danielle LoPresti and Alicia Champion, are two deeply committed, commie, lefty, pinko socialist, community-organizing-activist guerrilla-types who rage against the enemies of gay rights, feminism, environmentalism and independent arts.

I admire these guerls and respect all their causes, FLAGYL price, with the exception of one that I find particularly annoying. I’m talking about their campaign to abolish the word “pussy” (as it pertains to weakness or fragility). So devoted are they to this cause that they scold me every time I use it in their presence, FLAGYL trusted pharmacy reviews, which is often because Alicia happens to be a fan of Bostonian sporting outfits, FLAGYL overnight, and if there’s one word that describes the players or fans of Bostonian sporting outfits, it’s the P-word—and I don’t mean pugnacious.

This has been an ongoing battle. For instance, no prescription FLAGYL online, during the last days before SDIF 7 launched—when we were pulling the hairs out of our heads and getting on each other’s nerves—Alicia told me she wouldn’t be able to update the beer-garden map because she was overworked and sleep-deprived and on the verge of murdering someone’s face.

“It’s crunch time, yo!” I responded, FLAGYL FOR SALE. FLAGYL class, “Don’t be such a pussy!”

“Edwin,” she said, the low, buy FLAGYL online cod, rumbling tone of her voice indicating that it might be my face that gets murdered. Buy FLAGYL no prescription, “Don’t you remember. You are not to use the P-word to connote weakness.”

Behind her was Danielle, a zesty Sicilian pomadoro, ordering FLAGYL online, wagging her finger and glaring, FLAGYL steet value, as if to say, “We told you this before, dickhead!”

“Aaah, FLAGYL price, coupon, don’t get your labia all in a lurch, FLAGYL australia, uk, us, usa, ” I implored. “It’s just a word—a funny word—that I use from time to time. It don’t mean nuthin’.”

FLAGYL FOR SALE, “Well, the way you use it is bogus,” Alicia said.

“Why is that?”

“Because ‘pussy,’” Danielle interjected, “is the strongest thing on planet Earth.”

“Oh fer crine out loud!” I said. “Exaggerate much?”

“Just contemplate the fact that nearly every person comes through this pathway, FLAGYL mg,” she ovulated—wildly waving her Sicilian arms like an airport semaphore directing a passenger jet around a stampede of rhinos. Effects of FLAGYL, “Think of all the squeezing and stretching in order for our fat heads to get through. Ponder all the wars won and lost, the civilizations built and destroyed, where can i find FLAGYL online, the art, FLAGYL reviews, music and poetry composed for the divine coochachi. If you want to compliment someone on their strength, resilience, FLAGYL coupon, magic and mystery, Purchase FLAGYL online, that’s when you call them a ‘pussy.’”

“Don’t get your cervixes all in a cinch,” I snorted, preparing to launch a brilliant comeback, herbal FLAGYL. “It just so happens that, that—.” But nothing came out, FLAGYL FOR SALE. No sarcastic retort, Buying FLAGYL online over the counter, stupefying anecdote, nor profound analogy to debunk her case. What she said made sense—a fact I found infuriating because, FLAGYL duration, and I’ve said this before, FLAGYL brand name, I am really, truly, honestly, purchase FLAGYL, ever-so-godforsakenly tired of having my beloved repertoire of insult words diminished by a culture-full of commie, FLAGYL without prescription, lefty, pinko socialist, community-organizing censorship activists, low dose FLAGYL. However, Australia, uk, us, usa, my colleagues make a valid point. The vagina is hardly a pussy.

Wikipedia defines “vagina” as “a fibromuscular tubular tract leading from the uterus to the exterior of the body.” The word “vagina” comes from Latin meaning “sheath” or “scabbard.” I can attest to the fibromuscular part. FLAGYL FOR SALE, I once had sex with a woman who nearly killed my penis with her vulvovaginal muscles. Initially, FLAGYL online cod, everything was fine—great, Online buying FLAGYL hcl, even—until she climaxed. Then her body tensed and her punani—as if it had recently discovered that my penis had murdered her brother for political gain—put both hands around my penis’s neck and began strangling it. When I finally disengaged from the constricting coils of her vaginaconda, FLAGYL used for, it was bloated and purple, Is FLAGYL safe, like the liver of an alcoholic eggplant.

But what I find most impressive about the aqueduct of Aphrodite, besides, you know, order FLAGYL online c.o.d, its ability to pass a bloody, Online buy FLAGYL without a prescription, howling, clawing, 10-pound demi-demon, FLAGYL long term, is that it is self-sufficient. FLAGYL images, This orifice don’t need no douches or cleanses to kill germs. She fights her own battles.

According to the Wiki, a healthy va-jay-jay is “colonized by a mutually symbiotic flora of microorganisms that protect its host from disease-causing microbes.” In other words, there’s a freaking war going on in there, FLAGYL FOR SALE. Like 300 Spartans at the mountain pass of Thermopylae (literally, “The Hot Gates”) a small, FLAGYL canada, mexico, india, gravely outnumbered collective of enzymes protect it from the onslaught of millions of swarming Persian microbes as King Leonidas howls, Taking FLAGYL, "This. Is. Spurta!"

