girldrinking.jpg CRESTOR FOR SALE, I was walking over to the local liquor store to purchase my writing supplies for the night when I came across two young guys sitting on the curb. CRESTOR no rx, "Excuse me sir," said one, online CRESTOR without a prescription. Cheap CRESTOR, "If we give you money will you buy us a twelve pack of MGD. We'll pay you a dollar."

My first thought was, CRESTOR results, CRESTOR samples, Wow, a whole dollar - Then I'll only need 4, CRESTOR australia, uk, us, usa, Buy generic CRESTOR, 999 more to retain a lawyer for the Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor charge.

My second thought was to curl my fingers around his larynx, and holler into his ear, buy cheap CRESTOR no rx, Discount CRESTOR, "Don't ever call me 'sir' you little puke."

My third thought was, I am a bartender -- I have a duty to not furnish minors with alcohol.

And I got to thinking about my minor delinquency days - loitering with my teenage pals outside the Monroe, CRESTOR wiki, CRESTOR used for, New York Shop-Rite; asking strangers to buy us beer; exposing ourselves to a smorgasbord of reactions ranging from: "Go away kid, you bother me" to these truly remarkable emotional tirades about declining social mores to eventually, CRESTOR steet value, CRESTOR overnight, finally, gratefully, CRESTOR price, coupon, Buy CRESTOR without prescription, joyously reaching that one upstanding citizen who would say, "Yes young man, buy cheap CRESTOR, CRESTOR maximum dosage, yes I will buy beer for you."

Then we'd take our twelver of Miller High Life, hurry down to Round Lake, online buy CRESTOR without a prescription, CRESTOR reviews, sit at water's edge, snap open the bruisers and drink, CRESTOR pics, CRESTOR recreational, and think, and yak and crack-wise until the toxins droned in our heads -- like somebody or something was etching crop circles on our brains -- then strip off our shorts, purchase CRESTOR for sale, Purchase CRESTOR online no prescription, dive into the lake, and go drunken skinny dipping off the dock; splashing and laughing and howling until our stamina petered out and we collapsed on the raft on our backs, CRESTOR interactions, CRESTOR no prescription, and laid there silently, sipping the last of the beer and gazing dreamily at the stars or the moon or the charcoal clouds that obscured them, taking CRESTOR. Order CRESTOR from mexican pharmacy, And I got to thinking, Hey Ed, rx free CRESTOR. Have you forgotten all about drunken skinny dipping, CRESTOR FOR SALE. Cheap CRESTOR no rx, And drunken street hockey. Remember slosh ball and beergammon?; Drink-pong, CRESTOR images, CRESTOR mg, and mescaline ice basketball?

Who am I to deny these boys their constitutional rights - as stated in the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence: "That all Men . , buy CRESTOR without a prescription. Get CRESTOR, . CRESTOR FOR SALE, are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happily skinny dipping drunkenly on the dock."

And I got to thinking, These two guys are clearly over eighteen, probably closer to twenty. It's preposterous that these legal - in every other sense of the word - adults are reduced to begging strangers to buy them beer, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Where can i buy CRESTOR online, How un-American.

News flash: Tyranny - bad.
Beer - good

And I got to thinking about all these alarmist studies that present statistics about how one in every four high-schoolers is drinking alcohol or smoking marijuana, effects of CRESTOR, Buying CRESTOR online over the counter, which is followed always by some Bill O'Reilly Hannity Schlessinger Limbaugh Coulter amalgam, ranting about how these crumbling social mores are inevitably leading to the fall of civilization, CRESTOR forum. Herbal CRESTOR, Well call in the freaking National Guard.

Parents forget about their own degenerate youth; forget that kids have been dancing dirty, and boozing, and groping, and drugging and screwing since the dawn of man; because that's what kids do - they seek experience, CRESTOR FOR SALE.

Yet parents rally for abstinence, buy CRESTOR no prescription. Abstinence?. What sort of oinker-poop is that?:

"Son, um, I want you to just ignore those booze billboards, and T.V. commercials, and the movie starlets with their swaying swollen breasts, and their er . . . ggggrumph ggguuurrrgle . . . pliant, tofu thighs, CRESTOR FOR SALE. Just say 'no' son. It's for adults."

And I got to thinking, how rich my sixteenth year was, thanks in part to that first warm six pack of High Life I drank with my best friend Tony; thanks, in part, to Betty - my 20 year-old sex-mentor who, with tenderness, understanding, and only a bit of chuckling - showed me where her vagina was located when I couldn't find it on my own; thanks, in part, to Dave for handing me that first joint, which I puffed and puffed and couldn't get high and then he rolled another and said, "Smoke it all," and I puffed and puffed and . . . CRESTOR FOR SALE, and the wind, it whispered, 'Mary.'

So I said to the kids, "You know what guys, I will buy you beer. Because beer is good. But I have one condition. I get to choose the beer. Then went inside and returned with a twelve pack of Miller High Life.

"Remember boys," I said, handing them the carton, "Coors Light is for pukes, CRESTOR FOR SALE. Tonight you live the High Life." Then I walked away smiling.

It was all quite a rush, because I was doing something bad; something the adults would frown upon - and it felt like I was on the dock again, naked, soaking, and alive.

And I got to thinking - Fuck adults. Adulthood is for those who can't hack youth. So rock on drunken skinny-dippers, may you dip-skinny and drunkenly for years to come.


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One Response to “CRESTOR FOR SALE”

  1. Sam says:

    Always make sure the little shits give you the right amount of money. Otherwise you end up spending your money making up the shortfall, to avoid looking like a complete dickhead in front of the vendor, only to find that was all the money they had and now you’re out of pocket.
    In Britain we start much earlier (the lower the drinking age the more civilised the society). I started drinking pretty early at around 10 to 12 years old on proper Somerset scrumpy at meal times with my parents regulating it all. By 14 I was drinking Shandy and then beer with Grandad and by 16 I was drinking at a local Rugby club. The barman was pretty dicked off when he found out I’d been under age when the Rugby club celebrated my 18th.
    Keep buying those kids booze and bringing civilisation into a somewhat dark and backward country of yours.
    P.S.- Sarcasm has been used in this comment.

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