[caption id="attachment_1667" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="The Battle of Thermopylae"][/caption]

So, buy cheap FLAGYL no rx, yes, FLAGYL over the counter, ladies, to you I acquiesce. The vagina is a beast, buy cheap FLAGYL. FLAGYL FOR SALE, An asskicker. A headknocker. Discount FLAGYL, Therefore, with tears in my eyes, I bid thee adieu, FLAGYL cost, P-word. You have been retired. I will never again call Tom Brady a raging pussy; rather, I will call him a weepy hymen. Yes, yes, hymen is the perfect replacement for the P-word, FLAGYL FOR SALE. Don’t even try to tell me that thing is strong and resilient. Hymens are the biggest pussies in the human body. Er, I mean, hymens are the biggest hymens in the human body. Sorry, don’t get your pubis all in a pepper now. .


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4 Responses to “FLAGYL FOR SALE”

  1. Steven Bowman says:

    Wow. The curtailing and verbal editing of free speech by emotionally oversensitive pussies(yeah, I said it) will never cease to amaze me. Yes, there are several words in the English language that some people find offensive or degrading. But while you’re busy getting your metaphorical panties in a bunch, consider this. Before the P-word was used to describe female genitalia, it was used to describe something else warm and fuzzy. The word pussy used to refer to cats. Yet you don’t see Mittens or Smokey parading outside NOW headquarters with picket signs saying, “Pussies eat mice, not penis!” I would also argue that this is only because of a cat’s inability to comprehend the reference and the lack of thumbs. They might also resent the now somewhat popular “kitty” which also has been used largely by females to refer to their sex organs.
    I liken this to the commercials I see protesting the use of the word gay to refer to something stupid or weird. I haven’t seen happy people(with the exception of my father) complaining that homosexuals have adopted this word as their own. I support gay rights and have a few gay friends. I don’t think being homosexual is a choice. I remember the first time I learned what gay meant to many people and thinking, “So that’s what cousin Jamie is.” I was seven years old. But if he or any of my gay friends took offense to my using the word gay in a derogatory sense, my response would be, “Hey, STFU! You know me better than that ya pussy.”
    My point is, you can’t change what other people say or think. Free speech is an important right that I and many other people have grown quite fond of. Free speech is partially what gives women the right to have an A-word. Having been an unwilling participant in two A-words in my life, I would never do anything to challenge a woman’s right to do what she saw fit with her own body. If you’re offended by the use of the P-word as a reference to weakness, you might consider showing your strength by not becoming offended. At least not visibly. As the great Martin Luther King Jr. said, “No one can get on your back if it isn’t already bent.”

  2. edwin says:

    Thanks for your thoughtful response, Darkstar.

    In their defense, these ladies aren’t on a mission to abolish the P-word. They’ve just taken it upon themselves to spread the word that, as an insult, we really do have it wrong – that there is nothing weak about the vagina. It seems to me that it’s more a matter of being correct than being politically correct. If the dialogue between us gave you the impression that these girls are angry or contemptuous about it, that is not the case. It was more of a stoic, tongue-in-cheek tone I gave the dialogue, for the sake of humor, because whenever we actually talk/argue about it, it’s with love and laughter.

    Secondly, your invoking the right to free speech is, in this case, a misnomer. You will never find a more pro-free speech person than me. However, nobody is arguing against THE RIGHT to use the P-Word. Censorship is when the government removes a person or group’s right to say what they please but when a couple of girls express their disagreement with how a word is being used, well that is them expressing their right to free speech.

    Lastly–and I mean this with all due respect because I too have used the word “gay” to connote something negative or unappealing (such as, “That Prop 8 legislation is so gay.”)– but your gay analogy doesn’t fly.

    It is easy to say, “Ah, don’t be offended” when it isn’t your lifestyle that has been turned a synonym for “bad” or “wrong.”

    Yes, of course, absolutely – a strong, self-assured person would and should shrug off any such insults without a care – but that doesn’t change whether it is wrong or improper to make such a correlation in the first place.

  3. Karyl Miller says:

    Edwin I always suspected I loved you but now I am sure. You had me at “I once had sex with a woman who nearly killed my penis with her vulvovaginal muscles.” So you’re saying you had sex with a woman whose pussy was TOO TIGHT and you DIDN’T LIKE IT? Thank you and thank you on behalf of all the moms out there who passed what amounted to a watermelon or two through her love tunnel. What you said was music to these flabby ‘ole cunt ears.

  4. colleen says:

    I’ve always liked Danielle and Alicia, but now they are my heros! I love it whenever ANYBODY gets you to acquiesce! And yes, I have to back you on your statement that you are THE MOST pro free speech person I’ve EVER met!

    Interesting column Ed…


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